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29: Why I Believe the One Signature Program Health Coaching Model is Broken

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Recently I was thinking about my business in the early days.  The days when I was making optin freebies, working on Mailchimp mailing lists, and thinking about all of the different offers I needed to have for my business.   I was trying to create too many things for too many people. 


What do you specialize in and what your clients actually need? What are some of the problems they are having? Do you know their pain points?


In today’s episode, we will walk through these questions and look at the importance of knowing your client’s journey so you can create offers that they need and want to buy.



In today’s interview we will discuss:


  • My signature offer when I started my business and why it didn’t work out
  • The many stops and pivots I had in my business 
  • Creating your business funnel and how it differs from your sales funnel
  • The entry points for people to get to know you and to work with you
  • How to stack your offers
  • Why every coach is not a perfect fit for working online 
  • Single sessions- The one thing that saved my business
  • How your potential clients can get to know you
  • Figuring out what is working for you right now in your business
  • The importance of knowing what journey you are trying to take people through; it’s not always easy


Coming out of school I saw so many coaches designing (and redesigning) their websites.  They struggled and weren’t clear on what they wanted to offer and who their ideal client was or what their pain points were.  So they spent time redoing their website instead of spending time talking to their people.  


Once you start talking to people and really listening to what their pain points are, you will be able to focus more and more on your services and offerings.

If you are still struggling in your health coaching business, I encourage you to reach out because there is usually an easier way. 

Step #1 : Start by joining any FREE group. We are diving into niche, ideal client and buyer avatar this month.

Step #2: Then start the profitable wellness business course HERE!

Step #3: Feel free to always message me on Facebook [hell yes, send me a message to my personal email as I love having REAL convos and not funnel convos].

I hope this training replay was helpful. Thanks for tuning in…. that’s all for today! See you next week. 



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