147. Get the Energy Flowing in Your Life & Business with Feng Shui Expert Jill Ethier

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Listen up, guys – our energy and how we approach our health coaching business matters. Because when that energy is off, it can throw our entire business out of whack. So how can we raise our personal energy to take more action, have a stronger mindset, and actually do the things we want to do in our business? 

Adding some Feng Shui to your home and your life can certainly help!

Today I am talking to the amazing Jill Ethier, mom, author, podcast host, and expert Feng Shui educator. Through Feng Shui, Ho’oponopono, and her Way of the Action TAKERS structure and framework, Jill helps people take back control of their lives, increase their energy and help them create and achieve what they want most in their life. Jill and I are talking all about Feng Shui and how you can get that energy flowing throughout your office, your home, and ultimately, your life! 

Connect with Jill:

Website: https://www.jillethier.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jillethier/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jill.ethier
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Rachel: Hey guys, I have asked my good friend Jill, who I followed for years to come on and talk about Feng Shui, and also talk about how you can get that energy flowing throughout your office, your home. And so Jill, will you formally introduce yourself?

Jill: Well, I don’t even know what to say. So my clients call me their energetic ninja, because I’m in the background telling you what to do with the energy so you can change your home or your office to change your life or business. I’ve been doing Feng Shui for a long time, over 16 years. I

It’s something I started for myself but when I realized the impact it made in my life, and that I could make that impact in other people’s lives, I was all in. It’s morphed into an online course and video, and hundreds of consultations in person. But now we do tons of virtual consultations on our website. 

Rachel: How cool.

Jill: Right? Because you just record videos, and I can see your house, I can tell you what you need to do. It’s amazing. But really, I’m just a mom of four doing what she loves. When I learned Feng Shui and things started happening in my life and in hard seasons functionally, it gave me back control of my life so that I could begin to take action again. Or if something wasn’t going well in my life, I have this tool where I can go and if I make this shift in energy here, it will not only create a shift in energy in my personal energy, but in my life, too. So being able to teach that to other women is incredible.

Rachel: I’ve been in your free Facebook group, and I’ve listened to you. And I’ve listened to a lot of lives that you’ve done, and you’re always lit and on fire with what you do.

Jill: Well yeah, because it’s such a great tool, right? For 17 years I’ve been using this tool, and I’m still excited about it. I still look around my home and go, What can I shift and change to create the shift and change that I need? Or this season is really hard. We’ve gone through one even in the last couple of weeks. And I’m like, How do I lighten energy in our home to lighten our personal energy so we can continue to move forward? 

So it’s fun and it’s morphed into a book that’s been written about one hard season in my life, but Feng Shui played a big role in it. It was a new country book coming. There’s a podcast. I’m amazed that I started this thing is a personal interest. I left my corporate career and now I do this full time, like could it get any better?

Steps & Strategies To Have Flowing Energy In Your Office

Rachel: I love it, which is what we are going to jam about today. So I asked you to come on and talk about it because I know so many health and wellness professionals that are listening to this have either a home office or they’re going to an office. 

So I wanted to talk about how we have that great energy flow, whether you’re in a client session, or whether you’re coming out of a clients session. How can we have that flowing energy? So tell me some strategies and steps that somebody can do for their office.

Jill: Okay, so this applies whether it’s a home office, a corporate office, a cubicle, or an open desk on an office floor –anything we talked about today, you can apply in any of those situations. 

But the first thing that you want to do when we’re taking a look at five ways we need to set some intentions. So you need to decide what is it you want in your business? What are your financial goals? What are your relationship goals with your clients? How do you want this thing to look and grow because Feng Shui is actually 70% intention.

Mental energy in this whole thing is important when we go to move the physical thing in Feng Shui. That is our first action. So I would say the first thing you do is get clear. What’s the amount of money you want to earn this month? How many signups do you want to have this month? Write some specific goals and intentions out and then we get Feng Shui. 

