81. Showing Up In Your Feminine Flow with Rebecca Capps

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Having clarity around your why and understanding the problem that you solve for your audience is so important for your launching a business. But you still need a roadmap, a strategy, and plenty of content to take your online coaching business to the next level. Today’s guest found the resources to help her do just that.

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Rebecca Capps, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and wellness coach, who specializes in treating women with eating disorders and body image issues. Rebecca empowers her clients to thrive in both their mind and body, no matter what they’ve been through in life. 

Today we are talking about setting up your online business to serve your clients wherever they are in their journey and how to adjust your mindset so you can find true success in your business. From email lists to offer suites, we’re deep-diving into owning your offer, knowing who you serve, showing up for your audience, and how to stay authentic by doing what feels right to you.


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Rachel: Hey there, guys. Oh my goodness, you can see from my cheery red cheeks that I am just hands down in love with this woman, I am going to introduce her right away. Because if there is a person that you need to follow and just see her in her greatest shine showing up, it is this woman. So Rebecca, tell everyone a little about you.

Rebecca: Oh my gosh, first of all, I’m so excited to be here. My name is Rebecca Capps. I’m a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and wellness coach, and I specialize in the treatment of eating disorders, and body image issues. And I personally believe that no matter what we’ve been through in life, we deserve to thrive in both our mind and our body. And that’s why my business is titled Mind Body Thrive.

Rachel: Tell everyone you know about when we first connected because I always think every coach goes to somebody’s Instagram or they go to their website. And I’m like, I’m never going to be where this person is. Bring everyone back to that first time that we connected where your business had been. But where you were taking it?

Rebecca: This is such a good question. Yeah. Okay, so I was working still as a therapist, but just doing one on ones all day, every day. And it’s a grind, I love what I do. But I realized I need to start creating my digital offerings and building out of product suite and thinking about the customer journey, just the business side of things so that there’s more of a flow, and it’s scalable. 

So then I spent this almost entire year creating this really robust digital course. I mean, I agonized over it. And then I showed a few people, this digital course and they were like, wow, it’s clear, you’re smart, but you threw way too much into it. Like it was just it was too much. 

So then I stumbled upon your Instagram and all of your beautiful offerings. And you have a clear understanding of emotional eating. It wasn’t just like a diet course kind of thing. Like there was there were deeply psychological benefits to your course. I bought them, I bought a few of your courses. And they’ve helped me obviously tailor it to my voice and all of those things, but it’s really helped me to launch. And that’s when I DMed you. I think and I was like, I want you to know that I love you.

Rachel: If people are like no, she did not. I’m like, Guys, I will show the text messages. Because you were like, I can’t believe I found you. Yes. Throws and you were working with somebody and they were like, Okay, it’s time to build your offer. Hmm. And so you were like, I really, I didn’t even know, I forget how it was your baby at the time.

Rebecca:  Oh, gosh, only like probably five months, six months. You were like, I barely have time and have thought of creating that. 

Rachel: And I was sure. It’s like you look back at that course. And that was probably something that you could teach other therapists, which may be a great idea.

Rebecca: You are planting some serious seed.

Rachel:  But when we think of our ideal client like deep in the throes of their pain, their soulful pain, the very reasons why we step out of self-medicating with either food or not enough food, all the things that you talk about. I replied, and I think I said, Okay, we’ll meet in the morning, I adore you already.

Rebecca: That’s what I love about you. You have such a big heart and you’re here to empower other entrepreneurs, obviously, both males and females, but specifically women. This is a space where women need to, really we need to throw our hats in the ring.

Rachel: And you know, even before you and I were talking and even before we were recording, we were talking about eating issues and how I would say the excitement and I think we’ve unshared that right away. I think I voice messaged you back when a DM and said, this is so important to me. Because I wish that somebody like you was in my life back then as a child. And I think that so many people struggle with this and they’re such shame and the work that I see you do is really not just focusing on the act of eating. But it’s everything that is getting in the way of that person, like being able to come back to that feminine flow and stay in their process.

