87. Finding The Secret Sauce In Your Offer & Sharing It Authentically with Danielle Meitiv

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You just have to start somewhere, take action, and keep moving. Whether it’s nailing your niche, finding a social media platform that works for your business, or creating your first challenge, you need to go for it and take the plunge. Because if you don’t take action and start, you are depriving your future clients of the unique experience you provide in solving their problem. 

In today’s episode, I am talking to Danielle Meitiv, Thyroid coach and Hashimoto’s healer who has grown her business by taking action, refining her message, and embracing a social media platform that highlights her expertise. Danielle is sharing her amazingly successful journey and diving into why your offers are unique and how you approach problems is the secret sauce that your clients are looking for. 

Connect with Danielle:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thyroid.coach.danielle/ 


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Rachel: Hey there, guys. I wanted to have you here today because you knew exactly who you wanted to serve. You were clear on it from day one that we talked, but you were feeling a little stuck and how to get that visibility built. So I wanted to share just a little of what happened even in the last few months where I’ve watched you. So can you share with the coach that feels like, I’m doing everything and it’s not working? What worked for you? 

Danielle: Well, one is getting superduper clear on who I want to serve. And that was really hard, because you want to help everybody, right? You’re a brand new coach, and you’re like, I have great knowledge, and I can save the world. And that’s great. But you can’t save the world. Unless the world knows you’re there. So getting superduper clear, I’m going to focus on one with versus LSU votos. 

Now, it’s more broadly thyroid issues, because often people don’t know if it’s hashimotos and then people come to me with graves and hashimotos. And so it was thyroid issues. But then again, I knew what I wanted to do. And I knew I had the skills, but how do I get it out there? 

How To Know Which Social Medium Platform Works For You

For me, it was really two things that were so clear. One is figuring out which social media platform was going to work for me and my personality. So we have this idea like you must be an Instagram. No, you have to be on Twitter. No, it must be Facebook. And for me it was Tik Tok. Which is really funny because when somebody first said it, I was like, it’s not worth 13 year old Tango, like my daughter’s on. But I do well in view. I’m very much like a teacher type. 

So I posted something occasionally on Instagram, and I have a Facebook group. But I really focus in one place where that meets that really fits my skin or medium. And that is being a video. I know for some people, they’d rather cut off their arm. And in that case, find a medium that works for you. 

I’m not a very visual person so Instagram is really stressful. How do I make cute little memes? I’m not a graphic designer. So, really finding my thing and just focusing and being like, okay, I’ll take a couple of pictures of one of my Instagram occasionally. But deciding that I did not have to worry about the other ones. And I just had to get really good on one made a huge difference.

How To Refine Your Message Around Your Niche

Rachel: So can I go back to niching down? Because that’s when everything changed. But if I were to say from the beginning, General thyroid. And what you then niche down is you said, I’m going to focus on hashimotos. And in that clarity, did you feel like you also started attracting other people? Did you have to use the same thyroid message? So how did you actually refine and niche down? And then how have you blended speaking about these other areas where you do not talk about graves since I know you talked about thyroid and hashimotos?

Danielle: This idea of if we niche down, nobody else will find us. And the fact is niching down also just makes it easier for you to hone your message. But you don’t even realize that other people will find you. I was just talking about hasimotoes and then people with graves came to me and I was like, Well, I guess that is the thyroid. I’ll do that. 

And then people said well, actually I had a partial thyroidectomy. Can you talk to me? And I was like, Well, okay, so we’re gonna talk about inflammation. 

And I have nodules in my thyroid. I was like, Well, okay, that’s still  once I started talking about something that I was confident about and comfortable with. Other people find you. They say, Hey, I still want to be part of this with you. So that I figured out how my clients want to talk about their thyroid issues. 

Rachel: You just have to start somewhere. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard somebody explain it that clearly. And I can definitely tell your mode is a teaching mode. Because even in how you explained it. You said, I’m going to focus on hashimotos. People who have autoimmune conditions are going to instantaneously reach out and say, Well, she works with hashimotos. Let me see if she works with graves. So, you niche down, you solo focus, but you’re still in an expansion, as long as they’re your ideal client. 

Danielle: Niching down is really for you. I don’t mean that it just helps you hone your messages and know who to talk to, and know language use. But once I start talking about this, like I talk about autoimmune thyroid disorders, and people come up to my tik toks all the time with other autoimmune disorders. Like one side, my lupus was talking about alopecia. And this was talking about rheumatoid arthritis. And they’re still like, I’m not gonna pretend to be an expert, but I can talk to them about how autoimmunity works in the body. 