I always say the state of your home reflects the state of your life. So that means the state of your office reflects the state of your business. And there’s probably some people right now that are going, I actually just had a heart attack because if my closet reflects my life, I’m in trouble.

I can walk into a home and tell my client what part of their life isn’t working before they’ve said anything based on how their home looks. I can do the same in an office, right? So we want to make sure that your office feels like it reflects where you’re going with your work and start making changes towards that. We do the same thing with our home. 

If you want an immediate, get the energy flowing thing, do some decluttering. I know that everybody has a drawer in their desk, declutter that. It probably takes you five minutes and you have shifted the energy immediately. The moment we lighten the energy by decluttering, we create more of a flow of energy in our home, in our office, in our business, in our life, it also impacts your personal energy, immediately. 

So you see a raise in personal energy. Well, what happens when we raise our personal energy? We take more action, we have a stronger mindset, we can actually do the things in business that we want to do, because we have more energy to do it. Like we were just talking before we started as I’m expanding in my business, that requires a lot of personal energy. So I need my office to hold my energy in a certain way. I need my home to do the same thing. We are setting intentions, we’re doing some clutter clearing. You’re thinking about how your office can reflect that. If you have a desk only, how does your desk reflect your business? We’re taking it down to that level. 

What we’re going to do next is we’re going to do a little bit of a space claim. Because we know that with energy, any sort of heavy energy will stay there. It’s sticky energy, it’s heavy energy, so we need to move it. So there are lots of ways to move it. If you’re at home, light a candle. If you’re in an office environment, bring a little bowl of Epsom salts and put it on your desk or in a drawer, nothing has to be visible and put away. Let it absorb energy for three days and the negative energy that creates a shift. It could also be essential oils, a drum, a bell, lots of simple ways and lots of more intense ways. 

But we have to get the energy moving in that office. We got to lighten it up and get rid of any sticky residual energy. If you have a bad client call, you have something going, and it’s a flop or failure, we need to move that energy after it happens. It’s like in your home, if you’ve been sick, we do a space clearing. In your office, if something has imploded and hasn’t gone well. We do a space clearing. 

If you have clients that come in and out, you do a little space clearing every time they leave. So get a spritzer bottle with water, add some lavender, add some sage essential oils, I always like frankincense to clear energy. Spritz it with the intention of just clearing the energy and bringing new positive flow into your space. So that’s like setting the state. 

Rachel: Those are such great tips because they’re all easy to do. They’re quick to do. And they’re all realistic to do.

Feeling The Energy Of Your Home Or Office

Jill: Well, that’s really important to me is anything I tell you to do, we can’t make it complicated. I teach a very modern version of Feng Shui because it’s all about these simple things to shift the energy. So setting intentions is quick clutter clearing. 

My husband works in a consultant role. So if there wasn’t as much work, I’ll see him clearing some clutter somewhere in the house because then he knows we’re creating a shift in energy to get back to work. So everyone in your home has also felt the difference because they use these tools as well.

Because my husband is not the guy into Feng Shui. When I started, he’s like, What are you doing? It feels different here, but I see nothing. I’m like, I know, isn’t it fabulous? He’s learned over the years that if he wants to go back to work or something, clear up some clutter and change the energy at work. Now, he’ll be like, can you go put this in the silver box? And then sometimes, he is like, the flow is a little off Jill. Alright, let me fix that for you.

But you can feel it. People come and they stay forever at my house because they love how it feels because it’s different. Because we’ve created a flow of energy in our space. Same thing in your office. I actually just shared on social media that I didn’t like being in my office, but the functionality was off. I had the colors and elements but I didn’t have my furniture flowing quite right. I felt like I could never sit, so if you feel like it’s chaos in your office, add some earth energy. Earth energy is grounding stable, so gemstones, salt crystal lamps, or work with landscape. If we can use energy or use these elements to increase energy or decrease it so if it feels chaotic, we add earth energy. 