Rebecca: It’s eating disorders, I couldn’t agree more. They are multifaceted in nature. There’s a lot of perfectionism, people-pleasing shame. And if we don’t address these issues head-on, and actually talk about them, then the shame is only going to grow. And we’ll continue on the stigma. But I appreciate that you say that, because I agree, I wish I had more women and more therapists when I was getting my help too, to make it feel okay to know that I’m not the only one suffering in this way.

Finding Clarity On Her Online Business

Rachel: So when you were transitioning your business – when we first met, did you have a really clear vision? I mean, clearly, you had a clear vision of what you wanted. This person because we know this healing, or even coming back to the self when we were born and burned at like the moment before the world fucks us up. What I always say is, it was how I processed things in my life that had happened and how I internalized and I chose then to jump into something that I knew would help me manage my emotions and me from the world. So when you first started thinking about going online, did you have clarity on what that would look like?

Rebecca:  Oh, goodness, no, I have a clear why. Why am I doing this? Because I want to help women to feel better in their mind and body so that they no longer are tied to their diet and body shame. But to answer your question, no, I didn’t have this clear roadmap, what I love about you and your offerings, not only are you buying this course, but you have this whole comprehensive launch strategy and the emails. So with your help, it became clearer. And I would you say, and thank you.

Rachel: I’ve thought instantly about you with a clear understanding of the problems that you solve. Emotional obstacle, that woman like ourselves, and this perfectionist and this person shame, why she keeps her secret. And that it’s not just talking, Hey, learn how to end stress eating, learn how to stop emotional eating, learn how to eat with this intuition. Where you’re actually listening to soul and body and knowing your triggers. But did you have an idea when you were buying the workshops, and we were buying programs? How to position this? Because I hear so many coaches say, Well, I bought this and I don’t know what to do with it.

Rebecca: Hmm, great question. Yeah, I mean, it’s just about, in my opinion, speaking to the pain points and positioning. I would say with like perfectionism and things like that, is that what you’re meaning? like the specific title topics, even for you?

Why Mindset Has Everything To Do With Success

Rachel: I mean, you came in, you’re like, I need to build out my different offers at different levels. For somebody who may not be ready to go all in order to take that journey. Did you have an idea of how you would use the content, whether it be workshops or movies that came with it? Because hearing you right now, I’m thinking, so is this a mindset issue? For the coach who said, I don’t know how to use it? Because right away, you just answered and said, Oh, I mean, I just thought about the problems.

Rebecca: Right? I think it’s taken me a while to get to that point. I mean, again, I’m in the mid stage of my business, but certainly in the beginning phase it was a mindset thing. Like, can I do this? Oh, I just need to get this other degree and like so often, we think we need more but no, it’s about paring it down. And just looking at the issues that your identified client is facing and how can you specifically address those. And with the mindset, I’ve had to learn that failure is a prerequisite to success, and it’s not really actually even failure, if you’re willing to just get right on up, learn from it and keep going. It’s only when we quit, because we’re too scared. That to me is what failure is.

Rachel: And I would say for any coach who is a wellness practitioner, anybody who’s listening, could instantly go right over to your website and say, Wow, what she just told me, is exactly what she teaches her clients. And it’s stepping into that place, like you said, of ownership. Am I gonna die if I put this workshop together and just do it, because I’m really tapped in to how my clients feeling? Why they would need somebody like me?

Rebecca: Thank you for saying that. What I keep saying what I love about your offerings, because I do is that I can use them with my offerings to create it in so many different ways. Like I’m creating a master class, I just used the yo-yo dieting one last week as a master class. So it’s fun to create these things to co-create with you and to learn how to launch. And you just continue to iterate accordingly. You learn from each time. 

The Importance of Building Your Email List

Rachel: I always say if somebody is searching, I mean, maybe you and I were like, how do we stop binge eating all these different things. But I would say for a lot of women, they’re looking for more like, how do I stop dieting? And so how did you end up using this? Or are you putting this on your Instagram? Are you putting this on your website?