So we get this idea that somehow we need to shut down and slam the door and other people’s faces. And it’s not at all. It’s just, there’s only so many hours in a day. You need to come up with a message. And, and the fact is, thyroid disorders, I could work on that till the end of time, there are so many problems, and I’m like, maybe I could hire you right after this. 

Getting Really Clear When You Niche Down

Danielle: Also, the other thing, is that when we’re talking, because our bodies are so complex, especially when you’re with women with so many interrelated hormone issues. You’re never talking to somebody just about a thyroid issue. It’s mpcs, thyroid, an infertility, thyroid, in menopause, thyroid, and so there’s everything in that endocrine system, all the layers. 

It’s all going to come together. So once I niche down, I was able to get really clear. Also part of the reason why I niched down hashimotos is I have hashimotos, so I can tell the whole story of like, if I was having symptoms at 23. But what’s the diagnosis? Hypothyroid till 33? I wasn’t diagnosed unless you vote, it was until like, 45. I know the whole story. It’s a mystery, what do I have, so I can relate to my clients very much in that way. 

So that’s why it was a huge passion for me. And people hear it. But the other thing, I think that’s so important in social media, and especially for me was in tik tok. It’s so funny, because we’re told this all the time, just be yourself. But especially like tik tok, having this maybe a year and a half. And it’s to the point where it’s really all about authenticity. Like it’s about vulnerability, it’s people who do the answers, and they’re really polished. Most people drinking my coffee, I’m a hot mess. and that’s that medium. And the other ones, I felt like I am a hot mess mom, like, I’m not like a waiter. Because I feel fancy today. 

Rachel: Well, and I love that you’re even sharing that because I do think that and I just talked to a client And I love that you are reaffirming. What I would say, is that breakthrough that most of us have after one and a half year struggle, like we want to help you not feel overwhelmed. You’re trying  everything you’re fried and exhausted. And then you’re like, I am going to really just figure out the best place for me to show up. Talk to my ideal client in that place. Get super specific and like, stop doubting. 

Danielle: Yeah. And that’s exactly it. It was also the whole idea of, I need to be really perfect and I need to say all the right things and I need to be blank. I realized on Tick Tock and things can go viral or things can get big. Like the video that I have that literally has the most views, 250,000 views. There’s this little meme where somebody’s saying, yep, nope, yep, nope, in the background. That’s it or I point to something. I am literally talking about four steps to reverse symptoms and lose weight. That’s it. I’m like dancing. I’m literally pointing like this. 

And it’s the most popular one because it’s just really simple. Yes, there are four basic steps that eliminate trigger foods and the little acronym I use now for my progress energy, ENRG because people with hypothyroidism need energy, eliminate trigger foods, nourish your body with healthy foods rest and restore, and gently exercise and that’s it. There’s four steps, it’s really simple and boiled it down. 

So I was certified in the end of 2019. And I was ready, okay, 2020, and then COVID hit. Oh, we’re gonna do this. So everything was on hold for about a year as my head spot. And the whole world is trying to figure things out. And then January 2021, came and I was like, well, I have this certification and I need to have a career. I need to do something. 

And the thing also, I think people don’t realize about social media. We have this idea. As soon as we go up on Instagram,  the whole world’s gonna see us fall on our face. The whole world isn’t watching you. Like if I had like 25 Instagram followers. I couldn’t on on Super Bowl Sunday, I had 60 tik tok followers six, zero. A couple of stupid videos, nobody saw them. Nobody cares. 

The Resources Used & Actions Taken To Start & Going For It

Rachel: We think somehow people are waiting for us to mess up. And they’re not really.  When I remember back, I think I met you, winter 2019 in November, in my coaching program, when you look at making that decision and just saying, Okay, I’m going to start this, I’m gonna just do it scared. 

What did you go into the pros? Did you go into the materials that you bought from us? What were the action steps? Because I hear a lot of people saying, I don’t know what to do each day. I don’t know how to show up. I don’t know what to say. What was kind of your process? Because I think that’s the whole part of visibility, it does take a lot of time to show up. It takes a lot of creative energy. And so what was that process for you and saying, this is how we’re going to show up? Did you plan this is the freebie I’m leaving them to then this is the program? Can you take me through that process? 

Danielle: Well, it’s funny you say plan. Well, one thing I’ve also learned in the last year is I have ADHD. So planning is really like we put quotes around that word planning. 

First of all, I printed out a calendar and did my name, and it looks good. And I highlighted everything, and then it’s just been sending you. I think it was realizing that you have to know your people done this. 

First of all, they’ve done it, I don’t need to make it up. I can follow other people’s footsteps. The thing that people need to realize is when you buy something from your done for your programs, you get the password to the inner sanctum. And there’s all these teaching materials you have, which was amazing. I would have bought anything just to get in there. But I bought things that were really useful, but I didn’t even realize once I have that, you laid it out. 

