154. How to Show Up Confidently When You Go Live

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Are you nervous about showing up or even planning your first livestream? Maybe you’re wondering which platforms you need to get or what steps you need to take to get behind that camera. Maybe you’re too overwhelmed or even scared to consider showing up live. 

Whether you’re a brand new coach or have a thriving practice, showing up online, especially on live video, is key to growing your health coaching business so you can reach the clients that you want to serve!

In this episode, I am taking you step by step and showing you some very simple ways to go live for your audience. I’ll cover everything from the free tools you can use to stream your live, why pre-promotion is so essential, how to show off the value you provide your clients, and making your business easy to find using content you likely already have – plus so much more!

Today I want to discuss a topic that’s been coming up left and right. It’s been coming up in my free group, it’s been coming up in direct messages on my Instagram profile. It’s been coming up in messages from our coaches, and wellness professionals that buy our programs. And it always comes up with the person who is either a brand new coach, or you are moving your practice, or you’re expanding to e-learning because maybe you’re working brick and mortar and you see potential and how you can serve your client in a more cohesive way.  

But somebody who I was working with, who has a thriving practice, is fully booked but wants to be able to have the choice to do a brick-and-mortar or expand into programs and combine her program offers with lab testing –all the things that we hear from many of you! So she said to me, but how do I show up and do a live? How do I prep for a workshop or a webinar? I’ve taught, but I’ve never done a live and so I’m a little nervous. 

So I decided to cover this topic on the Healthy Hustle Podcast. This is for anybody who feels a little nervous about what you actually do on a live. So I’m going to take you step by step and show you some very simple ways to do it. 

Use Free Tools To Stream & Replay Your Live

Number one, I want you all to think about free tools. You’re gonna have to be really smart with the money you invest when you’re building your wellness business. So there are going to be a lot of different compartments such as starting your business and getting an LLC. Maybe having to either buy programs from us, or you’re buying disclaimers for your business or other basic setup costs. 

What I want you to do is make sure that as you’re building your visibility, you’re also being really smart with all the free platforms that you can use. So when we think about doing a live, you can do a live on Instagram, you can do a live on Facebook, you can do Instagram reels, so we want to think of free platforms. 

Then think about what you need to hold your phone or iPad while screen sharing. One of the biggest and most scary things for people when they’re doing their Live or a workshop is not knowing what to say. So we’ll show you exactly what to say and how easy it is to do it without costing anything. 

I use streamyard.com on Chrome. And it actually is a really great platform if you want to stream to multiple places and you don’t have to pay a ton of money. You can stream a Live on to Facebook with Zoom, but you need the webinar feature. So that’s going to cost you a little more. But you can make it simple and not put any money into a platform if you want to reduce your costs.

Start Promoting Your Live A Week Beforehand

The next step is that you give yourself five to seven days to actually promote that Live. No matter what platform you’re doing it on, you can bring people to your Facebook group. You have different choices on where to direct people to even see the replay. 

So with this strategy, if you want to do all the replays or go live on multiple platforms, you could watch stream yard and have the replays in your Facebook group, which builds your community. This makes it easy for people to be able to go back and reference it, especially when new people come into your ecosystem. They can come and opt in to any of your free stuff because they’re in that awareness funnel where you’re educating, your teaching, and you’re going to lead them to a call to action, like Join my group, etc. 

Give yourself a little time to actually talk about the benefits, talk about the promise, speak to your ideal client on their pain points. Give yourself five to seven days to promote that in your stories. You can do a countdown until we go live, get notified. You can do this in Facebook stories. You can create an event as well on Facebook. I talk a lot about Facebook because that’s primarily where I built my business and community. 

But you’ll always hear me also talk about YouTube, because still to this day, that’s how I became an internationally known coach because people were Googling and found me through YouTube. So you’ll hear me constantly talk about video, because I want you to be doing videos so that people see that you are different from other people. 

Now, we’re going to create an event on your business page, if you don’t have a group create the same event, you’re going to use all the same description, which is otherwise known as copy to tell people the benefits of the workshop (which is really a live). You can do that on your personal page or on your business page. If you have a group community, do that in your community. The same strategies can really be applied to so many different platforms as long as it’s community-based, and you can do an event, let people know. 

