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10 Places to Get Ideas for Your Business Niche

Having trouble finding the right business niche?

The winning formula is to find something that you’re passionate about and that your audience is interested in. Figure out the problems your audience is suffering from and offer them a solution through your content and products.

The best way to do this is through objective data from your target market. See what they’re discussing online and find out how you can help.

Where do you go for this information?

Here are 10 places to conduct research and see what your audience is talking about so you can choose the perfect business niche.

1. Keyword Search

Use Google’s free Keyword Planner tool to see which keywords are popular. You can find out if your ideas are popular but also get suggested terms to consider.

2. Social Media

Social media offers a wealth of information. See what people are discussing related to your topic. See who people are following and what content they’re liking, sharing, or engaging with.

3. Blog

Look for blogs in your topic area and see what people are writing about. Read the comments of popular blogs to see what readers are saying and asking.

4. YouTube Videos

Search for your topic area in YouTube and see what you can find there. You’ll find videos on your topic with comments you can read but also sub-topics that can be niche ideas for you.

5. Online Reviews

Product reviews offer a great place to get ideas. Look at review blogs and customer reviews in online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. 

6. Community Forums

Sites like Reddit and Quora offer a great place for you to be a fly on the wall and listen to people ask questions and discuss issues they’re facing. It’s a great way to get niche ideas.

7. Look at Products

Look at online marketplaces for products you might sell. If you find something your audience needs, you can choose a niche based on that product or product type.

8. The Competition

Look around online to see who else is in the niche, what content they’re producing, and what they’re selling. You’ll get ideas on what’s popular, but also learn about what’s already out there so you can set yourself apart.

9. Turn on the TV

See what’s on TV and watch the news for trending topics. You might find something timely or a problem many people are facing that you could tackle.

10. Check the Calendar

What events have affected your ideal client? Sometimes you can find create a very specific niche based on events that have happened in the world. 

Example: Stress & Habits Coach 

Here is a VERY simple way to do market research even when you are a brand new coach or a fully booked coach wanted to get deeper insight with your ideal client!

The best practice is to start with the things you’re passionate about. Conduct the above research to assess the interests and needs of your target market. Then, assess whether your niche ideas are potentially profitable or not. Brainstorm a big list and narrow it down until you’ve found the right one.

Do you want to learn more about finding the right business niche? Check out my course, COURSE NAME, which teaches you the A to Z of finding the perfect niche for your business and helps you achieve your business goals. 


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