80. How To Energetically Take Your Business Online with Alkemia Earth

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With the right support, you can unlock the gateway to your inner transformation, and with the right tools, you can successfully take your business online! Your mindset, energy vibrations, the foods you eat, and also the way you connect with others online and how you use your skill set for good – can all affect how you show up in the world. So it’s time to take back your health, your business, and your life by stepping into your higher power and purpose. Today’s guest helps women do just that!

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Alkemia Earth, an energy alignment wellness coach who helps her clients find transformation through holistic healing. In today’s conversation, she is sharing how she turned her 20 years of knowledge on energy and healing into a successful online business, Plus, she’s giving us guidance on where to put your energy in your business, why showing up consistently works, how to override your why, and the importance of just being you.


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Connect with Alkemia Earth:


Rachel: Hey guys, I am so completely honored to have this brilliant woman right in front of me speak to you guys today. I met Alkemia. How many months ago?

Alkemia: I want to say it was six months ago, maybe seven, eight. 

Rachel: Yeah. I’m gonna make sure I’ve closed off my email. Make sure that you have carbs this time, get a green juice, light some incense and prep yourself for how amazing it’s going to be listening to this woman share about her business. How she has been able to really go from a more of a one on one to an online space. 

So clearly you guys can see we’re just having this open convo. So without further ado. Now, when we had our first call, I felt right away that we had that just synergistic bond of how important it is for the woman of today. This woman who is this feel of our home and this woman to be able to embrace her power, to be able to pass that on to her children? 

I mean, that was just right away, the thing that brought us together. Can you share with everyone about your practice? What are these fundamentals that you teach? 

Transformation Tools

Alkemia: Yeah, the fundamental that I teach really is just transformation. Right? I know that’s such a broad term, but really just teaching people how to heal first and foremost and step into their higher power. I think everybody has unique gifts to offer the world, whether that’s in the world of business or just as a mother or whatever. And everybody has gone through some shit. 

Am I allowed to say that? And so I really like to teach people how to turn their shit into compost. Like how to really heal, get over their traumas, get over their blocks, release the blocks, and get to that other side. And I use several tools, if you will, to do so. 

Rachel: Yeah, tell us the tools because I think this is where not only do we all geek out, but for anybody that is listening, who wants to hire you, whether they are a coach, or mom or businesswoman. And then also even for me to just know, yeah, what is your jam toolbox? 

Alkemia: Yeah, so I am a master subtle energy practitioner. I began studying around 20 years ago, and also high vibrational foods and so my transformation tools are really energy and food as gateways of transformation. And then, of course depending on what we’re working on I’m also a certified Law of Attraction coach, and just in general, a spiritual alchemist coach and life coach, if you will. 

So,I master several forms of energy healing, Reiki being one of them. Masterfile therapist, Medical Qigong. And so yeah, I think just combining the tools of food, general mindset and energy is really powerful. 

Rachel: So we’re filming this in February of 2021. So even in this last year, have you seen a shift in your business? 

Why 2020 Was The Year For Self-Work & Amplification

I mean, everyone has problems in life, we all have trauma we all have even if we grew up in the perfect scenario, we all have the way that we’ve perceived and imprinted our own stories that block us, to push through fear all the different stuff. Or just be present. What would you say is really been coming up that you hear from people that maybe has even been different from times before? Do you see something similar? 

Alkemia: Always, it’s funny. It appears symptomatically on the surface, that it’s something different for people. So now it’s pandemic and things. A lot of my clients just recently told me that this year has been really deep for them just in terms of they’ve just been having a hard time because it’s time for that self-reflection work. And that’s great for some people, but for some people who have never really taken a look at sort of their shadow self, it’s hardcore for some people. 

So I think with me, even with the pandemic – this is kind of what I told all the people – Mother Nature kind of sent us all to our rooms. It was like, take a love heart thing. What have you done? What have you not been doing? And so that was kind of the case for me. I think everybody went through a lot of things. And for some people, it wasn’t so great. 