Rebecca: Yeah, so I’m using like from last week, I used it to collect emails. So I just say the links in the bio, if you want to access the yo-yo dieting course, because right now, I am growing. And I want to focus on my list building, which is really, really, really important. I know that a lot of people focus on social media. But that’s just one thing. You don’t own your social media. And you can really nurture and engage your audience with that email list. And I know You talk a lot about that.

Rachel: I think the part that I said, oh my god Rebecca has to be here is I see some coaches who buy our material and they’re like, oh, okay, now I can really get to work. I’m creating this masterclass, I’m creating this training series. This is gonna be my weekly video on YouTube. Like, I don’t have time in the day. And then I hear that person who is really in that struggle. And I listen and I think, okay, so yes. At the infancy of our business where we’re all testing, getting people on the phone asking that their problems are, we’re also just kind of sitting there and observing and feeling. Where is my client stuff? If I were to get into her head and she was saying to herself, what’s actually in the way? And how long has it been affecting her so that she doesn’t even feel like she can step into an ounce of ownership because there’s so much shame and guilt? 

But when I hear you say, hey, I’m doing this masterclass. You’ve gotten to that point where you were ready to take the content and not worry, like, is this perfect? Am I doing this? Right? It was in that time of ownership. You were like, I know the problems. Yeah.

Why Selling Is An Act Of Service

We know the problems because they were once our problems. I think that we truly serve in the best way possible when it’s our former self like that was me 10-15 years ago. So I do know, these pain points inside and out. And now it’s a matter of turning our wounds into wisdom. And there’s no problem with monetizing that because we’re doing it in an act of service. To sell literally means to serve. And that’s how I think that any kind of new coach specifically can start looking at this. 

It’s not an icky process. It’s commission based marketing that is of service girl, I’m like, Okay, this is gonna be the audio ground like, Did she just drop the mic on? I mean, that brings me actually to our conversation like, right away, it just popped into my head.  Because we’re saying, Okay, I have my three month program, the three month eat with intention, which is really intuitive eating, but I thought of that name. Right. But you and I were talking about that client journey, the steps. 

So if the woman is really ready for eating with intuition, the program, I mean, hands down, take old trauma work, the old stories that triggers the stress, all that stuff, and she’s ready to go all in on owning and releasing shame, releasing guilt and starting to see herself in a new light. But you had messaged me and said, Okay, so I’m creating this offer suite. And I want it to be self-service, that woman who may not be ready to be at this program, and that’s when we talked about emotional eating. You talk to somebody listening and be like, Okay, what do you mean, an offer suite for anybody who may not know this word?

Meeting The Client Where There At In Your Offer Suite

Rebecca: Right? Yes, I’ll do my best here. So the product suite is going to be different entry points for each customer. And as you were touching on Rachel in the beginning, one woman might be trying to come to someone to learn how to have willpower, or to learn how to master their diet. They are not even consciously aware of the fact that it is their diet that’s messing them up. 

I am of the opinion that you can’t just be like, this is your problem immediately. You have to educate them and go in with those little master classes and with your content, and you position yourself based on where they’re at on their journey. And what’s nice about having and building out different offerings is that these different offerings will touch the lives of each person based on where they’re at, where they’re out, running in. 

Because they think the part for anybody who’s like, oh, okay, this makes sense. It means that if we were to look at step three, as and for you will say it exactly as this woman is really learning to come into her feminine flow to sit there and instead of saying, Oh my god, what is on My Fitness Pal? Have I eaten a certain amount? This woman’s like, you know what? My body feels like this. And she intuitively started to say, have I eaten enough carbs for me? Have I eaten in the way that I’m showing up as the best person? I’m not checked out. I’m not obsessing. I’m not doubting. 

But for this other woman, she might be at step one, she still has the same, issue. But she’s not ready to hear. Let’s dive into intuition. She’s still right, though, thinking that, like you said, it’s controlling. And she’s going to transition to that next step.

