18: Health Coach Success Story: How Christina got 67 Sign-Ups Using This Done For You Program

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Today on the show you will hear another health coach success story.  We are SO fortunate to have Christina Weiss on the podcast today! She is going to share her strategies on what helped launched her into the successful business she has today. 


Christina is a Certified High-Performance Coach with Brendon Burchard and a Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. 


Christina’s love for fitness is still going strong as she currently owns an F45 Training studio.  Her big dream is to merge fitness with self-development and to build a transformational haven for people so they can truly become their best selves. Christina’s mission right now is to help 20,000 people transform and live their best life! 


Get ready to get inspired by today’s episode! 



In today’s interview we will discuss:


  • Christina’s struggles with perfectionism 
  • The importance of always offering value first before trying to sell 
  • Attraction marketing and how to do it authentically 
  • The importance of being authentic to who you are 
  • How to give your audience a “taste” of something small so they can see your value before they buy from you 
  • The fears Christina had when setting up her first freebie 
  • How she built up credibility using testimonials 
  • How overcomplicating things can stop forward progress 
  • Remembering that It’s not about selling, it’s about sharing and thinking about OTHERS, not yourself. 
  • How Christina used her offer to build her email list
  • The importance of interacting and building relationships on social media, not just scrolling your feed
  • How Christina used IG stories to tease her audience 
  • The importance of not overthinking your content and messages.  
  • Why you should be authentic and share your story 


What did you think?!  Christina’s story is so inspiring! She is a true testament that you don’t need a HUGE email list or social following to be successful.  You just need to share your story and your value and people will want to work with you. 


I want to encourage you to take one action step today.  Go to www.rachelafeldman.com and download at least 1 of our freebies or free tools that you can utilize in your business today.  This will allow you to stress less so you can spend more time nailing down your message and building your business. 


Thanks for tuning in…. that’s all for today! See you next week. 




Where to connect with Christina: 


Christina’s Website 

Follow Christina on Instagram

Follow Christina on Facebook


Programs She Bought: 


Lead Magnet: 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Gateway Program: 21-Day Clean Eating Program 

Next Step Program (can be a gateway program as well or the NEXT step in your funnel steps- many have extended this program in their 1-1 or renamed it to be High Protein, Low Carb)

Ketogenic Made Easy Program– she made an additional $2,500 


PLUS, she upsold 1-1 coaching. 


You can do this! 


Ready to buy?  CLICK HERE 

Additional Resources:

Free Resources to Grow Your Business 

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