I just added a bunch of earth energy into my home because I felt like my kids were all over the place. I’m like, this is not working for me. But if you’re feeling a little dull in your office, you add metal. So I see a bunch of metal decor behind you. Metal decor artwork. We can change the energy in your space based on what you’re needing. So if you’ve got a bunch of projects and you can’t seem to settle, put some earth energy on your desk. If you feel like you’re a little sluggish, do a space clearing and add some metal energy, it’s going to perk you right up. The other thing we always do in an office also hangs a functional crystal above your head. Oh, wow. Functional crystals are like the disco ball of energy. 

Rachel: Okay, I need one of those. I’m saying this as I’m looking on my desk at my salt crystal. And I’m like, shame on you, Rachel, you haven’t turned this on. It’s sitting right there. But you’re not turning it on. And so right after this, of course, I’m gonna turn it on. I need the disco ball.

Jill: So the disco ball should be placed right above your head, where you’re sitting in your office, if you can, or as close to it as you can. Basically what it is, is like adding the energy of wisdom. It’s clarity of thought, and it’s getting the energy flowing. So that’s why you use a functional crystal above your head in your office. We put a functional crystal in the bedroom for a little bit of a different idea. But it’s always to move energy. So it just always is moving the energy. So you’re tracking energy in and energy that isn’t more negative is flowing out. So above your head if you can, or as close to it as you can.

Rachel: If I Googled venturi crystal, would it come up?

Jill: Yeah, it’ll come up. So I’m in Canada. So I always use Feng Shui market.ca. Because I know her crystals are good. You want crystals with a lot of facets on it so there’s a lot of energy flowing. Get as many facets as you can. A 30 millimeter crystal is all you need. If you need a big boost energy, hang a 40 if you need a lot or if you have a really big office. But a 30 millimeter crystal will be good. 

If anybody has any questions, they can message me on social and send me a picture. I’ll tell you if it’s a good one. Just get a good quality crystal with quite a few facets on it. But you’ll see it’s just a round faceted, clear crystal, I just hung mine with fishing line. 

Every time you do something informational, you do it with intention. So you’re going to think about clarity of thought, wisdom coming to me, and be able to provide solutions as you’re hanging your crystal. Same as when you’re doing your space clearing. I would like to track the energy of abundance or health or increase personal energy into my life. So doing everything with intention really adds to your function here.

Rachel: Oh my god, I usually have question after question. I think you just covered everything as far as the office. What I love about this is that you brought up the intention so many times, but even the simple act of decluttering, I mean, my drawers I have in my office, I think my drawer next to my bedroom, next to my bed, it’s just cluttered. And every time I look at it, I feel drained. So it’s taking that time to clear out and bring in what you deserve and what you really want to feel on a daily basis.

Jill: That’s the beauty of Feng Shui is that’s what it is .It’s letting go of what isn’t serving you and then getting the energy flowing towards what is. Clutter clearing is just instant.

Rachel: I saw on your site that you have a 14-day free clutter. Everyone, go stop, drop and roll, and then go and sign up for this because I know I’m signing up for it after.

Jill: So it tells you what to do every day, a few little things in different areas. You have underneath the bathroom sink, that’s always a big one for a lot of people to just get the energy flowing. That’s all we’re talking about. And then that means that your personal energy changes and it means you can attract more of what you want in your life.

Rachel: So let’s go out of our office because we have our whole home and I know that you’re such an expert in this area and know so much about all these different elements in the house and what they represent. So let’s even talk about our bedroom.

How To Incorporate Feng Shui Into Your Bedroom

Jill:Okay, we have our bedroom, and we go there to have a pure sanctuary. We go there to recharge, we go there to rest. What are these elements that we have to have in our bedroom? Your bedroom is one of two love energy areas in your home. 

Basically, in Feng Shui, we lay the map on the main floor of your home. And it represents nine areas of your life, from abundance to relationships to creativity and purpose, like all the things. So we know that the back right corner of your home from your front door is your relationship area. But whether or not your master bedroom’s in that area, it’s also a love energy area. 

So what does that mean? That means it’s self-love and romantic love. So when you go into that space, you need to create a sanctuary because this is where your love energy resides for yourself and for your partner. But also, it’s where you rest and renew for the next day to get up to be able to do what you want, to create. 