Rachel: Yeah, I love that. And I have learned over the years to really meet the client where they’re at. Otherwise, it’s gonna be kind of an uphill battle or come off as kind of aggressive.

Would you say that any woman or even a young girl or or maybe this is even affecting their relationship? So they’re coming to see us as a couple? Would you say that anybody that is struggling in the problems that you not only saw, but you really created this, this experience for that person and the fundamentals is pretty much right for you? As long as they are, of course open to realizing this may be a different concept they need to adopt?

Knowing Who You Serve & Why

Rebecca: Great question, as much as I want to say everyone would be great for this. The caveat here is that in this group, digital program, if they’re actively in an eating disorder, that requires medical and collaborative professional help it like in person kind of stuff, then no. They really wouldn’t be the client. But this is for the person who is stuck on diets in the end, the body image is just struggling, upset them

Rachel:  And I mean, I remember, I love that you will let me even before I jump on, really just pause, because what you said is so instrumental for coaches who want to actually have success that we need to know who we serve and why. We need to know who is our ideal client, who’s not the right fit. The way that you even said it, that’s based on if this person needs this, this is not ideal. This is for them in this next place. 

Rebecca: And I think, knowing that is important. I knew what programs that person’s problems, commitment, and what they also desired. I was always clear on like, Well, here’s step one, you know, let’s get a taste of it, it doesn’t have to be so scary. honor that you feel scared. But this is ultimately what I want for you. In the same way that I wanted for myself or my family member.  

I want you to be here. So I’m just giving you an overview of what our goal is. If you stop at step one, you’re like, hands down, you just fix me, I would always say, you’re fired. Your job. Now is always what I would even say on a discovery call, here’s the ways to work with me. And you know what, maybe you’re gonna fire me even after like one month, you just needed somebody to give you permission to, step into this place, and you needed like a little support.

Rachel: That’s so empowering, that you are able to do that. Because I know that this is unethical, but a lot of early stage coaches, they’ll just take everyone and it’s really like that’s just that serves no one and they also don’t want to specialize. But first of all the riches are in the niches. And second of all, don’t be a jack of all trades, because that is truly a master of none. And it doesn’t serve you and it doesn’t serve your clients. So the fact that you were able to do that is a good thing.

Creating A Business Model That Works For Your Clients

Rebecca: Well, I mean, let’s even talk about the reality of what it’s like in the beginning is there is that fear of if I don’t take everyone, I’m not going to make money. But I remember working with a coach, and she had many, you have to work with me for six months. And you have to and it’s going to be like this. It’s non refundable. And that was what I needed. 

That six months of her, all I did, is talk about my fears of showing up. Or being stupid, my fear of being charged. It was a lot of that internal work. But that also set the stage for me to talk two weeks about business and then start creating offers today I knew would be something I wanted. And I knew that I knew that even that month for with her I was like, we’re kind of done. Like we’re close to it. And I knew going into like, month, four and a half, I was like, we’re done. I’ve graduated from where this person can like take me on the journey. And so I think that’s the part when I think about creating really offers that serve on such a huge level that I have to take that part of the knee out on what I want.

Everyone has that business model. A lot of people always say, what do you get accomplished in a 90 minute session? And I think not everyone is the right fit for a one on one. Not a great fit for our group. And so for me, it gave my potential client more empowerment, to actually say something. I would always say that you want to do 90. Email me within that month, I will just, I will move you right to whichever journey you want to take with me. It just worked for me. It doesn’t work for everyone. But I would say that’s probably one of the reasons that I always was like, no fear, I will skin the cat in any way. Like I know and I think that’s the ownership part of being like I know working with me in this step or this, this, this is what we can accomplish.

Rachel: I like that you really embody your authority. And once you got clear and out of your own way. You fundamentally look at the business that you’ve created and the kind of service that you’re doing for your clients now?

