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27: Attract Your Ideal Client Using This List Building Strategy

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While becoming a health coach, you likely came to the conclusion that the “one size fits all” approach just doesn’t work. Well, when it comes to your health coach marketing plan- it’s still not gonna cut it.

Click play to hear how you can start tailoring your health and wellness list builders for your ideal clients. Simplify your business and save time as a wellness coach while creating real value for your clients.



“If I don’t show up as myself and don’t share how I really view the world, how’s somebody going to identify with me?”


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Strategies to build your email list as health and wellness coaches.
  • How to create or fix a freebie to make it speak to your brand and identity.
  • Ways to build authority and hone in on your specialty.
  • What you need to do to provide clarity and simplify your content.



[0:00] Meet Rachel 

[02:23] Building trust digitally

[12:06] Not taking action because of misinformation and over information 

[14:19] The magic of personalizing and sharing your story

[16:17] The power of freebies

[39:50] Conversion for new health coaches



  • “Why do we click? Why do we say I want to sign up for this?  We sign up because that person has consistently shown up and has helped us to connect the dots to our concern, our problem, our motivating reason for wanting to get healthy, wanting to make a change.” 
  • “I felt that in this world of misinformation- over information and a one size fits all approach,  It’s no wonder I fell through this system.”
  • “They’re looking for a coach- they are looking for somebody to be the way-shower to help them pull the BS back. Help to find what is best.”

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