When we’re looking at our master bedroom, it’s like creating that hotel that you love or a bed and breakfast or your favorite Pinterest photo. Creating a sanctuary that feels good the moment you enter the room. So what we want to do in a master bedroom is make sure that we don’t have any clutter because that’s setting the stage. So it’s the only place you can have a piece of gym equipment, and you use it, then leave it. But if it doesn’t need to be there, it doesn’t need to be there. We don’t need 18 books on our bedside table. You’re not reading them all at once.

Rachel: Little things like this that happen for everyone.

Jill: Exactly. And we want things always picked up because you always want it to feel that good when you walk in because it immediately changes your energy. One of the things we always add to a master bedroom is the color pink because it’s the love energy color. 

So my husband again, is not a big fan of pink. So it’s not like the walls are pink. There’s no pink pillows. If people love pink, and your partner loves pink, knock yourself out with the pink. But my husband’s like, we’re not doing pink. Okay, so I add pink poster board, that’s the size or color you want, is a poster board size. Anytime we add color and function, I put it between my mattress and my box. 

Rachel: Oh, wow. So you don’t need to see it. This is exactly what I’m gonna do. 

Jill: Yeah, so you come to my house and you don’t see all these functional colors. I’ve painted walls purple before there’s been a child’s bedroom in the relationship area so we painted the walls pink. But that’s not what has to happen. 

The color pink vibrates with this energy in my master bedroom, love energy color, and you don’t see it. I’ve just added pink in between the mattress in the box. You could choose to have pink sheets, you could use a pink sheet or a dollar store poster board because it’s cheap. It doesn’t need to be expensive. The fountain that you want to buy to get the money energy flowing is your biggest expense, right?

You want to add the color pink, that’s something you always do in the master bedroom. So add some pink, but you want it to be at least the size of a poster board. When you’re thinking about adding pink, we can’t have just a pink little ribbon. That’s not enough energy. 

The other thing you’re doing in your master bedroom is you’re making sure everything is in pairs. So you want bedside tables, you want two lamps, you want two sets of two pillows because it’s that relationship energy. So that’s something else we do in the master bedroom. 

How To Use The Bagua Map

We also use the bagua map in the master bedroom under the bed to create a flow of energy. So the bagua map represents completely balanced energy. So we actually put the bagua map between the mattress and box ring or under the mattress with the self-discovery area nearest your head. 

We always put that there in any bedroom like my kid’s bedroom or my bedroom. We also use it in the office. So the link at the end of this podcast actually gives three ways to use this bagua map and explains these two ways. 

But that’s all balanced energy, right? You’re doing the same thing in your bedroom with a space clearing. Put a bowl of epsom salt under your bed for three days. Clear up the energy. If you are sick, do this, if you’re not sleeping well, do this. If you have an argument in the room, you do this. We’re always clearing energy. Because you can feel it when somebody’s had an argument when you walk in it, you can feel it. If somebody’s been sick in your home, the vibe is different, but the energy doesn’t go away. We have to shift it. 

So we’re doing that and it’s always the same sort of layering of things. Setting intentions of what you want in your relationship, what you want for self-love thinking about those as you’re placing the color, decluttering, doing the space clearing. That’s where we kind of begin in those areas.

Adding Feng Shui To Your Bathroom

Rachel: And then what’s essential in the bathroom?

Jill: So if you have a bathroom attached to your master bedroom, you always want to make sure the doors are closed when you’re sleeping. You always typically want the door close to any bathroom because the bathroom is money rushing down the drain. So, always toilet seats closed.

Rachel: I always say to my husband, because I had an energy practitioner years ago, who would say to me, you have to close the bathroom door. Even that same energy worker said to me, “Oh, your house is not placed. You’re gonna have to move.”

Jill: You needed me. 

Rachel: She was the one who was like these stairs flow right out the door. This is so not good. 

