60: The First Steps to Structure Your Health Coach Business

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This week I am going solo because I am getting so many questions from coaches, fitness trainers, functional medicine practitioners, and chiropractors who are all going into the e-learning space.  They also want to know how to get this done with kids at home or working another job so this job can accelerate.  Brick and mortar businesses are looking to move to more of an online platform.   I am going to start out with some basic fundamentals to lessen the overwhelm so that we can all take a deep breath and truly show up in authentic and strategic ways so we attract our ideal client. 

Enjoy the show!

In Today’s Episode:

[02:39] It is important to start with the basics first and master the basic essentials first. 

[03:06] Head over to the free tools on Rachel’s website and join the free course.     

[04:34] First you need to determine your target audience.  It is important to have clarity on who you are creating this content for. 

[05:27] Write down the exact pain points of your ideal client and the solution they are searching for. 

[07:15] Stay within your niche.  You don’t serve everyone.  That doesn’t work.  

[08:13] It starts with getting super clear about your ideal client avatar and this includes their personality and habits.   

[09:11] Then in the third column you are going to write down the obstacles and objections.

[11:14] Next think of your ideal client in your head.  

[11:54] What do you think is going on with your ideal client and what solutions do you offer that could help them?

[13:04] Get clear on what you want to offer. Nothing is a one size fits all program.  

[14:46] We convert easily when we are super clear on who we serve and how we serve them. 

[16:11] What problems are you thinking about specifically and what solution are you offering? 

[17:18] When we package up an offer we think who does the offer serve, what problems does it solve, and how can it be an entry for my ideal client to get to know me, love and trust me, and be willing to hire me.  

[18:01] Rachel had three signature freebies that she used to lead people to her one on one offers.  What is the thank you page experience?

[20:14] We need different opportunities for a client to work with you.  Map out the thank you pages and follow up emails. 

[21:44] Make sure you are super clear so your marketing efforts are clear and you’re working smarter and not harder.  

[23:25] While you are editing your program reach out to friends and family and see if they will test your program and give feedback on obstacles they find. 

[25:38] Your ideal client wants to hire you because you probably have a similar story. 

[28:58] When we get super clear on the path we wish we would have taken, we can teach the structure we wish was around when we were sick.  

[30:10] Learn how to market and sell from the soul.  Be your funnel.

[32:25] You are the voice. 

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