4: Health Coach Success Story: From Zero to Running Retreats and High Ticket Offers with J Muenz


On today’s episode of the Hustle Hustle podcast I am chatting with one of my dear business besties and bad ass mom J! 

J is a health coach, detox specialist and former fitness model turned mama on a mission to help you break free of limiting beliefs that are putting your dreams and desires on hold.  She shows you how to get the body, the life, and the career you want now. 


In today’s interview we will discuss:

  • How to take action so you can find what makes you happy
  • How to set boundaries with your clients so you can eliminate burnout
  • How to keep pushing through in the early days of your business
  • What J would have done differently in year 2 of her business 
  • How to listen to your intuition to find out what you really want
  • The importance of getting a business coach early on 
  • Learning how to create a package so you can reach more people
  • Why you should create a small mastermind with your business besties for support
  • What changed the game for J
  • Statements you should be using in your business and life
  • How to get over perfectionism so you can relate to your ideal clients
  • How to stop overwhelming yourself and start listening to yourself


J’s one takeaway from our interview: 

No matter where you are at in your business, as you evolve, your business will evolve.  Your business and your life don’t have to be two separate things. Allow your business to grow with you.  Don’t be scared of evolving. If you are, use that fear and bust through it anyway. Remember to put out confident and positive energy in the world. Knowing what serves you will take you to the next level.  Keep things simple and sustainable. 


She was amazing wasn’t she?!  It was a blast having J on the show today! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did.  


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Big love and some healthy hustle! 


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