Using A Platform That Highlights Your Strengths

Here’s a launch looks like here’s how you can use the tools here. I didn’t have to invent it, but people have done this before. So that was really, really helpful. And then so I decided, Okay, I’ll do a five day challenge. Because you can do freebies, people do blogging, but I know for me, again, I am very much the hands on teacher type of video. 

I know most people hate public speaking, I’d much rather do public speaking, then do a ton of blog posts. I’ll never get to the blog posts. I just know myself. So I was like, okay, a challenge is like an audition. Literally, people are going to email me in their inbox every day. And they’re going to come to the Facebook group, and I’m going to do a lot and they are literally going to act as a coach. That’s what Tick Tock so they’re gonna do that. 

Rachel: I love that. The part that I want to even just cut on about the challenge, because I’ve had a lot of coaches who have said the same thing. They’re like, I don’t know why people overthink this process, because I took that. And I started showing up doing that challenge taking people through that experience, so that they could actually feel what that transformation is like. 

I love that you shared that because it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re going live each day, they’re going to get a taste of you, and it’s gonna nourish them to be like, Wow, she’s pretty amazing. Right? 

Danielle: And that’s exactly it. I’m gonna do Tik Tok lines. And I also realize people sometimes are really nervous about coaching. I know for me, when somebody wants to be a client of mine, but we don’t click or my style isn’t right for them. Well, when I go live on Facebook, they get to see me. When I go on tik tok, I kind of agree in your face kind of attitude. I’m a scientist, I’m very nerdy, I totally get it. 

If they see me on Facebook, they see Tik Tok. People are like oh, my God, I love your style, then that’s the right person for me. And so the challenge also gave me an opportunity to feel like I am giving people something. They’re seeing how I work. I also didn’t want people to come to me and be like, wait, so my thyroid issues, I’ll be like, okay, here’s all the things you need to eliminate open. 

How A Social Platforms Eliminates Unideal Clients

I’m not willing to give up gluten? Well, then I’m not the person to talk to because for limitations since 2007, so if some want to do that, okay, that’s fine. But I’m not their coach, because that’s why I’m going to talk to you about it. So by doing the challenge five days of like, here’s what we’re eating. Here’s what we’re not eating. If you’re like this doesn’t work for me. Okay. Great. 

But it really I think that giving people the sense of like, I was gonna give them a lot of quality, I was gonna give them a lot of value right up front. And then I also didn’t feel like giving Tik Tok Lives. I always swore I’m gonna be on for an hour and then two hours and 45 minutes later, my kids are like, you’re going to finish before dinner? 

Like what? I’ve been doing this for three hours, what’s it like, because I I feel like I get really passionate about answering people’s questions. So when that happens when somebody calls me, it gives me a lot more confidence in being like, this is my price. Because if you’re not comfortable with that price, here’s all the free stuff. I’m not gonna kick you out on my Facebook group, you can see on the face that Tick Tock live so that can end of time. 

And next time I’ve challenged you’re in and I’m actually building a group program now. I have like 25 or 30 people in it. But the fact that I give away so much makes me feel so much more comfortable also about charging, because I’m like, here’s all the free, you can add it all and one of that was that, so I was gonna do the challenge. So at the end of January, I just have to jump in, I just have to do something. I need to kick off this career already. K

Using A Framework To Create Your Challenge

So I decided to do the live, I put something on Instagram. And so I’m telling my friends and whatever Facebook and so on. And I have my standing desks with a row of books on fire issues and behind me all my books here, right? So I could write a five day challenge. But there were so many other things that I need to bounce off of. I needed something to revise rather than something to invent. I just could not wrap my head around writing at all. And that’s where that thyroid weight loss program came in. That was so great. Because, yes, I tweaked it, because I needed it to be in my place. I’m going to add my favorite XYZ recipe. 

But having the framework was so helpful. Here’s the five days challenge. I’m like, Oh, I wouldn’t have thought of putting in a cute little chart. Somebody else figured out a nice font, like I thought I would they got thyroid challenges, right? It was really helpful to just have the thing to even think, okay, I want Oh, here’s a picture. I’m gonna try this picture instead. 

Just having the framework done for your program. It’s a day or so to revise it as opposed to an entire week to just invent it from scratch. I’m tired, and then let alone the energy. So don’t buy this because I am a person that learned a long time ago, while everyone was like, Oh, no, don’t give a lot away for free. You want to charge your worth.

