2: Health Coach Success Story- From Brick and Mortar to Online Maven with Amy Ramsey

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On today’s episode of the Hustle Hustle podcast, I am chatting with a dear friend and past student of mine, Amy Ramsey. Amy is a certified integrative nutrition health coach and certified personal and group fitness trainer. She is a powerhouse and I know you will love her! 


Amy is on a mission to empower women to believe in their own capacity to feel amazing, to be at home in their body and one with their purpose without dieting, deprivation and hours of exercise.  Today, Amy motivates and teaches women how to live a life of purpose and find lasting joy through integrative nutrition, fitness, and faith. 


Amy was running a successful brick and mortar, but like many business owners, it was tough and there were many hurdles she kept running into.  She craved flexibility and since she was about to be an empty nester, she thought this was the perfect time to move her business online and to grow the business she had been dreaming of.


In today’s interview we will discuss:

  • How to master your message so you can connect with your audience 
  • How to use social media to build trust  
  • Discovering what people are driven by 
  • How to figure out their pain points so you can connect with your clients 
  • How to avoid shiny objects and build a solid foundation for your business
  • How to make money in the months when things are slow
  • How to set yourself apart from others in the same space 
  • Whether you should outsource or do it yourself
  • Learning to build your business from the ground up when starting out
  • How to use beta testing to see what will work and what won’t 
  • The importance of market research and talking to your audience 
  • The importance of keeping things simple in your business 


Amy’s biggest takeaway is the importance of building the foundation of your business when you are starting out. Building your business is a process.  You must get creative, listen to podcasts, and watch what other successful people are doing. You should keep it simple, get help when you need it and try to manage the overwhelm so you can build the business you love. 


Where to connect with Amy: 

Amy’s Website

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Check out her Fit Soul Tribe Membership


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