Rebecca: Well, and even in the beginning, because people always say, oh, who do you work with? And I’m like, we have just lost all our finances. We had just moved to Florida. Fully, I didn’t know it person I made offers out of my Botox. Englert, I had no plan, I knew the issues so clearly, that I had struggled with that. And friends of mine, people I’d always associated with, because I, of course, hung out with spyzie people like me that were into witchy kind of rituals and all I mean, that was my person. So it did help me to understand what do I need to create? 

Getting Clear On Your Offer & Your Why

Rachel: And I think that’s the part when I hear about you saying, yep, this is how I’m using it, I’m so clear if you are very specific with these problems that your woman is having. And so when you are in the early stages of figuring out what you wanted to offer, was that clear? Or is it similar?

Rebecca: I was not clear, no. I knew that I wanted to work with and treat individuals who suffer from eating disorders, but that’s it. I didn’t know how to get there. It was just the why. And my understanding and what I’ve learned over the many years here is to follow those you truly admire who are doing it, who are monetizing, and making that difference, it. It is not the truth when people are like, build it, and they’ll come. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I hate that statement.

Rachel:  I will say in the beginning, I was the same way. I was like, I’m just gonna start going. Like there was that point where I was like, Okay, I’m saying what everyone else is saying. I’m saying, I’m going to help you feel better. In digestion. I’m going to help you detox your life. Oh, I know. 

It’s not that I didn’t know who I wanted to work with. I didn’t say it clear. Like, Oh, these are the problems when you are an overthinking perfectionist, you have skinny Candida sleep, low sex drive, and I was like, oh, wow, if I really get specific, there is no way that that person is going to go, Oh, she looks great. They’re gonna be like, Damn, she can my lovely oh my gosh, yes. Like, seriously, when you were talking about witchy things and crystals, I’m like, Am I’m your ideal client here, huh? You are seriously attracting because you’re speaking to those pain points. And that’s exciting. It really is. 

Once you start getting that feedback, the part that I wanted you to come on and share about is I know that when we do really stuck in to being and just being you’re being yourself, like being okay, and that’s why I think that the recovery from the eating disordered ways or body image or perfection, high standards, never thinking we’re not all those that recovery is the stepping into saying, screw it. I tended to be something for my whole life. What if I just show up because my woman or my co guy that I’m working with has this high standard and a breaking point in their body? This is what they’re looking for. And I feel like you do that so eloquently and so naturally, because that why is always so clear. It’s not just why it’s like, What is she struggling with? Like Where does she feel disabled where she ate herself? How’s it screwing up in her day?

Rebecca: I just couldn’t have said it any better. I completely, completely agree. And it’s about embodying what we already know. I mean, we came out of the womb as intuitive eaters, I look at my son and he knows he’ll cry when he wants the food and then he’ll be done. We lost that intuition along the way. And I completely agree. It’s really nice to be in this privileged position that I’m in now. To see on the other side of things. It’s that hero’s journey, really the wounded archetype, the wounded healer. And it’s my why, in addition to being a mom and a wife,

Overcoming The Fear Of Showing Up

Rachel: Would you say that there was any time? I mean, you went to school clearly doing this work. And like that person said like, Okay, so this course, you’re clearly brilliant. But would you say that there was a part where there was that inner critic where you were dealing with like, Am I gonna be enough? Is someone gonna hire me? All of that stuff that I know we face when we make a commitment to show up ourselves?

Rebecca: To answer your question, Yes, unequivocally Yes. I remember saying to myself, I’m going to throw in everything just so that it’s worth it for them, right. So that I’m worth it. There’s always going to be that little voice. And it’s really nice to get clear, or it’s been for me to get really clear on my offerings, so that I can confidently say, this is what the course is about. And these are the things that can go in like maybe another course, but it doesn’t all have to go in to make it a worthwhile course. Because otherwise, I mean, I’ve taken many different courses. And also, some are still sitting on my digital shelf. There is just too much information.