Rachel: I’m so jaded with my health issues. It takes a lot for me to build trust, to hire somebody. And I think that anybody who is no matter what is nice, but if you’re overwhelmed, and you’re stressed, and you’re just thinking that it’s not going to work, because you had your own past experiences. I love that you’ve shared this because I feel that the biggest mistake coaches make is they’re not showing enough in that visible way. They’re like sitting with that perfect plan. Maybe it’s our ADHD superpowers. They’re saying what the perfect plan is and they’re like, nobody came to my workshop. Well, you haven’t shown up for a month, you’ve spent all this energy focusing on this one workshop instead of showing up consistently, educating.

So can you talk about the types of free content that give a lot of value? Just so coaches have an understanding:

How To Create Free Content That Gives Value

Danielle: Well, first of all, the five day challenge. I literally show up as a coach for five days in an email, in their mailbox, and then there’s a Facebook Live. Last time I did it all five days. This time. I was like Friday night, I think. I also do literally show up on Tik Tok. 

I have never managed a one hour Tik Tok live, it was two hours, three hours. Because  I have literally had every single symptom. I am the poster child for everything that could go wrong with your thyroid, everything from the brain fog and the digestive issues and the skin issues to the infertility and the miscarriages. You name it. 

Rachel: So somebody comes to me, I’m like, I’ve been down that hellish road. And I think, would you say that those lives? Because I know somebody might say, wow, that’s a lot of times showing up. But I think the part that I learned very early on is that when there are multifaceted health issues, which the majority of the world has, you really do need to help somebody and educate a lot on what the symptoms are what they may not even be knowing let alone that actual diagnosis part and everything in between. Do you find that showing up in those lives allow you to not only be yourself but to educate and really build that trust? Are you are you teaching from anything? Are you just kind of speaking from your heart? 

Why Clients Pay You For Your Approach To Their Problem

Danielle: I think a little bit of both. I’m like the root of health coaches. We have our little discord community and we’ll chat and the thing that that, that I keep having to remember now I finally get, people are not paying for knowledge if they want to buy a book. Someday I have learned out of a book, most of which are available on Amazon or you could read if you’re a nerd like me, You can go into the journals. 

But they’re paying us for our approach to it. Is our delivery. Our guidance, our support, they are not gonna get that from anybody else except you with your flavor and your style. And so you’re the idea that you’re giving it away, it’s in all these books, the top shelf, there’s a library books, so the library has given it away too. Pay a dime, but nobody wants to read all those books. Because those books don’t translate. They don’t interpret, they don’t hold your hand, they don’t give you emotion, or they don’t explain why this and not that. 

Rachel: You just nailed it. When you say I have to remind myself that people are coming to me for the way that I see it. And I just said to a client who is in what I call the ownership struggle, where she’s like, it’s got to be perfect.  I don’t know if it’s the right offer and I want the workshop to be perfect. 

How Your Different Than Others In Your Field

She said because there’s so many other specialists just like me. But they’re not. That’s the shift that is when I think we are in that first year to year, sometimes longer than others where it’s like, What is that part of ownership? Where you say, Wow, I’ve had this vast experience, there is somebody exactly like me in this world? And they would only hire me, and how am I going to show up to build that trust with this person? Because I definitely went through this with my own perspective with things that I wish were in all these different books, and I’m putting them all into one system that is specific. Even if you’re using content where you’re revising. 

Danielle: Exactly. And that’s exactly it really is like. When I first got to Tik Tok, I’m like, okay, who else is here doing this fibroid stuff. And there’s a couple people I follow because they’re doing great work. But we are completely different. Completely different people. I’m going to be 52 in June, I have a master’s degree in oceanography. I spent 20 years doing environmental science before I came to this field, I can guarantee there are no other degrees. 

But also, I bring that very nerdy science perspective. And it’s not that I’m going to geek out on everybody and make them remember high school chemistry, but I am really going to be doing this because I’ve looked into the research, and this is what it says to me. And I’m so I will if you look at my Tik Tok like some people are doing chemo videos, and well, here are the four primary reasons why you’re still having symptoms and not like, according to scientific literature. But it’s also my passion. 

The other thing that I really, really want coaches to understand is that so many of us come from other careers. And we think we’re closing the door on that career and starting a new one. And you weren’t the same person, and you are bringing every skill. This was something I really had to learn. Because you think I’m starting from square one. 

Rachel: No joke. Are you reading my mind today? This was exactly the conversation. I said why do we think it’s a totally different practice? Why do we think I’m not going to be able to build this? You had a baby, you brought up a child, you’ve done so many things you’ve worked to? It’s just this is another extension? 