Jill: There’s always a cure. But you’re right on the bathrooms. It’s this flowing rushing energy. Toilets, bathroom doors close. You can train everybody in your house, you will have to stay on it. But you can do it. You can never argue with me that you can’t. 

Say your bathroom’s attached to your master bedroom, but there’s no door. What happens with our energy field when we sleep is it expands like three times the size. So think about that. If you think about your master bedroom right now. All the stuff 15 feet around your body, your body is feeling that all night long, but your energy is also rushing into the bathroom and going down the drain if you don’t have a door. 

What I’ve done in other houses is I just hang a set of curtains, and it looks lovely. It drapes the door, they’re open during the day and when we sleep at night we just close the curtains. There’s always a solution. Barn doors are a huge one now and super simple to do. 

Also in the bathroom, we’re putting red tape around the drains. So under the sink, the red tape symbolizes the money energy stops flowing down the drain. So simple, right? Just red tape around the drain. Or if you can get that around the toilet drain. 

So the toilet, what I do is I get those three-inch convex mirrors that you put on your car mirrors when you’re pulling an RV or a trailer and I put those underneath at the back behind your toilet. It reflects the energy up. If you can get to the main drain of your home, if you put a circle of red around that, you’ve solved the whole thing. You can always do that. 

If we’re doing a new build with somebody, there are lots of things that we do functionally-wise that we can just hide and do. Otherwise, I’ve had new builds, I’ve moved into homes that aren’t new. I’m taping things for new builds, I’m spray painting before they put flooring down. But you want to stop the energy from rushing down. So it’s a matter of the red tape around the drains. 

You do this in the kitchen and laundry as well. We’re just always keeping the energy where it needs to be, and those sinks and toilets are money energy and none of us need money energy going down the drain, right?

Rachel: Especially when we’re building a business and working hard to be smart about our business. The last thing we want is for it to all drain right out.

Jill: Exactly. So then if we talk about what we can add in to get more money energy flowing water fountains. Okay, so water fountains represent flowing money. So in your office, when you’re standing in your door, looking into your office, your abundance areas are the back left corner. Or if you have a desk in your office or cubicle and you’re sitting at your desk, the back left corner of your desk is your benefits area. So put a water fountain there to represent flowing money. 

You want to make sure to get a water fountain in our office and you want a water fountain at your front entrance as well because your front entrance is how all energy flows into your home or into your office. If you have a home office, put a water fountain there. So there’s ways of stopping energy from going away and there’s ways of attracting energy for feng shui master like yourself. 

The Empowering Element Behind Feng Shui

Rachel: What am I missing? Am I missing something that every person wants to know that they’re like, Jill, hit me up with this, I need this for my home.

Jill: I think one of the things you need to do is trust your intuition. If a room feels wrong, it’s wrong. If there’s too much of one element or there’s too much reducing elements, something’s not right. Start creating the change. 

People will intuitively Feng Shui, and no, you need to create a shift. I think the other thing that you need to recognize is the power of your intention and choosing. And then understanding that it’s always about taking action. So I always say Feng Shui is your first action towards that intention. Making sure you do that and understand your own power. 

One of the things you can do to increase your personal energy is wear red. If you’re not feeling certain, put some red on, even if it’s red underwear, because you don’t like the color red. Put some red on because it immediately increases your energy.

And then just remember that the state of your home reflects the state of your life. So if it’s chaotic and cluttered, your life is going to be chaotic and cluttered. If your office is chaotic and cluttered, that’s what your business is going to be like. So even though you’re already too busy, take some time and settle the energy in your space. You can sit down and do your work. 

Every time we make a shift in energy in our space, or in our office, we create a shift in energy in our life or our business. We create a shift in personal energy. It’s all interconnected and you’re always in control. That’s what I think everybody needs to remember is nothing’s happening to you, everything’s happening for you. You always get to choose the next step. Feng shui is a beautiful way to remind yourself of that every time. If the abundance isn’t what you want in your business, I go to my abundance area in my office, and I boost the energy and I set an intention, and then I do the work. You can’t sit back.

