Restore Your Gut: The Ultimate Done-for-You Program for Health Coaches to Help Clients Heal from the Inside Out

Hey there, health coach! Are you ready to take your coaching game to the next level and help your clients achieve optimal gut health? Look no further than Restore Your Gut, the done-for-you program that’s going to make you the go-to gut health expert in town.

What's Restore Your Gut All About? Your One-Stop Shop for Gut Health Coaching

Restore Your Gut is the comprehensive, evidence-based program that covers everything you need to know to help your clients heal their gut and reclaim their health. I’ve poured my heart and soul (and years of research) into creating this program, so you can focus on what you do best: coaching your socks off.

Who Needs Restore Your Gut? Your Clients (and Your Coaching Biz!)

Let’s get real: gut issues are no joke. If your clients are struggling with any of these delightful symptoms, Restore Your Gut is the answer to their prayers (and yours):

  • Bloating that makes them feel like a hot air balloon
  • Constipation that has them waddling like a penguin
  • Diarrhea that keeps them on a first-name basis with their toilet
  • Acid reflux that’s more “fire-breathing dragon” than “functioning human”
  • Food sensitivities that make every meal a game of Russian roulette
  • Skin issues that have them hiding behind a paper bag
  • Brain fog that makes them feel like they’re living in a real-life version of “The Matrix”
  • Mood swings that would make even the most dramatic soap opera look tame

By offering Restore Your Gut, you’ll be the coach they turn to when they’re ready to take control of their gut health and feel like a million bucks.

What Makes Restore Your Gut Different? It's All About the Gut-Body Connection

Restore Your Gut isn’t your average gut health program. It’s a deep dive into the fascinating world of the gut-body connection, covering topics like:

  • Leaky gut (and how to plug those leaks)
  • Gut-brain axis (because your gut and your brain are like BFFs)
  • Gut microbiome (and how to keep those friendly bacteria happy)
  • Gut-friendly nutrition (because you are what you eat)
  • Stress management (because your gut doesn’t like stress any more than you do)
  • Lifestyle factors (because gut health is about more than just what you put in your mouth)

Plus, with recipes that are both delicious and gut-friendly, your clients will never have to choose between taste and health again.

How to Launch Restore Your Gut and Become the Gut Health Expert Your Clients Need

Restore Your Gut is the perfect addition to any health coaching business. Whether you prefer:

  • 1:1 coaching (because sometimes you just need that personal touch)
  • Group coaching (because there’s power in numbers)
  • Online courses (because who doesn’t love learning in their PJs?)

Restore Your Gut seamlessly integrates into your existing coaching model. And with the included marketing materials, you’ll have everything you need to attract your ideal clients and grow your business like a gut-friendly weed.

Boost Your Coaching Biz with Restore Your Gut's Marketing Tools

Speaking of marketing, Restore Your Gut‘s got your back (and your front, and your sides). With irresistible opt-in freebies and workshops that showcase your gut health expertise, you’ll be growing your email list and attracting new clients faster than you can say “probiotic.”

How Much Can You Charge for Restore Your Gut?

Now, let’s talk about money. How much can you charge for this gut-tastic program? Well, my friend, that’s entirely up to you.

If you’re new to the coaching scene, you can easily charge $500 per month for Restore Your Gut. That’s right, even if you’re just starting out, you can still make a pretty penny helping your clients heal their gut.

And if you’re a seasoned coaching pro? Well, let’s just say you might need to invest in a bigger wallet. Because with Restore Your Gut in your toolkit, you can charge premium prices and watch your bank account grow faster than a healthy gut bacterium.


There you have it, coach. Restore Your Gut is the done-for-you gut health coaching program that’s going to take your business to new heights (and your clients’ gut health to new depths). With its comprehensive approach, marketing materials, and endless pricing possibilities, it’s like having your very own gut health genie in a bottle.

Don’t wait another minute to get your hands on this game-changing program. Your clients (and their guts) will thank you. So go ahead, invest in Restore Your Gut today, and become the gut health coaching superstar you were always meant to be.


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