38: How To Pivot Online to Make Money with Amanda Genther

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Amanda Genther joins the show. Amanda is a designer and online marketing strategist, and she helps female entrepreneurs write, design, and launch sales pages that stand out and sell. Amanda is also the host of the Inspired for Action podcast, where she shares strategies, tips, and advice on how to take imperfect action every day to grow your business.

In this episode, Amanda opens the show explaining why she doesn’t want to add to the noise online. People are way too repetitive. When creating a sales page, Amanda says to start in the middle because the top section is where you are going to do the most work. If Amanda tells someone to start at the top, then she knows they aren’t going to do the work. The top of the page takes the most work! So many people try to skip the hard part.

There are two ways to build an online business:

  1. You build an audience first, then put an offer in front of them.
  2. You create an offer, then you try and find an audience.

Amanda always creates an offer first, then asks people what they need. Amanda utilizes a yearly survey and coffee chats in order to find out how she can assist her audience best. What Amanda taught back in 2012 is so different than what she teaches now. She would have never shifted if she wasn’t listening to her audience. Plus, our audience is always changing – we are continually filtering people in and out.

Then, Amanda speaks about how we can make money during times of uncertainty. Amanda makes all of her money from a $37 product, which includes an order bump. On a $37 core offer, Amanda has a $57 average cart value. She has been able to push out Facebook ads and get orders every single day from people who have no idea who she is. As long as Amanda is spending less than $20 per lead, she is making money. Last month, they made over $20,000 on a $37 product.

A sales funnel won’t work if part of the sequence isn’t working for your audience. It all comes back to having a strategy and a purpose. Just because a funnel works for someone, doesn’t mean it will work for you. It is all about your audience; what are they looking for? Later, Amanda speaks about Instagram stories, not overthinking your funnel, and continuing the process. 

Enjoy the show!

I speak about:

  • [01:15] About Amanda Genther
  • [02:40] People are too repetitive online
  • [04:30] How Amanda teaches sale pages
  • [06:45] The two ways to build a business online
  • [09:30] Our audience is always changing
  • [11:10] How do we make money during times of uncertainty?
  • [26:30] Why your sales funnel isn’t working
  • [32:40] Stories on Instagram 
  • [35:50] Don’t overthink the funnel


  • “We have to ask our audience what they need to know constantly.” -Amanda Genther
  • “People who have no idea who I am are buying my product every single day.” -Amanda Genther
  • “Just because a funnel works for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you.” -Amanda Genther
  • “It’s a lot cheaper to keep your current customers than it is to find new ones.” -Amanda Genther


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