Rachel: I think that’s such an important part. And I always, I call it my morning medicine, these three minute videos that are like, get out of your way to do what you’ve always known.  Shift your perspective of yourself. Are you sitting in old trauma, you’ve seen in an old story that kept you sick? Like, what’s the decision you’re gonna make today. 

Owning Your Offer

A big part of that is you have to see it, to believe it. You have to know what you’re offering. To actually make the offer online with your niche. You need to believe in that process that you’re taking somebody through, and really own it. And I don’t mean just like own it, where as you and I know, it’s not just like going and saying, I’ve got this three month journey. But like really thinking, what does this woman need to hear from me? And how can and that’s what you and, and I even love about the programs when I was using them for my own business is. I don’t want to have to mess around with creation. I want to connect constantly, consistently. And figure out where that platform is. We’re faced in working with 100 people for podcasts, getting in front of people’s lists, so that I have that visibility, because me seeing the creation mode. There’s no fun. Like there’s only so much time in the day we are moms.

Yes, owning a business with your little Munchkin. And you also have that self care and I know I’ve in the past grinded to a point where it wasn’t healthy for anybody could ask my husband’s got mine too.

Non-negotiables In Her Business

So would you say that most of your time now? I would say the non-negotiables: What is your day look like for you? In that showing up in the visibility zone?

Rebecca: Yeah, every single day, I do try to get my face on like either live or the stories are real now. Whereas before definitely when I was in my eating disorder, like it by its very nature, I wanted to hide I didn’t want any kind of visibility. So the fact that I’m doing this daily, I’ve made it a point to do it every single day. Because that’s how we get to know how to talk about our offerings and to communicate and to talk clearly. without too many and that kind of stuff. I would say yeah.

Rachel: I love that. You’re saying that because there are some camps of people that say, No, don’t show up until you have everything to test. Oh. But I would say from me maybe that’s true for somebody that doesn’t know who you want to work with. Or maybe you get really halted unless there’s a perfect roadmap me with intuition how at least similar to I remember a virtual assistant being like you literally build with intuition and some people that’s not How they build. But I know that my showing up was a practice for what I needed to do to push all those fears and all that perfection and all that stuff to the side.

Rebecca: I love that. Of course, in miracles, which is a spiritual text, it talks about how a miracle is a shift in perspective. And to me, that is what this is all about, we have to shift our perspective in how we show up in our life in our business. And how is someone going to know what your offerings are? You’re not going to build it and not they’re not going to come. And even if you’re just posting on Instagram, in the little posts, they need to see your personality come alive. And who you are. It’s more than just a post on a grid.

Rachel: I love that. And I love that because I am in that same camp, I’m like, fake it till you make it right. Not this mindset that like you are this coach for your person, and they would be dying without you. Like literally being suffering and struggling and in pain. And I just always thought of that person. I thought of myself at different stages, friends, people, I mean, all I needed to do is watch the news and see so much disconnect. And I thought just show up, you will figure out how to talk, hire people to help you. But like, just make this a habit to show a habit.

Do What Feels Right For You

Rebecca: I like that. Mm hmm. When people ask me about like, so how how did you build your business? Tell me all the things. I want to tell them it’s like, oh, yeah, there was this one aha moment, but knew that is definitely not the case. It really is. It became a habit, a habit of showing up every single day. And even in those moments in those days, where you’re like, feeling the fear, then you can shift your perspective and say, not today. I’m not choosing to live a fear based life. Right? No wonder I need to come out to California.

I mean, I really prescribed to this idea that there’s never this one thing. I always think about reading all these books for birthing, and doing birthing within training and you know, all these different things. And I was like, Okay, I’m good. Bring up this baby.

Oh, my God, It was nothing. It was nothing like any book, there were new. Like, I have no idea. And then moments where I’m like, I’m really in the No idea. Got followed by I am going to just do what my soul and my heart says, if I’m going to this baby, I’m not listening to anyone else. If I’m going to nurse this baby, I’m not listening to anyone else. I’m just going to listen to what feels right for me, and this disconnection. And that’s how I look the same way as business. It’s like you stay online. You will create offers out your Botox, and I like how you said that Botox.

