Health Coach Biz: Why the ONE Signature program model does not work

I speak to at least one health coach a day. I always tell them this..”You have to create a signature business that REALLY works for you.”

What does this mean?

  1. Are you an introvert or extrovert?
  2. Are you crystal clear on your niche?
  3. Are you clear on your ideal client?
  4. Do you know your ideal client buyer avatar?

Have you done I am 100% committed to share the real behind the scenes TRUTH. 


Imagine this…

You know your Niche [step 1]

You know your ideal client [step 2]

You know your signature system – the HERO Journey and not just your niche or ideal client blah blah blah.


I had to look at why coaches are not making money – no matter what mastermind, program, school they come from.

I had to go back to my roots.

I had to look at what is REALLY sustainable and not just a trending model.

I had to look at how I built a business without 

✅ facebook ads

✅ a team 

✅ money for coaches or masterminds 

✅ and I had to let go of this bullshit promise that I would make a ton of 💰 ONLINE.

This is what I did.

I learned really fast [when I was up against the wall and 60k in debt year 1.5 of my business] how to create a sustainable process.

Once I did this… I did hire 5 coaches back to back. They saved me from making a crap load of 💰 Financial mistake

I had to look at people’s commitment levels.

I had to ask myself this – Yes my niche was gut and my strategy for repairing gut was via detox methods, natural strategies [oils at that time].

My ideal client was struggling with a myriad of issues – it is not uncommon for my client to say ” I feel off” – I am gaining weight, my hair is falling out, my skin is itchy, and I have no energy.

I realized there were common themes: weight, belly bloat, exhaustion, energy, hormones, depression, stress eating, compulsive eating.

Then my autoimmune warriors had; food allergies [even the above #4 also had many of the ones I am speaking about here: bacteria, fungus, UTI, yeast infections, skin issues, psoriasis, and more…

I felt overwhelmed and scared I would speak about things that were out off my scope 

I realized in needed to create a signature PROCESS for clients at different commitment levels

I also needed to think about my ideal client and the psychology of the buyer.

I had to create a signature process 🚀 that matched the HERO JOURNEY [check out Stu McLaren and Donald Miller for great FREE info on this]

So my biz changed – I worked offline and brought people to my online : 1-1 or if they did not have the 💰 or did not trust me enough YET >> the downsell would be a do it yourself, group or a single session.

Hence the realization I needed a 2-3 Tier work with me and those offerings matched my Do It Yourself . 

This means I would always make 💰 even when the online took a dip – June, July, August, November, parts of December and March.

This dips are defined by the habits of my ideals client and life – spring break, tax seasons, holidays, traveling and 💰💰 that is often spent on kids, family, government.

Hence the habits define the persons buyer commitment levels as well.

I thee added offline opportunities like masterclasses, VIP days, shopping tours, cooking classes meeting the ideal client where they desired to be – face to face or face to face then upsell to a group online.


Here is my promise to you – I am going to show you what is realistic and not trending.

I am going to share with you how I did not break the bank with fancy methods but instead used old school strategies to build a sustainable and profitable biz.

Here is a podcast : that will help you understand my process.

Drop below your struggles 👇👇👇

I will be adding a calendar of events for all of you in my FREE Group:

Join here:

// Free coaching 

// Helping you to nail down a simple process – online, offline or a hybrid 

// Sharing when is it best to do evergreen for live

// How to rock a challenge – online, offline, evergreen, teaching series etc.

Peace and Love Homies!

I can help you create a health coach biz that changes lives and makes you money!



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