Using Your Previous Experience In Your Business

Danielle: Exactly. When my son was an infant, I figured out my food allergies because the poor kid had all the rashes and I was like, Oh, that’s probably a problem for me and my breast milk.  That’s when I started exploring autoimmunity and all this stuff. And so if you figure it out for yourself, you can help other parents, and if you’ve done whatever job you’ve done before, if you are you bring that with you. 

For me, I did environmental science. Well, actually, yes, I worked in medical science, but my passion, always, always, always. And I remember my grad fellowship application was literally making complex scientific ideas, interesting, accessible and relevant to the everyday person. And that’s what I love to do. I have literally done it for 20 years. I was with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the folks who bring you the weather service. And even my years with them, that’s what I did. It was always translating science, whether it was for state people, whether it was on Capitol Hill, whether it was just want to do is translating science so that it’s interesting and relevant, and people can use it. 

That’s what I do as a health coach. Not because that’s what all health coaches have to do. But because that’s been my passion for 20 years. If you’re an artist, and your passion is graphics and visuals, and make infographics and Instagram visuals that help people learn are great PowerPoints. Whatever your thing is, you’re not a new person, you’re bringing 25 years of whatever brilliance you had before, into this field. Just bring it with you. I had to understand that’s right. That’s a mindset shift. 

Rachel: I think that’s one of the toughest, toughest things. And I think that the anxiety that I’ve had and just like overwhelm. But the part that it’s hard to really bring somebody into that day is how many times you have to say to yourself, I am not going to compare myself to anyone else. I’m not going to doubt this process. I know that I’m bringing something really special and refining that too. 

So that you get to a point where like, I am going to be of service, it’s not anymore. Like, if somebody’s going to hire me as somebody’s gonna pay the price. I’m going to be of service. And I’m going to show up, and that I really feel is when we have a shift where that worrying about what are people gonna think, the ego, that pride, it just goes away. It moves into a really healthy place of, I am the best thyroid expert, and hashimotos for this ideal client. But it’s something that I think a lot of people don’t get to. And I love that you really explained your process of stepping into that power. 

Why Stepping Into Your Power Is A Trial & Error Process

Danielle: The thing that’s amazing is you just can’t even believe what happens when you do so. So I said in January, I got to do this. I was terrified by the way of doing a challenge. I thought nobody would show up. I’m not gonna know what to do. I don’t know what to say. I don’t even know a challenge. What is this? How do I do this?

Oh, you should write the emails, the all you need to do is really challenge five emails, frankly. And you can also face the clients if you want. We write the emails ahead of time. I literally wrote each one but I don’t know what to say. What tomorrow’s email is gonna be? So, I wrote these emails. And I was like, okay, so I got people. 

So I know lots of women. I didn’t know that I knew women until I put on Facebook. And they’re like, I haven’t explained it. Oh, 5% of all adults in the United States are diagnosed with sugar. Okay, I want to do this on Instagram, but I have like, 100 followers or something on Instagram, or half them are friends of mine. So I thought about 35 people into my first challenge and a little Facebook group and crickets from the Facebook group, but people would show up to the live. 

So I was doing it. And then I did the challenge. And then somebody said you should try tik tok. I was like, oh, okay, I’ll try. Sure. And then I did meet a health coach who’s killing on tik tok and she convinced me and I was like, okay. She does weight loss for women 40 and above, and she’s 53 herself. And she had like, 90,000 followers. Okay, cool. I’ll try it. Let me study her tik tok and figure out how to work. So I started doing that. And I took the five day challenge. I’ve done the five day challenge live, and then I took the materials and turned them into an evergreen. It became a five day meal plan. I put on my MailChimp landing page. All this was duct taped together, but I didn’t know, right? So I’ve made a freebie and said on the page. I’m gonna go on this live again. And if you sign up here, you’ll be notified when registration opens again. But in the meantime, here’s an example of how to eat this way. 

Rachel: Oh my god, it’s a sample of how this kind of eating works. If you’re like, Nah, I can’t give up gluten. Or there’s people who are plant based vegan, I respect that. But I’m not your coach, because I was a vegetarian for 23 years. And frankly, eating meat is what brought me back to health. I’m not going to tell you, they need to do that. But if you’re going to work with me, I don’t know a good vegan protein for you. Because that’s not my answer. I’m going to suggest you find somebody else. And best of luck now, no shame. You’re not feeling it’s just I can’t help you. Because I don’t have that experience. And I don’t feel confident in what I tell you. 

I need to believe in it and know that I have the experience to back it up. So it’s like showing people here’s what I do. So I made them evergreen. And I just put a link to my Facebook page.  on my website, and then I had just migrated to mailer Lite. And so I just had a place where you can download it. And then I started going on Tick tock, and in my bio, I had a free five day challenge. 

