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28: How Katrina Sequenzia Nailed Down Her Messaging to Connect with Her Ideal Client and Built a Successful Membership of Over 900

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Are you ready to make a BIG impact while scaling your health coaching business?  You are going to absolutely love today’s guest, Katrina Sequenzia. She has an incredible heart and you will see it come across throughout the interview.  


Katrina is on a mission to help Christian women get their health back so they can fulfill their God-given purpose.  She runs the Healthy Free Life Academy which is her membership and online training program to help women conquer their cravings, lose weight, gain energy and renew their body, mind, and spirit. 


If you have been trying to figure out how you can reach a larger audience and work in a one to many model, you are going to want to make sure to tune in to today’s episode. 


This episode will lift you up, inspire you and get your mind turning on the different ways you can scale your health coaching business so you can make a bigger impact. 



In today’s interview we will discuss:


  • Katrina’s journey from in-person coaching to online coaching
  • The problem with Katrina’s messaging when she started her business
  • Katrina’s turning point and how she developed trust and authenticity 
  • How Katrina got to the root of what her clients REALLY want
  • How she bounced back from an unsuccessful launch and how much it changed her business
  • Messaging and the importance of the language you use with your clients
  • Realizing that your journey as a health coach never truly ends and will forever be changing  
  • Talking through what membership looks like for a health coach 
  • Pricing your membership, beta testing, and talking with your audience 
  • Kristina’s long term version for her business- she has BIG plans! 


Katrina ends our interview going over her plans for her next launch and what her long term goals are.  She has BIG plans for being able to reach the masses and serve her community. She proves that when you have deep WHY there will always be a driving force for you to be successful in your business. 


Katrina has a heart of gold and is an incredible businesswoman.  I hope you take the time to tune in because you will love hearing her story! 




Katrina’s Story: 


Problem: Not having the right launch plan

Solution: Katrina did a FREE 20-minute session with me and I helped her to nail down her message and plan for growing her business 


Past: Her first webinar was unsuccessful and only had 1 person purchase

Present: She has a super successful membership with over 900 members (and growing!)  

Future: Katrina is launching a next level membership program and has plans to do large speaking events and even write a book! 


Where to connect with Katrina: 


Katrina’s Website 

Follow Katrina  on Instagram

Follow Katrina on Facebook

Additional Resources:

Free Resources to Grow Your Business 

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