169. Embracing the Feminine Flow So You Can Step Into the Energy of Wealth with J Muenz

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I know from experience that health coaches (and any other type of coach) struggle with money mindset. I certainly did when I started my first business years ago. And here’s the thing guys, it can often hold us back from our true potential as coaches. Because when we fear success, when we undercharge for our 1:1 coaching or private groups or programs, we’re letting the internal money story we’ve created affect our feminine flow, which affects the energetic cash flow, which affects our wealth. 

It’s all connected, but I’ll let the expert explain the details in today’s fantastic episode! 

In this conversation, I am talking to the incredible J Muenz, a health coach (and one of my first clients back in 2011) turned gift activation coach who helps soulful women who are ready to do the internal work to unlock external results. J works with her clients on gift discovery, money cash flow, tapping into your feminine energy, and so much more. 

JJ is letting us in on the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to claim feminine flow, to own it, to be in it, and how we can all step into the energy of wealth. She’s also talking about intuition, perfectionism, self-confidence, alignment, and why this all matters if we truly want to step into our gifts and help our clients achieve their health goals. 

Connect with J:
Website: https://www.jmuenz.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jj.muenz/

Rachel: Hey guys, I am beyond excited for this episode. My longtime friend, who was actually one of my first clients in health and wellness back in 2011. That’s how long it’s been. She is here to talk all things money, she is also a very successful coach in her field. I wanted her to come here and really talk about the truth behind the scenes of what it takes to claim it, to own it, to be in that feminine flow. And that’s exactly what JJ is all about. So all right, girl, introduce yourself, tell everyone a little about you.

JJ: Okay, I started as a health coach in 2012 and did that for seven years full-time, and then realized that what was happening to all the women when they were losing weight was they were activating their gifts. They would lose the weight, and then they’d be like, Well, tell me a little bit about your business. How did you get started? And I found myself lighting up to that. 

I was like, Ooh, I want to talk about business. I want to talk about what happens when you remove that invisible cloak of who you think you have to be. And they started businesses after they would lose that weight. And I want to talk more about business. 

So then I led this retreat called Activate Your Gifts in 2019. At first, I had been like, what is the name of this retreat? But I felt it full body, Activate Your Gifts. That’s it, and within 14 days, 20 women enrolled for that retreat. So there was a new evolution, a new stage. 

But what happened at that retreat, only those women are going to remember, and they’re gonna know, but I saw them energetically, leaving their old identities behind and becoming something that they had been wanting to become, and they finally gave themselves permission to. 

After that retreat, I knew this is what I’m going to do full-time. I’m going to activate gifts. And then what that turned into was women Shedding the Shoulds. I should do this, I should do that. Well, they told me I’m really good at this. 

Helping Women Step Into The Energy Of Wealth

So when we got on sessions, I said, I don’t want to hear anything about what you think you’re good at. I want to hear what is beneath the surface. What is the thing you don’t really tell anybody? What have you gone through? Hearing her life story has turned into what their true gifts were. Sometimes it would take 60 minutes to figure out what it was, sometimes it would take three months, six months before we really nailed it. Oh, that’s a thing. You’re good at a lot of things, but that’s the one. 

When we started doing that, I would watch someone making $10,000 bucks a month, within six months start making $50,000 a month. And that happened to my income as well, where I went from six figures as a health coach into multi-six figures as a gift activation coach and continuing to double my income. 

It seemed like a really natural evolution because it doesn’t just happen where you skyrocket. There were three-month increments where I would go through a total identity crisis. What is this? Who am I? I had to ask myself, am I doing this for me? Am I posting stuff about money because that’s important to me? Or am I doing it because I want to appear a certain way? 

So I would have a total identity shift. But I realized what I love the most is how to help women step into the energy of wealth. By doing the energetics and the spirituality and the scripting and the visualization and the meditation and slow motion, feminine flow, it felt like Superwoman’s Cape showed up and the iron clad overcompensation in the masculine energy. At some point, that could fall away and we could fully step into the feminine, because you can make so much money in a feminine way. In a way where you are taking time off, in a way where you’re allowing the ideas to come in. In a way where you can connect to a higher purpose, and hear the messages, and it’s fully for you, you can let the other things slip.

How To Step Into Your Intuition

Rachel: Exactly. We were talking about stepping into your gifts and how often we don’t listen to our intuition. You can’t step into your gifts if you don’t listen to your intuition. What does that look like when you’re teaching somebody how to step into their intuition? What are some of the initial steps that you feel really important for that person to be able to activate those gifts?