Your presence is your power. And you’re really focusing on, okay, I might not know some of these things. But I know who I want to be and how I want to show up for my baby for my clients.

Rachel: I like that a lot. When I’m making the world. Yeah. I will tell you guys, I go all the time you’re on my like top list. I’m like, oh, better go see. And I’m always in love with what you do show in that transformation. Talking about that shift like in the real. So I’m like, Girl, you hold up your microphone and you just bring the little mic right into the zone. But that is the part that you’re even talking about. It’s like your woman needs to feel down. I want what she had. I really want and that’s how I look at digital marketing or pitching. You know, our workshops are getting in front. Be what you know, your ideal client needs to see in your transformation. Even if you’re in the poopy zone. How do you get out of the zone?

Staying Authentically In Your Zone

Rebecca: So funny, the poopy zone? Yes. So for me it is very important. It’s an ideal that I hold to be the product. Almost Like I am alive today, because I took the time to work with trusted therapists along my journey and to really click into gear into my healing. So it would be awful if I was peddling one thing and in the background, having a diet, that’s not how I live my life.

Rachel: I strive to be authentic in all areas. And that’s what I see in you as well. It’s probably why right away, we connected, and I would say, I’ve worked with a lot of coaches in their business, I see a lot fail, I see success. And I always think about people who I interview who are not, of course, like you, but people who have adopted that journey of really being committed to stay there work. And those who don’t do that I see tend to focus on a lot of not change making or money making habits, but instead focus on like the perfection of all these different, I’m gonna have my grid perfect. It’s like girl, if your grid is not converting don’t have your grid. Perfect, right? Really just focus on the one question, am I showing up in the way that my potential client would need to see these different parts of me these different elements, so that she says, This is the part this is a no brainer. But social media I think does for us.

Rebecca: I agree. You’re right about like the perfect grid, and I don’t even think that converts like it used to anymore on Instagram anyways. People, myself included, want to see the real you. Not just perfect, it’s fine to have an aesthetic, but it’s Yeah. And also, the money will come. You can trust that if you are focusing on the pain points and getting clear on your messaging.

Rachel: I agree. I agree. Oh, literally that went into like a 10 minute rant on how great you are, and how I get lost and guarantee. We can talk for hours and hours. So tell everyone where they can find you. 

Rebecca: Yeah, I love Instagram. I’m at Rebecca Capps counseling. And you can also go to my website at MindBodyThrive.com, or email me at Rebecca@MindBodyThrive.com.

Rachel: Girl, I can’t help. I mean, you can say I have like, set when I smile really big, you barely see my eyes. I know. We’re both like, what I love is that ability to say like, I’m really going to change this world for the person who would potentially hire me. And I just see that in you. So expansive on so many levels. And it’s just an honor for me to have you here today.

Rebecca: We have all the namaste vibes, I totally see it. And you too, this is such a pleasure to connect. And you are truly the best. I tell a lot of therapists in particular, because they’re dming me about all of these things and like go to Rachel’s website, check out our offerings.

Rachel: Yeah. And I think even in that there are so many people that are moving from brick and mortar or they’ve had this year, where we all said, what really fulfills me like, what, what imprint Do I need to make on the world? How am I going to change the game? And so I really appreciate that because you are one of those people I see who said, I need to do this. And how am I going to get there instead of somebody show the way I mean, we hire people, but you’re like, this is what I’m doing. You are your own guru kind of thing that I like that YouTube was one of my first coaches. 

Oh, God, go and follow this woman, if you are in that struggle, and you feel like she is a woman that you need to hire Jacqueline Lee, she is one of my favorite coaches. And if you need daily inspo because you just are in the poopy mindset, you know, this woman is gonna bring you back to the feminine flow. So guys, thank you so much.

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