Portion Control and Weight Loss


Eat the right amount of calories for you

Everyone has a personal calorie limit. Staying within yours can help you get to or maintain a healthy weight. People who are successful at managing their weight have found ways to keep track of how much they eat in a day, even if they don’t count every calorie.

  • Enjoy your food, but eat less.
  • Cook more often at home, where you are in control of what’s in your food.
  • When eating out, choose lower calorie menu options.
  • Write down what you eat to keep track of how much you eat.
  • If you drink alcoholic beverages, do so sensibly – limit to 1 drink a day for women, or 2 drinks a day for men.

Be physically active your way

  • Pick activities that you like and start by doing what you can, at least 10 minutes at a time. Every bit adds up, and the health benefits increase as you spend more time being active.
  • Note to parents: What you eat and drink, and your level of physical activity are important for your own health, and also for your children’s health. You are your children’s most important role model. Your children pay attention to what you do more than what you say. You can do a lot to help your children develop healthy habits for life by providing and eating healthy meals and snacks. For example, don’t just tell your children to eat their vegetables – show them that you eat and enjoy vegetables every day.

I have found eating smaller meals throughout the day is key for healthy weight loss or staying at the same weight. Eating smaller meals also supports healthy blood sugar balance, which leads to weight loss. For more information about healthy weight loss, healthy detoxification for disease prevention and natural solutions for your family. For me, portion control is so important. You can ditch the diet mentality and never live in deprivation when you learn portion control.

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