1: Welcome to the Healthy Hustle Podcast- Why I Am Here & What You Can Expect

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Welcome to the Healthy Hustle podcast! 


If you are new around here, I wanted to quickly introduce myself. My name is Rachel Feldman and I have been in the wellness space for over 9 years.  I previously worked in commercial real estate and grew multiple 6 figure businesses. Like most entrepreneurs, my life changed when I had a health scare. I decided to start a wellness business and I took it from $13,000 the first year to over 6 figures.  Now I am a business coach for health and wellness professionals and offer done for you products to help you grow your business. 


Below are a few of the topics we will be covering in upcoming episodes.

  • Nailing down your niche 
  • How to let go of imposter syndrome 
  • My 6 step income process
  • Developing your brand message
  • How to share your story 
  • Connecting with your buyer avatar 
  • Grassroots marketing 
  • Overcoming perfectionism 
  • How to share your passion and your knowledge
  • Building trust with your audience
  • How to go from low ticket offers to high ticket sales! 


In future episodes, you will be introduced to other wellness coaches, life coaches, nutritionists, hormone coaches,  and more! You will learn from them how they built their business. What worked and what didn’t.  


I will also be bringing in some of the best in the industry– copywriters, course creators, public relations experts and more! 


Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss all of the goodness to come soon! I want these tidbits to be implemented into your business so you can have the fast track to success.  Skip the mistakes I made. This is what I wish I would have known on day 1. I am here to lead you on your journey! Get excited! 


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Big love and some healthy hustle! 



Additional Resources:


Additional Resources:

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