Ep 39: Are You Selling from the Soul?

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In this episode, Rachel opens the show discussing stage one through three issues and the hero’s journey. When starting a coaching business, we need to focus on our ideal client rather than our niche. We should already have our empathy part nailed. Lead your clients to their next buy. Your 1:1 should mirror your do-it-yourself. Sometimes, our clients are not ready to commit to the thirty-day purchase. Make sure you are not forcing clients to purchase anything. When you sell from the soul, you’ll understand where your client is coming from.

Rachel speaks about defining what you want to teach and keeping everything in one place. Do not start adding different systems. If it’s simple and it works for you, then you should keep it that way. Rachel also talks about different email marketing software that you can use and why the things that are in your membership are the things that you are using personally. Then, Rachel explains the importance of niches. We have to start showing up to find out what people want. We need to stop overthinking and start asking questions to our clients. Our brands will trump our niche.

Keep your brand vision in mind. Rachel says that she works with people of all different ages. She uses her story to find clients. When you share, people will realize that you can help them. Rachel would get clients because they heard her telling her story. We are all broken because we are so focused on nailing it down. Figure out where you get stuck and how you can get unstuck. Then, figure out how you can teach it.

Enjoy the show!

I speak about:

  • [02:00] About stage one through three issues
  • [16:00] Define what you want to teach
  • [20:15] Keep the system that works for you
  • [34:30] Staying in your customer’s life cycle 
  • [41:20] The importance of finding our niche through communication    
  • [49:15] Keep your brand vision in mind
  • [57:00] We are broken because we are so focused on nailing it down


  • “Solve the problem for your client.” -Rachel
  • “Teach your clients about how they can change their lives.” -Rachel
  • “You want to have everything in one place.” -Rachel
  • “Step back; how would you want to be sold to?” -Rachel


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