People say, how do you beat this way? And I’d say I have this five day didn’t just get it from my people begging for it basically, begging, how do I have any recipes, you have any meal plans, I have this whole pantry list, and here’s five days with recipes. And my mailing list went like this. I literally started with mailer light with zero, a MailChimp zero, and had 35 by the end of my first challenge. I have almost 1300 people on my mailing list in eight weeks, or something less than a day without even paid traffic? No, nothing zero. Just, I would do a tik tok live and people would say, how do I get this way? 

Can you talk about people therapy, our issues, the first of the year? Is there stuff I shouldn’t shouldn’t need but what should I do? I don’t know what to eat. So I was like, Well, here’s a freebie. And it’s five days of meals and a pantry list. And I put in all my nerdy stuff up front about your autoimmunity. And so here’s the guide that the doctor should give you when you walk out and here’s a taste of what it’s going to be like to roll with me. 

I also want to tell them that I had all the symptoms. And you see how energetic I am. You want this? This is the only way I knew. So then people kept saying what do you do? Make sure when you do challenge, and I was like, March I’ll do it in March. Okay, so my mailing was at 200 people, maybe 250. Oh, that’s pretty good. It’s working. So I’ll keep doing this. 

Then I said, Okay, I need time. But, frankly, I needed to finish it before Passover. So I was like, Okay, I’m gonna do my five day challenge in the middle of March.It’s gonna be March 15 and 19th. And I just started saying it on Tik tok, and I put it in my bio. And I just kept saying, it was a free thing. And now I’m 1300 people on my mailing list and people are still signing up for the challenge. And like it’s over right? That’s 745 people who signed up, and I had 35 two months ago, and I have 745. And it was because I was scared. 

Rachel: People think if you give something away for free people never pay for it. I had a heartbreaking conversation with somebody yesterday, who I can’t help because I actually think she has type one diabetes. Yes, I want to give stuff away for free. There are some people who need it and literally can’t afford it. But I can’t afford to give away my coaching 24 hours a day for free. Something needs to keep the lights on. But I’d like to be like, No, I can’t get away from free. 

Danielle: It’s so cliche, but it really does that. He said I’m giving this away for free to 750 people. And then in my face, I just started this new program that starts April 12. It’s called the thyroid energy recovery program. It’s going to be limited to 25, maybe 30 people.  I literally just announced it on Facebook Live and people signed up by the end of of the Live. 

Rachel: What am I doing in that framework? What did you use for that trademark? 

Danielle: Well, I also have your grain free paleo rock star. Okay, so that’s the one I bought last fall 2019. So I’m digging into some of the images from my challenge. Because mine is very much paleo based. Actually my primal health Coaching Institute sticker is very paleo. So I’ll be digging into those materials too. 

Rachel: It’s blending, right, it’s not something we know like the principle. One thing. What, tell me with your current offers that you have? Are you working with people one on one? I know you’re launching this group in April, what is currently hot. 

How You Can Work With Clients

Danielle: I have five day clients. I just signed the bit yesterday or two days ago. I have no social media presence. I have no clients, I have nothing, no mailing lists. And no plan, by the way, early January, now. And one client signed up for six months, she’s like, I’m gonna belong, oh, where do I sign up once for four months? 

So just summer, because I give a discount for multiple months, a lot of like, Can I just start with one and keep rolling over. And I was like, Okay, sure. I even raised my rates this month. And they’re like, Sure, I’ll sign up. And I have two calls this week with prospective clients. But I actually do want to move the bulk of my work is going to end up being in group coaching, just because there’s just only so many hours in a day. 

Also, because they’ll be some people who can’t do the group, maybe it’s not their way of learning or their schedule doesn’t accommodate it, or their situation is more complex. Some people decide that the group is overwhelmingly, most people really do need to walk them the same way. 

I’m doing eight weeks. This is for your sleep, this is to de stress, there is strength training, there’s yoga. They need the same thing. Why not just do it together? There’s a dynamic to a group that people learn in a different way. So I thought they could support each other in that way. And then, after those eight weeks, after we’ve gone through the basics that everybody needs to go, then if they want to do one on one coaching, they’re in a completely different place.  or acted on the three weeks, then if their situation needs more of a functional practitioner to get really, really in the weeds with them, they’ve already saved a ton of money. They’ve gotten around learning this stuff with a code. Rather than a $300 visit with a functional doctor, they’re fantastic, but they’re really so. 

So that’s why I decided to do the group. And also, frankly, it’s definitely cheaper than coaching with me. Doing the group and then ultimately, what I do with the group is after I’ve run it, I’ve got a project for a do it yourself version, where you can do an eight week and each week module unlock, and here’s the videos, and so on. 

