Chilled Blueberry Soup with Coconut Milk Yogurt

fruit soup RW

4 cups frozen blueberries

1 avocado

1 cup coconut water

2 cups water

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Coconut Milk Yogurt or Kefir for Topping

Mint for garnish.

Combine all the ingredients in a high powered blender. I use a Vitamix. You can serve this chilled or warm. Top the soup with mint.

How many times are you looking for the perfect dessert? Try a cup of this antioxidant rich soup loaded with healthy bacteria from the coconut milk yogurt or kefir. This soup is great for cooling off in the summer. Also, this soup is ideal for anyone with digestive distress, as eating foods in an easy-to-digest form. Soups or smoothies are easy to assimilate. This soup will also hydrate you, since it has avocado and coconut water, both great for cellular hydration, which leads to weight loss, more energy and a healthy body.

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