16: How to Rock Your Network Marketing Business with Drew Schreder

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Sit down guys! You are in for a great episode today!  I am interviewing my very special friend Drew today for part 2.  We are talking about all things network marketing!  

Drew is a former student-athlete who played football in college.  He graduated with an exercise science degree and used to be a personal trainer.  Drew quickly saw his life slipping away working from 5am to 10pm at night. He knew he wanted to help people and wanted to be able to leverage his time, so he moved his business online.  

If you are in the network marketing business or have ever thought about it, you will want to make sure to tune in! Drew has a personal touch process that so many network marketers don’t do. And that is exactly why his business is on fire! 


In today’s interview we will discuss:

  • Drew’s process and how he adds in a personal touch to every single sale 
  • Step 1:  Sending the product- Drew buys the product outright and then packages it up in smaller 5 or 10-day packs.  Then he coaches them over the next 5 or 10 days. He sends them a handwritten note to reach out to him with the next instructions (so smart, right?!?!) 
  • Step 2: The initial call- Since he sent them a note, they call and now he has them on the phone.  They have a great intro call where he can tell them exactly what to expect and how to take everything.  
  • Step 3: The follow-up call- Drew goes over their results and encourages them to document how they feel after using the product.  Then he puts the cherry on top by offering them a free call a month if they want to join into the recurring plan. Boom! 
  • How Drew uses the lower-cost product and is able to get 40-45% of the customers into his high ticket coaching program from there.
  • How you can take a step back and see if you are adding a personal touch. 
  • The importance of writing down what you could be doing differently that would set you apart 


What did you think?!  Another amazing episode with Coach Drew and it’s not even over! Make sure to tune in next week for another amazing episode! 

Thanks for tuning in…. that’s all for today! See you next week. 





Ready to rock a business like Drew?

This is how Drew created his funnel:


Lead magnets:

14 Day Smoothie Challenge

The beginners guide to going Ketogenic 

5 Ketogenic Eating Plan




14 Day Seasonal Detox 

21 Day New You Weight Loss Program

Gateway Program:

Keto Made Easy

Mega Program:

Eat with Intention


Where to connect with Drew: 

Drew’s Website 

Follow Drew on Instagram

Follow Drew on Facebook

Join Drew’s Facebook Group- 30 Days to Better with Coach Drew 

Additional Resources:

Free Resources to Grow Your Business 

Ready to build a business without the overwhelm? Save time creating content and MORE time finding clients >> Go Here

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