37: How To Build Trust in an Online World as a Wellness Coach

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In this episode, I talk about creating a value ladder to build trust with potential clients. The value ladder should start with free content. The free content can be in various forms:

  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • A live video
  • A training series

When you see the customer value ladder, you will see different traffic sources. You will want to have a lead magnet. Your lead magnet can be a 30-minute class or a prerecorded video series. That freebie should be a mini solution to your client’s problem.

Ask yourself these questions when creating a value ladder:

  • What do I want to be known for?
  • What are the pillars of my business?
  • What does my ideal client want?
  • What are my ideal client’s struggles?
  • How can I turn my ideal client’s pain into a product?

Brainstorm your free offers. Find out what your potential clients are attracted to. Then, bring your potential client to your low-cost offer. The low-cost offer should feed into email one and email two. Make the email simple and explain what your offer will entail. You can also bring your clients to a webinar or a challenge.

Once your client is at the low-cost offer, now it’s time to upsell. I love to get people on the phone. You can upsell to a masterclass, courses, webinars, or a Facebook group. Then, you can even upsell again. Think about how you can meet people where they are so you can naturally upsell. I built my business in a recession. It’s possible to do it now too – mindset is everything.

Enjoy the show!

I speak about:

  • [02:15] How to start your value ladder
  • [04:20] Why you need to get specific with your niche and message
  • [08:40] The importance of brainstorming your freebies and offers
  • [09:50] How to create your low-cost offer
  • [11:50] The various ways you can upsell
  • [19:50] Why you need to write down your value ladder


  • “Write down your goal because you are declaring you are going to make the commitment to get there.” -Rachel
  • “Think about your great value.” -Rachel
  • “Brainstorming is important because you want to see what really works.” -Rachel


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