So without getting into any other ways to do events, let’s just kick this off. So you’re going to make the event, I highly suggest going to Canva. There is a free version where you get access to their templates, but you’re not going to get access to their stock photos. If you’ve ever bought programs from us or our workshops, they actually have done for you Canva templates that we created for a personal page banner or for your business page banner to just make it super easy. 

If you don’t have our content, or you’ve never even used Canva before, the beauty of it is that you can just make one banner, if you have one of our templates, keep reusing it, which is a huge time saver. If you have the free version, you’ll have to look for free photos. If you pay $12.95 a month, you’ll get access to all of their stock photos, which is a no brainer. Canva has made it super easy. 

So you’re going to make that banner, because you want to let people know about your live. If you’re brand new or in a growth and scale phase, people need to see it a few times because we’re so busy. That is a rule of thumb when it comes to marketing. 

Now, you can change out your personal page to just say meet me over on YouTube, or I’m going live on YouTube. We’re talking about going live on Facebook, but it’s the same strategy. You want to be really smart with the work that you’re doing so that the time that you actually have to build your work, it’s going to really work for you. Instead of what many coaches say, which is, I put all this work into this workshop, and nobody signed up. 

I always ask them, Well, did you talk about it for like a week in advance? Did you create the buzz around it? Did you tell people about the promises? Often, the answer is no. So I’m giving you the advice that we all need. Even if you’re working with virtual assistants, social media people, we need to talk about the benefits for somebody to want to actually take time out of their life, or to trust you, even with their email. 

Please understand that four or five years ago, people got smart and now understand that if they give you their email, you’re probably going to market to them a paid offer. If people show up to a webinar, or a live or a workshop, they’re taking time out of their day. So really help that person to know that you are the person they need to follow. And the only way we do that is to consistently talk about those problems, the pain, the promise of this workshop or your live. 

Show People The Value In Hiring You

Talk about all the different topics that you’re going to be talking about around your Live subject. For example, if you’re talking about perfectionism, you might talk about all the different ways it’s affected our health, our gut, our stress, our self care, our mindset, our work, our productivity, our weight. This is such a great workshop, or a live or even a series of lives. Because as you see, there’s a good amount of slides for it. This can be made into a series of lives. You could be like, Hey, join me this month for a series of lives we’re gonna be diving into X. 

This is how you’re building visibility. Lives are how you start to build your brand and a healthy home for your business. You’re laying the foundation for people to actually know that you’re not just gonna say things like, well, I help men and women who are struggling to have confidence and find themselves gaining weight and having no energy, I help them with 123. So they can ABC, that’s essential for each one of us to know what we do. But in order for us to get hired, we have to start helping people see that there is value in hiring you. 

Building Your Name Until You’re Searchable

The way you make money is that you don’t give value constantly for free. But you do have to give a little more because you’re not searchable yet, meaning if I go to search your name, it’s not like you have tons of videos on YouTube. You’re starting from the beginning. It’s not that you have a huge list, you’re starting from the beginning. 

These free opportunities are your opportunities to build your visibility, your know, like and trust factor. So people actually want to follow you. So they stop in their busy day or night where they take away time from their family or they take away time from their evenings to actually attend a live that you’re doing. 

You start to build trust because you’re consistently sharing valuable information and valuable solutions, and painting the problems that they’re dealing with and the obstacles they have, no matter what niche it is, and you’re giving mini solutions –that’s how we create a following. That’s how we create a list that buys from us. 

Provide A Short Intro & A Call To Action

Next, you’re going to do a very short intro. For those of you who are really scared, it’s okay. But guess what? You’re not going to get through the fear unless you do it. To help, you’re going to go through each of the slides, and you’re gonna write down the key points. Number one, Key Point number two, Key Point number three. Point number four, five, here’s four strategies. 

If you want to do one live and you want people to come into your group for a free masterclass, you can have a schedule right to your scheduler, or even an opt-in right below the masterclass and say if you want to grab this guide, click here. You can also put a form right below or you can even give a call to action like, Hey, I’m selling this program and do it for low costs. I’m selling this program for only X dollars, or for only $37, or $67, because that’s your entry into your higher ticket. 

For those of you who are building your visibility, you’re gonna look at this as a list-building opportunity. That means your goal is making more connections with your ideal client. And so it would make sense for you to have a format underneath that gives them a very distinct select solution to their problems and that form once they opt in, on the welcome email, or the thank you page can have a video for them to download. And then you can follow up with a sequence of either working with you a low-cost option, leading to a course, leading to a phone call and into your membership. 