So that there’s different tiers, you have to do it yourself, there’s the group, and then with the group with private coaching on top if you also want that. So that’s why I still keep five to eight clients, I’m guessing. And one group five to four times a year or something like that. 

I’m not saying not to buy a program that is completely AIP style, and the one that my hormone writer works for her entire practice is that is the AIP. And she says, that’s pretty nice. Often a lot of clients don’t need to do totally strictly IP, but basically, I’m taking them through IP. That’s how I healed.  We don’t necessarily take out all the sea bass spices, like every single night, but for the most part, I’m gluten, dairy, soy eggs, most grains. 

If you’re solving a problem, let’s talk about my ci that we’re solving. Let’s talk about coffee. That’s really what it is. It’s gonna end up being AIP, basically, or AIP. Light or epi intro or something.

Rachel: I love what you’re saying because I think as coaches we have a process that worked for me, this is how I’m going to run this group. And then sitting there and really looking at where the content then can just fill in. Because the truth is, once you have that just put together that can be self paced with a certain amount of sessions that could be group that could beso many different scenarios. And it’s really that blend, whether it’s a tip, or it’s really just a tip light, or not even a name, this is the type of eating that works. 

What You’re Teaching Your Clients

I think people often think what am I gonna do when they get a client? And It’s everything. So specific and every single time you are going to talk to them as an individual, and what their particular history and so on. But I think also as health coaches, we think that what we’re teaching people is really obvious, because we’re so deep in this, or as people who have gone through it. 

Danielle: I know you and I both came to this through our own struggles, but most people they’re coming out of the conventional medicine world, they’re coming out of like 20 doctors telling them there’s nothing wrong, it’s in their head. They don’t know that gluten is that big of an issue. They don’t know that dairy is that big an issue? They don’t eggs can be really good for you, unless they’re notso. 

So the idea we think it’s going to be so hard. Most clients really need the basics, because we’re not taught this. Society isn’t about being well, it’s about being not sick. Okay? So if you’re not sick, if you’re not on an operating table, you’re fine. And just the whole mindset of like, No, no, I actually want you to feel great. People don’t want to get there at all. They’ve never been told how to get there. 

I talked about Tik tok, I can’t even tell you how many times it’s so gratifying. Literally, people say to me, watch my videos and leave a comment. I am crying. Because I found you. I’ve had people message me saying I’m eating the way you suggested, I’ve been eating this way for 10 days, I’ve already lost six pounds. I downloaded your plan. 

I’ve literally only been on tik tok six or seven weeks. And people say I’ve downloaded it, and I don’t have stomach pains after every meal. It is so gratifying. And it’s funny, I had this whole back and forth with the doctor and I have not adopted, like I told you, I’m a science nerd, right. I believe evidence based medicine and so on. 

You and I know a lot of people come to us after the doctors have been like your test is fine, it’s in your head, just exercise more and eat less. You’re a hypochondriac, you need antidepressants and anti anxiety. And you know what? If you do, that’s totally appropriate. But if you have a thyroid issue, antidepressants and anti anxiety medicine are not going to help. It’s a thyroid issue. 

People are broken, because they can’t get pregnant or whatever it is, and the doctors are done with them. And so this doctor was sort of saying, You’re giving people they should give her doctor I was like, are you kidding me, you’re coming to me after talking to the doctors and want to see them anymore? The doctor told them, they’re fine. The doctor is the one who won’t run the test, or won’t up the medication or won’t talk to them about lifestyle, who’s never even indicated that lifestyle has anything to do with their illness. And they are shocked when they learn that they can do something themselves. So people are coming to us, and they’re so happy to find somebody, listen, those who also text them enough to say, I’m not going to heal you. I’m going to hand you the tools, because you’re going to heal. 

You’re not going to patronize me and insult me and I’m just gonna partner with you. I’m going to help you. so that’s an advantage as a health coach, I don’t think I realized. I thought I needed to have all the answers. No, no, no, they’ve been to the doctors and the doctors claim to have all the answers they’ll want. They just want some sympathy and they want someone who’s going to guide them and maybe give them some answers or at least some insights. But really, what they want is insight and guide. Not all the answers by That’s amazing. 

Rachel: You’ve dropped so many value bombs and aha realizations that you have at different times in your business where you see that you’ve changed somebody’s life. I was just saying to my husband yesterday, because a client who was one of my first clients, he called yesterday and said, No, I’m having these issues right now during that when I came to you, and I was able to only three foods, and we work together for like six months, he’s like, I got healthy to be able to go to London for this internship. 