I mean, it depends for me, 2020 is more of an amplifier, kind of like how money is, right? So there’s a lot that you haven’t dealt with that 2020 was the year where it feels even more intense. And then for some of us, we were really already doing a lot of internal work and trying to uplevel and all that. And I think for those people who were really headed in that direction, 2020 was the year we got that extra boost. That’s what it was for me. 

Rachel: I love that you’re saying that because the conversations that I’ve been having with people where there is a shift – and you can see it in their energy, and you can feel it – is to really look at this as this opportunity where I said, Go to your room, pull the rug out there’s, there’s nowhere to hide, and just facing your stuff. Are you going to face it and grow? Are you going to face it and let it take over your life and stay in that place? Right, as you said, has always been around. 

I think just in the past year, I feel like people are more eyes wide open to the work that maybe has been a little scary. Then it was time for somebody to think about doing it. So that brings us to even last year. Tell us about your business last year, where were you? What wasn’t happening that you did want to happen? 

Alkemia: Yeah, so I was that person who had a lot to offer, but really wasn’t stepping forward into my power for a lot of years. My husband is also an influencer and does a lot of work in the Eco hip hop world. He was recently featured in the Ice On Fire film with Leonardo DiCaprio. And he’s done a lot of work. So I was kind of really working alongside him, I would say, supporting him in the way that he wanted to be supported, which I love doing, but I really was not taking ownership of what I was doing. 

Taking Ownership Of Her Skillset

So I was kind of this like, best kept secret, I would like to say. And before 2020 hit, I would say the whole 2019 year I got this major voice to just go dive deep into digital marketing. So I literally lived and breathed just studying more about just the other side of not being so much a consumer social media. But really what does it look like to run a business on that side of things and really come forward. So that was the whole year 2019. And I don’t know what my guides were, they were kind of kicking me like, you don’t have a choice, you need to do this. Get ready. 

Of course, 2020 shows up. So I was like, Oh, this is why y’all were telling me this. So I spent all of that year studying up. And then I also decided, Okay, this is the year where I also need to get out of my comfort zone. So I decided to take that leap and open my physical practice. I was doing more just kind of underground work, word of mouth work. So I opened my physical practice, so I could work on people with energy, Reiki, things of that nature. And I literally opened that in January 2020. 

Rachel: I love that you’re talking about this, because a lot of people are in a situation where they either just opened their business, and they anticipated it to be face to face, or they’re in a brick and mortar situation where it’s still working. But I feel that this last year has made people see Wow, I can have a greater impact even if I am working online. 

Finding Alignment & Divine Guidance In Her Circumstances

Alkemia: Yeah, absolutely. And it was great. I mean, I think everything’s a stepping stone and leads to something else. But I knew that technically, with everything that I studied in digital marketing, and really getting into kind of the course thing is really what I was interested in. There’s really no way to scale unless I’m trying to do what Costco did and open up multiple practices everywhere. 

And I really wasn’t trying to head in that route. That was not sitting with spirit for me. So it was just kind of that alignment thing that opened my practice and then to close it right back down in March. I was not an essential business. And at that time, I was just getting ready to launch my very first cleanse. And my very first cleanse I think I had like seven people signed up for it. 

This was all again leading up to this whole pandemic. And so what naturally unfolded after that Rachel was just, all divinely guided and I’m so happy everything happened to be. I was like, okay, what’s the smarter way of doing this? Because I have a lot of information in my head. I’ve got two decades of information in my head. 

But really, I knew what I wanted to do. Launching a course, launching programs. But then there was the whole, How do I create this? Right? I actually did build my first course from scratch and that took forever. And honestly, it was just more of a PowerPoint.  

Rachel: You know what, I say to people? If you have six hours, create the workshop and the PowerPoint in the minute, if you have 25 hours, create the program. I really think a lot of us don’t think about how much time it does take it and let alone the energy and the bandwidth. Because I’ve been on your Lives on Instagram, and you are there for an hour really taking somebody through that breathwork showing that transformation on social media. 

So that somebody naturally says, Oh, my, how can I work with you? And this was amazing, this little taste. So I love that you brought up that point, because we need that energy, to be creative to do our work, to tap into energy, spirit source, whatever gives you that. Keep talking about this. And so when you were at that place where you were searching, how did you find me?