Rachel: I love that you’re talking about empowerment, because that’s what Feng Shui really sounds like. You have this power at your fingertips to be able to make changes, but you also have to bring that intention with it. 

Jill: Yeah, super important. What I like about Feng Shui is that the universe will respond to your action. What you give out will come back, but functionally is nice because it’s an easy action to take. So especially when you’re expanding your business or doing something new, you set an intention. Your first action is something functionalable, it’s easy to shift something in your home and office, and then you’ve shifted the energy. You can go on to the harder work that you have to do , like putting yourself out there expanding a certain part of your program, learning some new technology. 

If we have a space that supports us, it makes doing those things easier. Just remember there’s a lot to energy and the way that we can use it to create what we want in our lives. We’re more supported energetically than we know. But we need to make sure we’re taking care of the energy.

Rachel: That’s so important, because I think too often, we feel that lack, especially when we’re beginning our business, or we’re growing, or we’re expanding. We can get into that place of self-doubt, we get to that place where we feel dull, or where we feel like we just can’t do it. And to know that we can really shift and change the energy is so important. I’m so grateful for you being here today. Is there any last tip that you want to leave everyone? Or do you think that we covered it all?

Jill: If something feels off, do something with the energy. If you need more energy, add some metal, do a space clearing, light a candle. If you feel too chaotic, add some earth energy, do a little bit of space play again. There’s a shift in energy first so that your personal energy changes. And then you will feel more inclined to know what you need to do to move forward. 

But also to take that harder action and just remember that you are here for a reason, the energy is here to support you. So go for it and use that energy and make sure that you’re really tapping into it.

Rachel: I think that’s the hardest thing. When you were first saying get that clear intention, it can be scary to set that intention. Even when you say how much you want to make per month. I remember when I was scared that I would not get to that number. But it was a coach that said to me, you have to declare that. You’ve got to put that down as an intention because then you will do the work and you’ll end up matching that and I did. So it’s that lesson of just don’t be scared to get clear. Don’t be scared to take the action, and have the support, as you mentioned, to really hold you accountable.

Jill: Yeah, there are tons of tools out there to help you do that. And then the intention is key. If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there?

Rachel: Yeah, it’s like you’ve got to see it before you can actually do it.

Jill: Totally and then use tools to help you. There’s all sorts of spiritual mindset tools. There’s things like feng shui, they’re actionable tools, and it’s a matter of using those to help you get there and then just recognize It’s not easy for anybody. I think that’s the biggest thing too. I’m expanding my business right now and I gave myself a pep talk this morning of you can do this because you can rely on you to do this. I’ve done all the Feng Shui stuff to boost myself up. Now I just have to take the action, but I know where I want to go. And this is what I have to do to get there.

Rachel: I love that you fell in love with Feng Shui and that you get to do this today. Can you tell everyone where they can find you?

Jill: So my website Jillethier.com. So you can go there for the free 14 Day clutter clearing courses. Sign up for the email, I don’t email a bunch, just once a week. Ninjas Jill Knows is my podcast. I like talking about energy, I talk about Feng Shui, I talk about mindset on there. Quick, easy. And then I’m on social @jillethier. I like doing Instagram because I like sharing stories and it’s fun. You can see a little bit of behind the scenes of what happens. Then there’s a link in this episode notes, I’m sure that will get you the free bagua map so we’ll be connected that way. 

And if you have any crystals to put in our office and in your bedroom, and I think you said there’s one other place there’s gonna be one. So you’ll find that’s just a free download. But it’s a quick and easy way to get the energy flowing in balanced and just know that I have a Life Makers group, if you have a question come in there. I love answering Feng Shui questions and energy questions. And I feel it’s my job here to support other women with these sorts of tools so that they can create what they’re here to create. 

Rachel: This has just been an entire episode on empowerment. I know exactly what I need to do. There are things I’m excited to buy, and I can’t wait to put these tools into practice. So Jill, thank you so much for being here. Please follow Jill. She’s super fun to follow great lives. Always that person that lifts you up with your mindset stuff.

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