Done-For-You Marketing Kit: Launch your Detox in 7 Days | Rachel Feldman


How often do you have a magical program that is just sitting on your computer collecting dust?

How often do you feel like you have bought done-for-you programs but you cannot get them launched?

How many times have you bought a done-for-you program HOPING that your business would soar?

Let me share on secret with you.

I learned the hard way.

I am ready to share the easy way with you.

I created the a Signature Program and got more clients and found freedom but then I needed a solution and a system to launch this program.

I also realized that a done-for-you program does not sell itself so I created the Done-For-You Marketing Kit.

It has 6 amazing marketing emails, a welcome email, a launch timeline and professional sales page for you.

I also realized as Health Coaches we NEED support.

So I created a forum to support you through your launch.

How many times do you feel stuck?

There is no more time for being stuck. 

I am here to help you build your business from the ground up. I am here to offer you not only one solution but two.

If you are searching for a program that will change your business and allow you to have that Signature Program, so you can build your business, then check out the Summer Detox Program for Health Coaches here: – BUY YOUR KIT TODAY!



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