Alkemia: So everything was so divided, I got a lot of downloads on this because I work with a lot of psychic energy, I do psychic healing. So a lot of the information that I got, if I tell you, it’s just like, downloaded information, so I just started really researching more about white label products, PRL and you popped up. 

And it was one of those things where as soon as I read the headline in the search engine, I clicked on it because I was so drawn to it. And when I found your site, I knew I had landed home, I knew right away, I was like this is it. Wow, I was so grateful for the information that I got that led me there. But then when I started just researching more about you and all the amazing products that you created, I started praying to my ancestors. I was in such deep gratitude. 

What Changed The Game For Her Business

Because number one I came across a few sites that were pure, but none of them really spoke to me and just my soul. Rachel, okay, hats off to you. Because you are such an OG in this industry. 

Number one, you have paved the way. So I got to take just a moment, I know that you’re taking a minute. And really just hats off to you. Because what you have created has really and I know I’m not the only one who says this, but what you have created has really just really paved the way and made life so much easier. I have never run a challenge before. I’ve never really done anything in a formatted way other than what I’ve studied, and so having your products and being able to put my name on it, and then just dive into my creative side and like add my twist and then add in my information, everything just was such a game changer. Such a game changer, I truly would not be where I’m at honestly, in my business without it. There’s just no way. 

Rachel: That means a lot. Not only does it mean a lot, but I remember when somebody asked if they could buy the program that I created for my business. And I always had looked for done for you content myself. So this is going on 10 years ago. And I would see stuff that of course was information. But I felt like that soul heart was missing. The part where we all talk as practitioners like whatever that Mind, Body Soul means for each one of us. That it has to be there, but it’s not. 

If I could just do this one thing, that it’s helping this person to go through that journey. And so when I (or people who have helped me) wrote programs for a very long time, I always thought if they can have me right here, like these guides speak to them. And if I was, of course, using this in my one on one or doing this in a yoga center, or doing it at a gym or women’s wellness or you know what this person really feels that this was different from just a book. And you always thought about that and how complex it is, in this human journey and experience to actually get well. 

Alkemia: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Just like you said, I came across a lot of sites. And there’s just nothing that compares to what you offer. You do speak to the soul. All your products and your offerings are just life-changing. The information that’s in there in your standard PLR products, which I’ve used some of them and I’ve had to rewrite a lot of it myself and I don’t really consider myself a writer. But I can write and it took a lot of time for me to breathe that soul into it. So, you know that’s one thing that’s so beautiful about even what you create is that I don’t really have to really write. You don’t have Read soul into it, it’s already there, you know what I mean? I just have to show up.

Using Your Health Coach Tools & Programs For Your Biz

So I have to say when I started everything and took everything digital, I did my first challenge without your product. And without really a format, and it was a major flop. It was a learning lesson. I learned a lot from that process. So I had to kind of take a step back and be like, Okay, what am I going to do differently? 

Also, just watching your videos, and all that you have to offer outside of that with the coaching that you offer. I learned a lot about really niching in and finding my voice because I kind of get all of the places I have a lot of skills, but it’s like, What’s that one thing that I can kind of come forward with and not be all over the place? And really establish myself as the expert in that field? And then use the other tools as support tools and mechanisms. 

So I’d say that’s the biggest takeaway that I got from even just watching your videos. And then just, of course, the funnel strategies and the techniques and what it really takes to build an online, six-figure business. Which is what I’m aiming for, so all of that’s priceless. I mean, what you have all around is just this 360, beautiful, holistic sort of system supporting myself and other like-minded people. So I just thank you so much for that. 

Rachel: You raise an interesting question, because, and I’ll share my experience for people that are, of course, watching. When I created my programs, I was like, okay. I don’t need these fancy covers. I need to make sure that I’m marketing on the front of the images, because I didn’t know how to make fancy covers. 

Of course, now, as everyone knows, I’m psychotic. Like psycho. Um, but even when I was coaching with them, I thought, Okay, well, here are some really gorgeous, stunning images I can use to attract that person to have that person feel what I want them to feel in the digital space. But I would give myself time limits on editing and spend more time on creating these extra little elements, these extra handouts, these extra videos, so that I knew to get to that six figure point I had to be really smart with where my time was being spent. 

