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20: What to Do When You Feel Like Your Business Isn’t Working with Kendra Perry

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I am so excited for today’s episode because I am interviewing a rockstar health coach turned business coach.  Meet Kendra Perry! Kendra and I will be deep-diving into SIMPLE action steps you can implement right away. In this space it’s so easy to think you can go from starting a business to six figures in 3 months.  We want to bring you back to reality and back to the beginning stages so you can set yourself up for a solid business. We will help you get over your perfectionism and help you to quit comparing yourself to others. 

Kendra Perry is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner & Online Business Coach who helps up and coming health coaches grow their online presence and consistently generate 10K+ per month using a minimalist business model. She is the creator of the Health Coach Accelerator Method where she transforms terrified and nervous health coaches into confident powerhouses who are seen as an authority in their niche by their ideal client.

She is the co-host of the 360 Health Biz Podcast where she teaches online business &

continuing education in Functional Health topics for health coaches. Kendra is a passionate outdoor enthusiast and adrenaline junkie and in her free time you will find her scaling mountains with skis, bikes, harnesses, and ropes. 

She sounds pretty amazing right?! Make sure to tune in to today’s show! 



In today’s interview we will discuss:


  • How Kendra got her start as a health coach and why she pivoted to business coaching 
  • When Kendra realized that trying to help everyone was really helping no one
  • The importance of finding clarity and niching down in your business 
  • The struggle that coaches face and why they aren’t taking action 
  • Why you just have to “do it”- put yourself out there, over and over and over until you become natural at it
  • How to reframe your “failures”
  • Testing, testing, and retesting until you figure out your niche and what solutions you really provide
  • Using social media the way it was intended to be used- to be social and communicate with others 
  • Why Kendra suggests working one on one with clients for at least a year before you consider building a course or membership
  • Perfectionism and why it is really just a form of procrastination 
  • Building a solid business and how to not get sucked into being on every platform online
  • The importance of finding where your clients are and speaking to them there before building your audience on another platform
  • Honing in on your one problem and the one solution you solve


I really loved today’s interview.  This is one of the interviews where I really encourage you to listen to the interview, stop, and write down your homework.  I encourage you to really analyze where you are showing up (or not) in your business. Are you taking action in your business? Encourage 5 of your friends/followers to look at your website or facebook page and see if they are SUPER clear on what you do and what problem you solve.  Then report back to me! I would love to help.

That’s all for today! See you next week. 




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