3: Crafting a Signature Course Your Customer Needs Without Breaking the Bank


On today’s episode of the Hustle Hustle podcast I am chatting with Jenna Soard. Jenna is a course creation ninja and branding expert.   

Jenna started out as a professor and a senior graphic designer for Nike. started with branding course, started freelancing.  I got burned out working one on one with clients so my new passion became teaching others how to create a brand that would feel like them.  It took me a long time before I actually launched my course with the help of Marie Forelo’s B-School. 

In 2016 Jenna launched her second signature course “The Course Launcher” which was her biggest success. The very first launch brought in $127,000 in revenues.  Her method of teaching online courses had 67% of her students launch their very first course within 3 weeks of signing up. These students went on to do big brilliant things!  Many quit their day jobs, a big handful went on to have big 5 figure launches for their very first launch.

After The Course Launcher, Jenna went on to have her second $103,000 launch a few months later with her primary signature program called “Launch Your Brand,” teaching entrepreneurs how to design for themselves. She had this six-figure launch while on vacation in Italy.  Her second “travel launching” experience, where the previous Fall she had a $64,000 launch also while traveling Europe! Stay tuned for courses on launching while traveling!

In today’s interview we will discuss:

  • How to launch your course like a pro 
  • How to create a proven product
  • The process of not guessing what will work- the methodology 
  • Putting together a survey so you can decide who you want to serve and the kind of problem you want to solve
  • How to get 100 beta testers to apply for module 1 of your course
  • Gathering feedback from beta testers WHILE building your course
  • Failing in a safe environment with beta testers
  • The importance of giving your customers a small win along the way
  • Only creating a course when you are able to identify and solve that ONE problem that your customers have  
  • The importance of differentiation and creating a competitive advantage when launching your course. 
  • Why you should create a course your customer can finish in less than 30 days
  • Hiring the right team member when it’s time
  • Letting go of perfection so you can uplevel your business


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