I knew that connecting with people, and I will say for connecting face to face, we feel people right away. But when we’re in that digital space, we are needing to really polarize down, get extremely specific, and hone people into a little more structure. Which is why probably that one challenge worked well, because somebody could consume, get that mini feeling of how this work. Like what oh, my god, there’s so much information, and then it’s a natural upsell. 

I always spend more time making those simple changes, instead of redoing an entire program because I think we started selling the programs when I was two and a half years into coaching. So I have a solid like four years after that, of still coaching. 

How much editing and how much changing do you do that has made you say this is my jam, and proud?

How She Tweaked The Tools & Products To Work For Her

Alkemia: Yeah, to be honest, there might be some tweaks I made with recipes, which are really more because I’m more in the plant-based vegan niche. So I’ll tweak around that. But that’s one thing that I’m trying to say is like before, there were a couple of products I used, and I would really have to take a lot of time and change a lot. And maybe some design, there are a couple things where maybe I’ve changed the color or the color just more matching my brand, filling in the blanks like you have on it. 

But in general the information already really speaks to my audience, it already speaks in a way that I know would work and doesn’t sound like Robin Stein wrote it. But it’s just beautiful. Everything’s beautifully written. It doesn’t sound boring, doesn’t sound robotic. so I am spending a lot less time having to go in and rewrite things and do all of that. I have a team that I work with that helps with editing and stuff. So a lot of my stuff is more just kind of putting my own spin on the delivery. Some of the emails maybe I jazz up differently. But honestly, not a lot of time spent in that which has brought back time and doing other things. Especially because you are such an energetic team. 

Rachel: Do you feel in your opinion, because I, of course, have mine.  The person who sometimes needs to make so many massive changes, and then doesn’t do as much on the front side. The part that I saw you when you were doing the seven day Chakra challenge, and I was like, Oh, my God. I sat in this office and ironically, was by no coincidence, because you were just popping up, you’re just going live. 

And I said, Yeah, I’m gonna go sit there. And you took me through like a breathing exercise. And I thought, oh, that’s coaching. Because my day, I now feel different. Do you think that the person who sits there and goes into such massive perfection and major editing and spends all that time does not have as much success as somebody like yourself? Or do you think that that’s a mindset issue of not really stepping into your ownership? 

Where You Put Your Energy In Your Business

Alkemia: I think it’s a mindset thing for sure. For me, I’m a Capricorn. So whether I get to sit there and put in 20 hours, which I’ve done before and still show up, I will do it. I’ll do what I got to do to bring it but at the same time, I think where we put our energy is where it grows. So if we can really put our energy into showing up. 

The way I’ve done and not so much have to worry about the tech, which can get overwhelming, and all the little details that go behind it. Because I’ve been there too. By the time I’m ready to run the challenge, I’m kind of like, okay. I believe that both play an important role. But I think mindset is everything at the end of the day

Rachel: Let’s talk about that. I want to dive into what you’re doing, because I think that’s always what every business owner says, Oh, what is that magic sauce that you were able to do? Did you find that before when you were referencing technology? Do you now keep things really easy? And if so, what does that look like? Signing people up for a challenge? 

Find Out What You Do Best

Alkemia: Yeah, I have an amazing team behind me. And so I would say technology was something that in the beginning, I was trying to kind of master every arena, I’m like, Okay, I’ll be the digital marketing master and the ads, and then I realized, okay, now what would my million dollar self do? Okay, the million dollars me would not sit here and be the jack of all trades.  

Because honestly, when you’re learning how to run ads, You can’t master it in one night. I’m like, am I picking up another PhD here? Not really what I want to do. Okay. Same thing with kind of content creation, I think that’s your being someone who can deliver content versus someone who’s creating content. Those are two different things, to me. Being able to create content in a way that speaks to your audience in a way that makes sense and create quoting courses, that’s a whole nother thing. 

Rachel: Yeah, oh, my god. It was great. I mean, what you’re saying is really delegating and finding what financially that looks like in that container in that bucket. So it doesn’t take away from being present with your family being present online. Bringing that transformation to everything that you do. 