JJ: So when they’re talking, I really like to hear what people are saying. I tune into frequency, and the tone of their voice and the way that their body is, and I watch them when they talk about things they are really good at. When they say, I’m good at this or I like to do that, I’m like, there’s no energy to it. But when they go, but what I really love… I’m like, oh, tell me more about that! We can zone in so fast from there. 

But a lot of times, they’re like, I can’t just do that, though. But my philosophy is, we only want you to do the stuff you love. We don’t want you to do any of the other stuff because that is what gives you mediocre results –the things you’ve learned along the way that you’re good at that you can teach. But you can’t really talk about it with energy. 

So the first thing is, when you’re talking about something, notice your energy. Is it something where you’re using a voice that goes like this? And you’re like, well I could do that I could do or is. You’re so lit up, you start using facial expressions and tone inflections. So notice the tone of your voice when you’re talking about something. Is it one of those things you could talk about forever? 

But what if this love is going to be an overflow of everything else I already offer? At that point, I would say, to write it down. Because you might have an e-guide come out, you might have a book come out, you might have to get on a video and record a video. But whatever keeps coming back to you, whatever you have veered away from but has come back to you –it probably feels like a full circle moment –but when you come back to it, and you’re like oh yeah, I love this. Because I’ve always loved this. And I got away from it because I was listening to everybody else. Go for it. 

How Wealth Is Easy When You’re In Full Alignment With Your Service

What it comes down to is this thing that they’ve been doing their entire life. And when someone is confident, and they’re certain, and they’re in that full alignment, then wealth is easy. 

Money is so weird to me. Someone just comes up with a number. This is how much it is, and then you pay how much it is. And then you can receive a payment for this amount and you get a bill for this amount. And then you get into overflow and then you’re uncomfortable with overflow. So then you get rid of the money. And then you’re like, how am I stuck in the same position? And then you get into overflow again. It’s so internal what happens in your bank account.

Rachel: You talked about so many things. What comes up for me is that coach who says, Oh, well, I was told to do this niche. But this isn’t really in alignment with me. And so I want to do this niche, and right away, I say oh my god, that’s so exciting. That’s in alignment. For anybody listening, they’re really going to resonate and give themselves permission to actually do what they really want to do with that confidence. 

How To Move Through Your Own Money Story So You Can Find The Flow

I also think about the money and the energetic flow. What about someone with their own old money story that stopped that flow? What are some suggestions that you can give to that? 

Because when I think about undercharging and I think about fear of success, fear of charging fear of making that money. That’s what you just talked about. You have the overflow of money. And then you can actually stop that from happening. Where does that person who has that old story with money, where do they start? And then what happens? What can be some suggestions for that person stopping that money flow?

JJ: Oh, yeah. Well, the first thing is during the pandemic, I had come into this full alignment. I was teaching on frequency, I was going through it, I was helping people through it. And money was pouring in. To me it started feeling like pressure. The more money I made, the more heavy it got on my shoulders.

Rachel: I can vibe with that. 100%.

JJ: It felt like I was caving in. I started having major anxiety, major panic attacks, I was like, This is not what I want it to feel like. I actually stopped the money flow. I had people who wanted to join this mastermind, and I was like, no, no more. This is it, I’ve hit that level. And that was my first $50,000 month. I was so freaked out by it. I was like, these people are gonna make me feel like I owe them, that their success is all on me. It’s too much pressure. 

After that month is when my income went down. Because I freaked myself out. It took a couple months to start to come back up. I just thought to myself, you have to remember that they’re investing in themselves, and you’re a guide along the way. You’re going to help them as much as you can. But their success is not dependent on you. 

Just like when I invest in a mentor, I’m not putting this money on them and putting my success on them. My success is always on me. Your success is dependent upon you and starting wherever you are is fantastic. You’re not behind, you got to start where you’re at. 

The first thing I would do is ask, what is your money story? And maybe write it out. Write out your money story from the first thing you remember your parents saying about money.  At what age? Then look at how you grew up. Maybe you didn’t realize things that were said or things that got stuck in your head and has been on a loop for the last 20 years. Then you gotta go, is that even my belief? Beliefs are just thoughts you think often. Then they become embedded and encoded, and then you got to clear them up. 

So you got to look at your money story. You got to look at your relationship with money what is it? Are you someone who looks for the best deals? Are you someone who’s also asking potential clients to invest at a high price, but you’re still looking for deals? So there’s a misalignment there. 

