An easier way to hit $3K-$5K a month (or more) in your wellness biz

3k-5k months…. is this possible? YES!

When you use the low cost offer strategy method for your wellness biz – you create a like – know and trust factor – which is essential for your ideal client to become your paying client.

You’re being fed a lot of BS by the online marketing world (#truthtalk)

I’ve been in the health industry for 10+ years, and I’ve seen a lot of coaches’ careers take off. I’ve seen a lot of careers fall. And I’ve seen a lot never even get off the ground.

You know what I see wellness pros doing the most that IS NOT WORKING?

Even if the coach is doing EVERYTHING “right.” Following ALL the so-called “rules.”

Yet they’re STILL barely earning enough to buy a freakin’ green juice every month.

Let me give you a real-life example of a coach that came to me.

Coach Drew is a PERFECT example of a coach who did everything the way he was supposed to:

He had a high-ticket program.

He was hitting social media.

He had webinars and challenges, opt-in freebies and free sessions.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But his calendar was EMPTY of clients.

So, if he was doing everything right…

Where was the disconnect?

Where was the success he was promised by every guru out there saying high-ticket sales was the best way?

The problem was, when Drew got on discovery calls people either A – didn’t have the money to invest in his program. Or B – they didn’t trust him enough to invest, yet.

So we switched things up for Drew so he could build trust with his audience faster AND serve more people with programs at different price points.

And now? Drew’s business is BOOMING. Check it out here.

Want to learn exactly what we did to make Drew’s business profitable?

And see how you can apply the same changes to start making money in your biz?

You’re invited to a FREE live training:

The Low-Cost Offer Funnel Formula
An easier way to hit $3K-$5K (or more) in your wellness biz

Thursday, November 14th, 2019
7pm EST / 4pm PST


You’re going to learn how to:

  • Map out a cash-injecting Low-Cost Offer Funnel with my simple step-by-step formula so you can start making money ASAP in your biz
  • Price your offerings to always hit your revenue goals – plus see detailed breakdowns of what to charge & how many sales you need to make
  • Implement this simple system into your biz – with strategy for every wellness niche explained live on the training!

Plus, when you register now, I’m ALSO going to hook you up with…

1: AN EXCLUSIVE 25% OFF COUPON CODE for use on a single Done-For-You Program

2: 4-PART VIDEO & WORKSHEET e-COURSE: How to Create Your Money-Making Wellness Biz Online or Offline


Part 1: List-Building for Your Niche Specific Funnel
Part 2: Create Your Irresistible Low-Cost Offer
Part 3: Profit from Workshops Online or Offline
Part 4: Client Case Study – How Health Coach, Drew, Built His Biz with the Low-Cost Offer Funnel Formula


Look – I’m tired of seeing coach after coach struggling hardcore to sell their high-ticket programs – only to feel like they’re failing when no one buys.

*You’re* NOT failing!

Your system is.

Join Me HERE to fix it.

Mad love & hustle,

P.S. Sign up for the live training on 11/14 and get INSTANT access to the free 4-part e-Course – How to Create Your Money-Making Wellness Biz.

Health Coach Success Stories – Using the Low Cost Offer Funnel Strategy Featuring Carey Adams.


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