How do you find your target audience as a Health Coach!

Target Audience 101.
This is a question every health coach asked me.
Rach, what is the difference between niche and target audience”
Your target audience are the people you are marketing your products, programs and services to. This is “who” you are targeting and that is why knowing…
  1. The Pain points of your target audience
  2. The solution your target audience desires
  3. Then allows you to craft messages to your target audience and individual avatars.

Niche: So often we focus on NICHE but we miss the most important because wee jump right into -“: I am choosing this niche because ….”

Your niche is the “what am I solving”.
Remember your niche includes your target audience.
What allows you to convert and make money is your ability to message to your niche the right way.
Your business is more than niche. You have to know your target audience as well. 
It is the buyer personality.
It is the buyer avatar financial personality.
It Is create offers that match their pain.
Everyone always tells you that you need to know who your target audience is so that you can create content that appeals to them. Not only that, knowing your audience before you even create one product will virtually ensure that the product is successful.

This is because it’s much simpler to offer a product to someone when they already want and need it than it is to create the product first and find the audience later.

There are many benefits to knowing who your target audience is, such as being able to weed out the wrong audience who wastes your time and resources thus allowing you to be more effective with your marketing and product creation.

Knowing exactly who you want to attract helps you focus your messaging in a way that makes the audience feel special. Knowing who your audience is, helpsyou avoid issues with wasting your time on people who aren’t ready to hear your message and who don’t need or want your products or services.

The first step to knowing who your target audience isto define who they are. The best way to do that is to create a customer profile or avatar which is a detailed description of a member of your audience that is the perfect picture of your ideal target audience member. By doing this you can have a true picture of your audience members so that you can create content that is just for them at just the right time. Focusing your content creation on one audience will help you create a much stronger audience who will be ready to refer you ina heartbeatbecause they know you walk the talk and mean what you say.

Define Your Audience

When you define your audience, you should know their age range, gender, income level, location, and whatever else you can use to identify them. The best way to do this is to conduct market research.

You can survey people you think are in your demographics using a Facebook Ad to attract people to the survey, you can conduct interviews of certain audiences of your competition, and even form focus groups to help you get more insight into your ideal audience.

As you discover facts about your audience, write them down so that you can create a picture in your mind of who your audience is.

What do they look like? What bothers them? What makes them want to buy something? What keeps them up at night?  Once you do that it’s going to be easier to find them so that you can observe them in their natural habitat.

Defining your audience will help you define the message you want to deliver to them, but first,you need to find them so that you can truly get to know them inside and out as you develop the message you really want to deliver in words and tone that they resonate with.

Find Them Online

Once you have defined your audience in a very detailed way you can now locate where they like to hang out online. They may hang out on specific social media platforms, niche sites, and other types of groups.

When you join your audience, you become part of them you’re going to develop connections that are deeper than if you put yourself below or above them. This method makes you become part of them so that you can empathizemore and create even better content and products for your audience.

Join Groups

The best way to find them is to join groups and networks where you think they’ll be and sit back and observe them before you start participating. Try joining just three to five new online groups, and one or two local in-persongroups at a time so that you can avoid overwhelming. As you determine whether your audience is there or not you can then choose to stay or leave as needed.

Stand Back

Avoid the urge to jump right in and offer your products and services, instead, get to know them so that you can develop content surrounding their questions, concerns, and ideas. You can become part of your audience and start interreacting after you get to know them.

Be a Resource

Instead of trying to sell anything to them, consider yourself a resource to everyone. When people ask questions and you know the answer, answer the question. If you know someone who can help, recommend them. Whatever you do avoid overt self-promotion. Let your profile speak for itself.

Become an Authority

As you get to know them more find ways to demonstrate your authority. Use the information you have learned to write an eBook, host webinars, fill your blog with relevant content and information that you know your audience wants and needs to know about.

Go to Live Events

Don’t limit yourself to getting to know your audience only online. There are often many live events your audience likes to attend. This is a very powerful way to get to know them.

First, people who will pay for events are a lot more serious about helping themselves than people who don’t go. That’s what makes live events so powerful for finding active clients and customers who want what you have to offer and the means to get it.

Update Profiles

Be sure to update your profiles on all the social media networks you plan to use so that when you are being helpful people can look at your profile and find a link to your website landing page that offers them a gift to get them on your email list. This will work a lot better than overtly selling within groups not your own. Because when you say something impressive they will look at yourprofile.

The more you can integrate yourself into your audience’s world, the better. If you remember to pay attention to what they’re saying and make it about them and not you, you will be successful. Even when you’re truly part of your own target market your experiences only matter when you can put them in context with what your audience wants, likes, and needs.

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