But you can sit here and go right through the slide. You want to make sure that you’re sharing your screen so that it’s very easy for you to go through the information. If you wanted to do this on a different platform, like stream yard, or zoom, it’s a little easier to share. 

What To Tell Them When They Opt In Via Email

You could say, if you want to drop your email, I’m gonna send you this guide. And this guide is here you have 16 pages worth of information that you can give them in a thank you like, Hey, I wanted to give you this guide. Thanks so much for opting in. My story started with X and this is what my life looks like now. 

When we follow up with emails, you’re just having a conversation with them. It’s not rocket science. That person opts into that form, and you welcome them in that first conversation. You’re telling them, what was life like? What happened? What did you do? Because what happens in those beginning stories, you’re laying the foundation in that email. 

Even if you’re doing this with no automation or you’re doing this in your group, it’s still the same, this is what I went through, it’s helping your ideal client to identify with you and the stories you share. They may not be the same exact stories of your ideal client. But it’s in these micro stories of your life, that your ideal client starts to say, I can really identify with this person. 

It’s in our storytelling that we evoke a feeling or a memory. It is the psychology of your buyer, it’s where they start to build trust, and they start to be more vulnerable in looking at the kind of information that you’re offering. They’re more vulnerable. They’re asking themselves questions like, Does my perfectionism affect my life? They’re putting down their guard. As they start to pull down their guard, because you’ve said, here’s a little about me, this is why I do this, then they will go and either schedule with you, or maybe email two needs to help them get over that mountain. Or maybe in your guide, you show them the strategies you do in your own life. Or these are the strategies that I’ve helped my client with. Or these are the strategies that I wish I had had back when my health issues really got bad. 

Just think of it as a conversation, then what’s the perfect writing for this? In email marketing, really put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client. What does he or she want on the other side? Why have they just opted in? They’ve just trusted you. What do they really need to hear from you?

Why The Biggest Obstacle For Growth Is Overcoming Our Fear

For most of us, that’s our biggest problem. It’s not that you don’t know how to coach, it’s not that you don’t know what you’ve been through. It’s that we’re scared for whatever reason to let our clients know that we are human. But I will tell you, the best thing I ever did. 

The reason I persevered through those first two years, making almost no money is the moment that I really knew my ideal client was sitting there with a lot of the same thoughts that I had in my head, and needed me to let them know that they were not alone, to let them know I’ve been in their shoes to let them know that the road was not easy. But when they roll with me, when they work with me, when they join my group, when they join my membership, when they buy my self-paced course, when they digest a blog that I’ve written, when they do anything, they will hear a solution from me. I will always let them know how these things affected my life or affected my friend or my family. 

When we do that, when we let somebody actually know us, where we’re leading them, whether it’s a one on one, or any other opportunity –it should make sense. That freebie makes sense to your ideal client. You’re teaching it to your niche. People might start to say, Wow, that coach is talking about high performance and perfectionism, or oh my god, that coach is so amazing. This is the hormone coach I’m going to buy from because she was talking about how perfectionism really led to our inability to kill her thyroid. Or I’m gonna hire this keto coach because this person is talking about not just keto, they’re talking about this perfectionism that usually has me quit on my diet or quit on my health goals. 

So that’s why Lives are powerful. That’s why freebies are powerful, your workshops, your social media. This doesn’t make you tired, what makes you tired is not knowing what to talk about. Or doubting yourself, that’s where the tire comes in. You’re not tired of thinking about helping people. If anything, you’re so fired up, you maybe will get to like me, or I said to my husband last night, I don’t even have enough hours in the day to accomplish what I know I need to do in this world. 

When you have structure and you push past that fear, you’re gonna go like this, hit the Live button, and you won’t look back. 

Repurposing Your Live For Other Platforms

Okay, now at the end of the Live, Facebook gives you an option. If you’re doing it from your phone, you can hit save, before you publish. Save it because you can repurpose it later for social media or a blog or whatever. 

Get over your fear of doing videos, get over your fear. Because if you’re not building on a a search engine machine platform, it’s really hard then for anybody who’s not in your backyard to ever find you. Because what’s great is a video once you do a Live, it can be right on YouTube. And guess what? In that description, you can put the benefits of this workshop. the benefits of that masterclass. You can even add a description, a link, or you can give two calls to action CTAs. Join my group, download this guide, click here. That is easy content. That is how simple  content is. 