Alkemia: Yeah, yeah. And then just put the tech thing. I mean, I think anyone can get over consumed by that as well. I’ve just been really savvy and smart in terms of what I’m willing to do hands on and what I’m not. And there’s other tools out there like fiber, there’s all of that which I’ve utilized and departmentalized. 

I’m also a very hands on person, because even though what I am hiring some I still want to know what’s going on, and I still want to understand it. So I think in general, as CEO, you have to make those big decisions. Because I know for myself when I was at that point, very similar. I was like, there’s one of me, I’m spending so much time trying to create a sales page. This is not my zone of genius. I need to take X amount of money. Not go out and spend $20. I’d love to Whole Foods, but not spend $20 per lunch, like really make some personal decisions, so that I wasn’t dying in places that didn’t serve me. 

Rachel: Absolutely. Which brings me to the next one of when you say show up. Tell me, for your ideal client, because of course we all have our different ways of showing up. But what does that mean for you to show up consistently daily, what are your non negotiables?

How To Show Up Consistently

Alkemia: My non negotiables are, Number One, my energy has to be bright. So in order for me to show up fully, that means that I need to take care of myself. And this is something that I teach, whether you’re in the world of business or not: the first person you have to show up for is yourself. 

Because if you’re not coming with a full cup to pour from, and you’re pouring from a half assed empty cup, or a few drip and drops there, you’re not delivering what you need to be delivering. And energy is translated beyond what you’re saying it’s translated to in your body language is translated in your voice. It’s translated and just your overall energy, right? And your ability to receive.You have to be able to sit there and just be there for your client and be able to receive the energy that they’re bringing to you and transmute that. 

Rachel: So tell me, when it comes to you showing up and doing your Lives, doing your Stories, doing the stuff that actually requires the present you, that energetic flow you –what do you find has worked for you within your day or your week? Whether you have a team or not, when you’re thinking of, what is this next month? How do you create a week so that it really flows? It’s consistent. It’s doable for you as the person that you are? 

Alkemia: Yeah, absolutely. For me, it’s been kind of finding that divine feminine and masculine flow. So in business with divine masculine, it looks like as you have your structure, you’ve got your, here’s what I’m gonna do with my time and with my days, right? I’ve had to really work on that part. Because that part for me, I’m very flowy when it comes to doing Lives. But more so I’m really like that in like, okay, behind the scenes, I’m very structured. 

But then when it was coming to doing the Lives, I was like, Okay, well I’ll do a Live like once a week, every two weeks and then that wasn’t working. So I’ve really had to get in there and really kind of narrow in and create what my topics are going to be. So I kind of lay out, okay, what’s my focal point going to be for the week, or whatever this week’s Live is? And I’ll just jump on and not overthink it. I think sometimes we overthink when we’re getting ready to do a Live. We’re like, okay, like we got to plan a little bit. 

Staying Connected

Rachel: But let’s take it right back to the point where it’s so mascot and so masculine that you can’t bend. Because I think and I’m sure you agree, we can meet people face to face, but it’s like, you can also feel the vibe of like, you want to be there. 

Alkemia: Exactly. So it’s just a beautiful marriage of  that divine masculine and feminine energy in terms of business. So for me, there are times where I’m not really feeling like doing a Live this Monday, I feel like I need to show up in another way. And I’ll honor that. And just making sure that that showing up part is consistent. So I stay connected. 

Rachel: I think that was absolutely the best advice. Because I see a lot of coaches can have, there’s a purpose, there’s a tribe, we know, we’re meant to do this. And as you said, all these different compartments and building a business can feel overwhelming. 

But I always say, know what you’re doing in that week and hold yourself accountable. And then make those decisions, like you so eloquently put. This was not allowing me to be in that feminine flow, and to also have a strategy behind it. And so outsourcing what didn’t need to be your work  and really embracing not only what works for you, but giving yourself compassion. 

If there is a day that you can’t show up and saying, let me spend the energy that I may be there and figure out how I can be quiet and kind of message people back on my Instagram? Or like how can I still connect, but in a different way? Absolutely. 