Rachel: I fully believe you have to be a mirror if you’re talking about investing. You got to be investing in yourself. If you’re talking about getting a lot of clients. Say you run a detox, and 20 people sign up at $97 bucks. That’s like $2,000. At the beginning of my career that would have felt like a lot of money. Even $150 bucks for an hour felt like a lot.

JJ: I remember even when I started charging premium prices, my dad even gave me that feeling that you’re charging too much. And that got in my head. But then I had to separate myself and stay in my lane, put my blinders on and go, Okay, I appreciate you, dad. You’re a negotiating king, but also, you’re not in the coaching industry. 

So I had to separate myself and say, What do I believe? What feels good to charge in this moment? And then that gets to evolve over time. And also, what’s going to take me to my edge? I gotta go a little bit past my comfort zone, so I can feel what it feels like to make that money. Then I can think about how that feels, get used to it, and then go to that next level again.

Where Undercharging Your Services Comes From

Rachel: That makes complete sense. I love that you talked about really not listening. We love you dad, but not listening, not listening to that old money story and really tapping into your own. What about for that person that is consistently undercharging? I know people like that. So what do you think it comes from?

JJ: It’s so embedded. It’s so generational. I think it’s this wounded healer that wants to continually over-give to the point of detriment to their health. Because I know people like that. But it also disempowers the person who constantly thinks and asks for a discount instead of empowering them. 

I had someone recently say, I really want to join that program, but I don’t have the funds right now. And instead of being like, oh, someday, I wrote back. I thought, What would be the most empowering thing I could say back to her? So I said, You are so resourceful, I know you’ll find another way to make it work. That felt so much better to me because that also empowers her. 

So if I believed that money story that she had, I probably would have said something like, well, maybe I can offer you a discount or a saving. That would be disempowering to her, because then she could stay in that money story. And that would also be at a detriment to what I consider the right price when I posted it.

How Money & Wealth Alignment Fall In Line With The Feminine Flow

Rachel: Let’s talk about that feminine piece because I know you and I come from Adrenal burnout, we come from stress, overdoing, overworking, and you really have embraced stepping into this feminine flow so that you’re not in that masculine energy of doing. Talk to me about how money and wealth alignment falls hand in hand with the feminine flow.

JJ: So what masculine does is it’s a little bit more pressure-filled. It’s go, go go. This can only happen if I do this, it’s action and then you receive. What feminine flow is inviting, it’s natural magnetism, it’s natural activation, it’s natural attraction, it’s slow to flow, and it just feels good. There’s something about it. 

There is also a misconception with feminine, that it means you don’t do anything. And that’s not it. It’s not just meditating and journaling your way to success. You have this attractive energy internally. And that’s what invites clients in. 

What I see people get wrong is they say, What strategy is going to attract more sales? What could I be doing? The question you should be asking is, how do I become more attractive? It’s internal, you go back in, and you go, how do I get in more alignment with myself? When I get in more alignment with myself, I can hear what is meant just for me, and then that can be output to my audience who will naturally be activated by my energy instead of me thinking it’s the next thing, the next strategy. Because that is a recipe for just major sickness.

Rachel: We were talking before about how we both built our business. And I’m gonna say its ass backwards, but it really wasn’t. It was really through intuition. Every download, every message, and everything that I needed to create just got created. And I still do it. It doesn’t mean that I don’t know when I need to do promos. When I show up, that comes from intuitively knowing what you need to create and then creating a strategy around that. 

But what I’m hearing from you is that there’s not really a strategy. Correct? It’s more like you get these messages for exactly when you need to show up. And that’s what your outpouring

JJ: Exactly, it’s allowing yourself to be led where you want to go and then easily receiving these messages that you resonate with. Then you output them and other people are like, thank you for putting this out. So you want your audience to visit in alignment. It’s coming from your heart. I think that’s the thing. When we talk about strategies, there can still be a heart-based strategy.

Rachel: I love that because it comes down to if your heart isn’t connected to it, then your intention behind your offers comes down to money. And money is the byproduct of the heart-led strategy. That’s why I think money is so fun. It’s neutral. It comes so quickly when you’re in full alignment. Well, it’s easy.

What A Wounded Healer Needs To Do To Show Up With More Confidence

When I think about that coach who’s undercharging, the wounded healer, if they just stepped into heart-based marketing and really thought about that, they would be showing up sharing their story, sharing the trials and tribulations, sharing without fear and really attracting their ideal client and then charging more. If they really just said, I’m gonna put that wounded child to the side.

JJ: Okay, this all came in June. I’ve been hearing it for so long. But this year is when it really came in. There’s no waiting to step into who you want to be. You decide. I’ve had clients who say, What do you mean, you decide? I’m like, you literally just decide. You declare. You decide this is who I am, this is how I’m going to be. And when you were talking about the wounded healer, she just has to decide. 