I will say this, I don’t think I ever had a roadmap. I sat there and I said okay, with my limited time, I’m gonna have to let go of perfection. I don’t have it as fancy and clean as anyone else. But I will spend my time dominating on social media. I had no idea that my gut feeling, my gut kept telling me to put my stuff on platforms that I search on. Ask people where they search for information. Looking back, it’s probably one of the smartest things I did. 

Because guess what? When you are on different platforms, it doesn’t mean you’re exhausted and you are doing all this different content for all these different platforms. You’re learning how to repurpose it. One blog for me was a video. One Live became a video. We start to see how we can turn our content into a machine so that we have more visibility. So that when somebody is searching for us or potentially wanting to hire us, we have content that they can actually find which further increases a conversion.  That’s a no brainer. That’s just sales. People are going to look for you. If they are going to hire you at any price $397 a month, $997 a month, $2000 a month, they’re probably going to search for you and see where else you show up. 

Becoming An Expert In Your Field

Second thing is, why not have freebies and workshops on different topics? As long as they are solving the problem for your ideal client in your niche, you’re testing your market. As you have more visibility, guess what? When someone comes around, they’re gonna call you, because you’re the one that has more visibility. 

For me, people asked me to be on a detox and gut summit. Why? Because all the content they searched for was on that. Our content allows people to understand what we talked about and what it would be like to work with us. So when summits come around, interviews come around, people are looking for you on podcasts, guests who they connect with. 

Unless you are paying for somebody to do your PR and gain visibility and get you on TV and radio. They’re looking for the person that shows up the most with the specific content that solves a problem for your ideal client. 

Every gig, every opportunity that I ever got, was because somebody found content, whether they were searching for themselves. Search your name and see what are the first links that come up? I think it’s a Facebook business page. I think it’s LinkedIn. And then maybe you’re like me, you look at the text first and the links, then you go to the images, which most often are Pinterest. And then you go to the videos. Or you’re like me, I go right to videos. 

If I want to learn how to do something, how to recover, I want to hear somebody telling me why I’m having rashes. Why am I having rashes? Why am I all this sudden can’t tolerate my perfume? Why do I have a headache? Why? Why? Why? All those why’s for me, I just turned those into titles for videos, titles for blogs, titles for my talks. 

So every opportunity that I got where people were asking me to do lunch and learns, they found me on Google. When they asked me to teach, they found me on Google, they found a video of me talking about building a wellness business and what I wish I would have known. 

What’s On The Other Side Of Overcoming The Overwhelm & Fear Of Showing Up

So please, guys, when you’re thinking about creating your content, it can feel overwhelming. But when you just have that moment, and you’re like, I’m going to do it scared, that is the healthy hustle. That’s when we don’t go into adrenal fatigue paralysis. You might have a week where you’re like, Ah, you’re shaking, because you’re scared, but you know what? You’re gonna be fine. 

As I say to my kids, and to myself, once you do something and you haven’t done it before you sit down, you’re like, damn. Take that put that in your emotional success cash register, because when times are tough, or you’re tired, you’re launching or you’re in a growth cycle or maybe stuff at home is falling apart and your nine to five corporate is killing you or maybe you’re homeschooling all your kids, there’s always going to have stuff coming in. There’s always stuff coming in that takes you away from your goal, takes you away from being able to push through your fear and persevere. But when you have those things that you’ve done, like wow, even though I didn’t know how to do it, I did it. You start to then be able to overcome the bigger things.

If you don’t know the simple tools and all these amazing strategies that you can use or you don’t even know how to master the basics, I hope my approach in the ground level basic foundation will catapult you into whatever success you want and desire. Because you’ll know how to do it even if you have no idea what the roadmap is. Make sure that you do what you need to do. It’s not as difficult as you think. I know what it’s like to have very, very limited money starting your business. But if you invest properly, as I did in the places where you need to, you can make it work. 

I started to make money without feeling massively overwhelmed, by doing it without perfection –that’s how I got to where I am now. Master the basics. Remember, perfection sitting in perfection. Just saying, Oh, I’ve got it. I’m not gonna go live because XYZ, that’s just procrastination. Just fear. Just be honest with it. And if you have fear, it’s okay. You’re not alone. It’s okay. Just give yourself a break. Give yourself a big hug. Put yourself around people who play big, find a tribe and hold yourself accountable and do it.

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