And I would say to close us out. What do you find that really works when you are having that time where it’s like, and we have that self doubt and step by step in that place where it’s like, oh, this is scary. Which I know building the business and being in any growth time is scary, because it’s all new. What is the thing that really works for you?

Being Okay With Being You

Alkemia: Just being really willing to fail, and being willing to show up as your raw, authentic self and all that comes with that I think we get consumed too by other people’s presentations, and the super polished world. And I think that in general, what 2020 has brought in and I think social media is even changing — where people are wanting real and authentic these days. And so we’re thinking we need to show up as someone else when the best person you can be is just you. 

Because people respect authenticity, and they want to connect with a real person, they don’t want to connect with something that’s fake, or even something that’s overly just done up. I expect your authenticity when I see you. And I think that that’s what we all really crave is we’re tired of the fake. And so I think a lot of us are afraid to be vulnerable, we’re afraid to be ourselves because we think we’re not good enough. Or we’re afraid of being judged, or we’re afraid of what if I fail? 

Just being okay to be you, because you’re a person. You’re a human. And so if I stumble all the time on my Lives, and I’m just like, Ah, ha, ha, it’s nothing. I think the biggest thing right now is just being you because we need more real authenticity. People are craving that. They want a real connection. And so just getting over ourselves. We’re always our biggest critics. At the end of the day I had all this reservation about doing Lives and all of that. And I gotta let it go. 

I mean, it makes sense. Because in my background, I’ve done stuff on stages. I’ve worked with the Obama White House, and I still have this thing of like, going on a Live. 

That’s one of the things that I felt with you right away. You were like, I don’t even know how I’m going to do this. But I’m going to do it. And I’m just gonna believe I can do it. And it’s just knowing that our fears are much so much bigger than the reality of actually just doing it. 

Overriding Your Why

Rachel: Exactly. It’s like when I held a tarantula for the first time, I was like I have this thing with spiders. I don’t know why. And then one day, I was like, I’m gonna do it. I’ll hold a tarantula. I had to really work myself up to doing it. Sweats. I was so nervous. And then I was bawling. I was like, Oh, yeah, it’s totally fine. Like, it was not that big of a deal. 

So yeah, you just have to push through their fear. Your why has to be bigger. Remembering why you’re doing this. We all want to live our life on our own terms.  I think this is why we serve and serve all the time. So we can do both, right? Which is just owning the gifts that we have. And then of course, fears just a natural thing. The subconscious mind doesn’t understand new territory, and then it talks you out of doing it. Yeah, we live in that and just let our why override that. 

I’ve got like my, my red cheeks from just this. You are building up my day in such an amazing way. I know that there are coaches or somebody who’s listening to this and says, I don’t have that. I don’t have that peace. I feel lost and end or needs to work with somebody like you who really is like this is me. This is life. Let’s go. Let’s let go of all that stuff we talked about today. The stuff that really does not surplus on any level. 

Can you tell everyone where to find you? Social media. You have a gorgeous website. 

Alkemia: You can find me AlkemiaEarth.com is my website, and social is Alkemiaearth. And that’s just across the board where you can find me. So yeah, I’ve got all kinds of services on there. And we can do some energy work because that energy is real.Those blocks and all of that we can move up out of that out of the way with that. And then the general we always know that, like, we’re always our biggest obstacle. 

Rachel: Yeah, we always were always our biggest obstacle. I think that’s the beauty. And just even in closing this, it’s like, we often forget how powerful it is to work with somebody. But that’s why we hire coaches. That’s why. Because we can get stuck in our own stuff. 

Alkemia: Absolutely. We need a little assistance to get us unstuck, which I wouldn’t be here without my coaches and my house. 

Rachel: Yeah. Well, guys, make sure you follow this amazing woman. I mean, you will be blown away by what you see when she talks about showing up daily. She walks the walk and talks the talk. And I would say if you’re on that fence of self doubt or inner critic, and you’re just really sick and tired of being massively sick and tired of feeling that way – hire this woman. 

Thank you so much, lady, thank you. Ah, unbelievable. All right. Well, you guys know what to do. Now. Take notes, go back and listen and have your wife even running the show instead of the fear. Alright guys, bye. 

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