59: Answering Your Legal Questions, Legal Breakdown for Health Coaches with Jonathan Posey

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On today’s episode, I am so excited to have Jonathan Posey here. He does imperative and essential work. He is an advocate for those of us in the health and wellness industry. Jonathan is the founder and executive director for the Council of Holistic Health Educators. The Council of Holistic Health Educators is the only nonprofit advocacy association dedicated to protecting, defending, and fighting to advance the rights of holistic practitioners, schools, and stakeholders. We talk about what we are allowed to say and do as health coaches. Jonathan helps clarify the current laws to help you get unstuck.

Enjoy the show!

In Today’s Episode:

[01:31] Jonathan is the founder and executive director for the Council of Holistic Health Educators.

[03:20] Institute for Integrative Nutrition has been a strong supporter.  

[04:02] The color system represents the different types of laws of each state. 

[06:41] The first thing is that the holistic health community is made up of passionate people with only one goal in mind to help people to live, eat, and feel better.  

[07:11] We have significant multi-million dollar opposition in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.   

[09:15] We are not up against healthcare or a public policy issue. 

[10:48] In March the law was changed in Florida.  

[12:11] There is a desperate need for peer mentors, the person that is going to sit there and teach you how to read a nutrition label and how to understand recipes and someone that will just be there.   

[13:49] It is not just the traditional one size fits all.  

[14:44] The ideal world would have a practice with a medical doctor that oversees a registered dietician, health coach, nutritional therapy practitioner, and a neurologist. They would all work as a team.  

[17:07] The Holistic Entrepreneurs Association recently became part of the council. The goal is to bring practitioners together to help them work on the business side of things.

[20:47] Rachel speaks from an “I” perspective and shares her experience.  

[22:09] Generally speaking what you are able to do in every state is to provide education and guidance for food, nutrition, diet, wellness, and lifestyle.

[22:38] If it is publicly available and it can be found in a book, journal, blog, YouTube video, coursebook, education material, or government study it is deemed to be considered public information.  It gets tricky because you can’t do the one on one in 16 states.  

[24:57] If your client brings back their lab tests results practitioners have to be super careful to speak generally about the information. 

[26:08] Having their doctor involved is paramount.  

[28:04] Just because someone has seen a doctor, it doesn’t immediately exclude you.    

[29:05] You can contact their doctor with permission and ask them for a prescription to work with you or ask to work together.  

[32:06] As humans we choose the path of least resistance.  

[33:47] Health coaches can educate in a course format.  They are also able to share their story with a group as long as it is applicable to everyone. 

[35:28] If accused of reporting dietetics without a license get their name and information and ask them to send it to you in writing.  Then you can reach out to your school and the Institute of Justice for help. 

[38:01] Depersonalize from this business because if you don’t then your own frustrations at the machine will actually blanket different opportunities that can come to you in your business.  

[41:01] If your school is a member of the council, the council provides students with one on one individualized support over policies, regulations, and terms to practice.  

[41:26] The number one way health coaches and practitioners go wrong is by using disease terms.  

[43:13] The next thing that trips up practitioners is what they are putting on their websites.  

[47:58] You really need to be mindful of someone coming into your practice by phone or in-person and throwing around disease terms. We can work with someone on obesity and weight loss even if they have seen a doctor for it.   

[49:48] It is always about what we are saying. It is rarely about what we are doing.

[52:01] Rachel has a formal let’s get on the same page agreement that she shares with clients.  She found a way to say it to fit her personality and not make it feel like she was entering a marriage or divorce.  

[53:39] Periodically send the doctor reports letting them know what you are working on with their patient.

[55:02] Our job as coaches is to help somebody expand the mind and help someone see there are more factors and that it does take people working together for us to feel epic 24/7.

[57:43] The first layer of protection is your intake forms and notifications.  

[61:02] Jonathan visualizes that the health coach is putting an arm around the shoulder of their client and telling them they are going to help them and be there for them.

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