I think so much of that becomes a victim place that we act. It’s really easy to show up and be sick. You and I have gone through our own healing journey, years with mold in mind, with adrenal fatigue. When you’re in that beginning part of being really sick, there is that victim part. Why is this happening to me? 

But when you turn that around to this happened for me for a purpose. In my exact zone, which I need to be teaching on. I need to be helping people go to that next place. And that coach who is undercharging because of a lack of confidence and can’t put a program together, can’t get their feet off the ground. It’s so much. And I get it because I was that. That’s where eating disorders come from. 

There’s so many things that go into you not launching. There’s a procrastination technique due to perfectionism, which can never be attained. I always say do it messy, do it imperfect. None of the guides I create are like ready to go. I download it from Microsoft Word, I send it to Fiverr for $50 bucks. They finish it in three days, they give it back. I go cool, can you change this? They change it. Boom, I don’t even read it again. I don’t edit it at all. I know there’s spelling errors. I know that things could be better. But I’m more concerned about getting it out than it being perfect. 

Rachel: Yes, getting the message out. When I look back at you, I don’t think that you ever got fully stuck. You may have felt the perfectionism but successful coaches move through that. 

Moving Through Perfectionism To Find True Alignment

JJ: Yeah, you have to move through it. What you’re really talking about is the programs that you’ve developed these days are about helping people go through and get into that messy place in total alignment.

And it’s okay you’re gonna go through an identity crisis. That’s what we do. It seems like it happens every three or four years, where you’re wondering, Am I doing the right thing? Is this speaking to my audience, but more importantly, is this speaking to myself? That’s the most important and, and you start to look at, say, I died tomorrow. Am I talking about the things I really want to talk about? Is this the legacy I want people to remember?

I think this helps a lot because I was thinking about people who stay in the same place or make the same decisions and get stuck in these habits. It’s because they’re not future visualizers as much. What happened with my weight loss clients, I tell them to think about how you want to feel after you eat something. How will you feel in three hours? So it’s the same thing for coaches. How is this habit setting you up for three hours from now? Three months from now?

If you have that future visioning knocked down, you will get rid of 90% of the habits that stole you. If you want to be a successful multi six, multi seven, six figure whatever your goal is, if you can look at what you’re doing daily and take ownership and accountability of it, and be like, these are the things that slow me down, and I’m doing them, I’m creating them, and then deciding, I’m not going to do that anymore. It’s time for me to step into that bigger vision I have for myself, and I will do it by taking these actions, maybe even small ones. 

Rachel: Well, I love that. When I think about what I want to accomplish, I can’t just sit there and do the same thing. It’s sitting there and thinking about yourself in the future self actually doing them. And then, reverse engineer into what are those habits? Just as you said, each day, they’re gonna get you to take those action steps to be that future self.

JJ: Exactly. And that’s where the perfectionist is like, Okay, now I have to do 20 minutes of meditation, 60 minutes of walking and eat only whole foods all the time. That’s not it. It’s five minutes of meditation, 20 minute walk outside. Don’t get on your phone. 

First thing, is your cortisol high in the morning? Is your heart racing? If it is, there’s things you can do. You can start meditating, you can do breath work, you put your legs on the couch. These things take five minutes. And it’s like that saying, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, which is always really gross to me. I don’t get why anyone’s eating the elephant. Can we come up with a new phrase? But it can be so simple.

Rachel: I love that. It can be so simple. The part that was really powerful is owning it and just deciding, like that wounded healer, what we want to be. We’re going into a new year. We’re always going into those different evolutions. You go through these ebbs and flows in your business, but nobody talks about that. Nobody talks about those times where you drop to your knees and you’re like, please just take away this fear or help me be in alignment because I don’t feel this any more. 

For you to just share so openly and eloquently. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Can you tell everyone where they can find you? Everyone should follow you on Instagram because you’re so authentic and eloquent and that same vibe is there. So tell them where they can find you.

JJ: I show up mostly on Instagram. It’s @JJ.muenz and my website Jmuenz.com. I like to keep things simple. 

Rachel: Alright, you need to follow this lady. Make sure that you just gobble up her information. She’s got really great tips for health coaches. And if you’re feeling out of alignment, you definitely need to work with her. Because the last thing you want to do is continue that same roller coaster of not showing up. If you do show up. Just do it messy. Do it imperfectly. And I think that’s what we both said, so go and be your magical self.

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