Eat the Rainbow for a Sexy Gut

After interviewing Terry L. Wahls  and Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S. the other night I was reminded of why I coach ( I love these reminders).

Plus, last week I was teaching at Hippocrates Health Institute business to the health educators and got reminded of  how I started my business. A healthy body means a sexy gut (filled with good probiotic rich foods) and foods that supply you with the right macro and micro nutrients. Bottom line — eat the rainbow my friends.

sexy-gut (Toshiba Laptop's conflicted copy 2014-12-20)

Here are some basic beliefs I live by for myself and in my health coaching practice:
1. Everything we need is in our food (when we eat the right combination of foods for our unique and divine bodies).
2. We need a heck of a lot of good probiotic rich foods – cultured foods, cultured drinks and probiotics resistant to the acid in our stomach.
3. We need a combination of vegetables DAILY – eat the rainbow for your micro and macro nutrients.
4. We need the mitochondria to function and the mitochondria – where energy production occurs —> needs vital nutrients and amino acids to work properly – hence eat right for you body.
5. We need fat (yes, there are different theories on this one but for me and the two people I have interviewed) – I do believe out bodies need the Fat for detox, hormonal health, mood stabilization, metabolic processes, and so much more.
6. Supplements can be over taken leading to imbalances.
7. The Liver has to be functioning for digestion to work -hence get the bile flowing with glutathione rich and sulfur rich foods plus bitters and simple at home detox methods for the lymph as well.
8. let go of the past, present and future – it ain’t our business.
9. Get support from friends ans family to support you and your life.
10. Get into the mindset that the universe has your back.

Love you – Love you gut – Love your body.

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