Why There Is No Competition

And I sat there and was saying to my husband when you touch one person’s life, and you really just show up, it really is all the fuel. You can say, I don’t even know what my program is going to be. But I can guarantee that I’m going to figure it out. And we’re going to co partner and I’m going to be there with you so that you don’t feel that massive overwhelm, and hand you these tools so that you learn how to navigate. And then if there are additional steps, you and we separate because you need to go to somebody else, but that you have been given every tool that you could humanly be given to make those changes for self. 

Danielle: And it’s so so powerful. And so it’s funny, because like I said, I was doing the TIk Tok videos.. So I started to tell them the moral of the story, or the punchline here, I had 60 people on a simple Sunday. And within two weeks, I kid you not to, I think it was maybe two and a half weeks, I had 16,000 followers. Because figured out the algorithm a little bit and it’s not like I’m some genius at it. It’s just people were desperate for it. I put it out in my voice. 

I’m not trying to be this person. There’s one woman who’s lovely. She’s like, 25 year old nutrition student just boarded 30,000 followers, more power to her. I’m like, great. She also talks a lot about hormone stuff. Like she’s younger, she’s my fertility administration. Great. That’s fantastic. And if that’s your thing, like competing with her, we’re different people. She literally could be my child in real life. We are at a different stage of life, and that’s fine. and that’s great. 

So the idea that were somehow competing, I just figured out like, I should take that back. I did not figure out like how to speak because it wasn’t that calculated. It’s only 60 seconds. And I’m like, What do I want to say? What’s the stupid lesson I just got? Really, I was really annoyed when I don’t even know how I came up with this. Stupid things that doctor tell women with hypothyroidism, like that their labs are normal. 

Rachel: First of all the ranges they’re using are out of date. And they need to look at your symptoms. And any idiot could read a lab sheet. But what about the I don’t even know what is the authentic? People love that video. Because it shows your true personality.  I think I would say for anyone listening, I love that. I love your excitement, because I remember when I did my first challenge, and I said to my husband, oh my god, like there are 300 people in this group, and I was peeing in my pants, like no virtual assistant didn’t even know didn’t know how to upload something to Dropbox.  

Daniell: When I tell you I was delinquent using Eventbrite, because I didn’t even know how to hyperlink an image. That’s what I say, like, I think you’re my my spirit animal sister. Because it just gets the point where enough is enough. If somebody is like me, who is in this struggle, I different times in my life, like you even said, these 20 years plus of experience, you sit there and you say, I’m going to show up in the way that I know I need to these little clips that show me. And then I think really also these lives that you’re doing in a space that does work for you. And it does, again, not really do Tick tock, this is just one that speaks to me. 

Finding Your Secret Sauce In What You Offer

But the biggest thing is to just give it away, because again, it’s not the knowledge or the coming forward, it’s you that you know what we’re selling with coaching is you, right? It’s not, oh, what am I? If I give them all this, then again, the knowledge is there. They could have done it on their own, they would have done it on their own. 

They’re coming to you because they want to guide and that’s the unique sauce that you have. Nobody is going to do it the way you do it. Nobody has experience. Nobody has your interpretation. Nobody. And in fact, what people like, I need to hide behind what I learned and be like, that’s what you do come across as generic because you’re just starting with what was in your textbook. And so is every other person who graduated from your class. You’re like, Well, here’s how this makes sense to me. Well, now that’s your sauce. Now, that’s you, it’s your recipe. Nobody else has that flavor. 

I realized part of these white shows that hashimotoes is I realized, for me, I could be most authentic, that doesn’t mean that you have to have the illness to do it. But for me, personally, I knew I could be authentic by talking about that, because  maybe next year, it’ll be something elseI don’t know, two years for 10 years now. Maybe I’ll just decide to change. 

But for me to begin, I just do like a job extremely authentically saying,  here’s how I got rid of those symptoms. Here’s how I stopped reacting to the food I ate. Here’s what I’m not telling you to do anything I wouldn’t be able to do myself. Here’s my vitamins. Here’s my smoothie. Here’s your that, like, Oh, so that’s so that I think, help me a lot  for everyone who of course has to follow you because I know that I’m like, Oh my god. And that’s, that’s I think. 

Rachel: What we don’t realize is, it was your video where you were like, this is me. I’m drinking water for 30 minutes. And I just say to myself, I don’t think I’m doing that. Am I drinking coffee too early? And you were like, no coffee, no, this and I was like, damn it, even though I know that I’m not doing. 

Danielle: I’m just drinking. This is me doing my thyroid meds. Yep, that’s exactly it. And it was at that moment that I was like, this is why I would hire that kind of energy before like, I had a one that got bigger that at first was my most popular video. Because people asked all the time, how should I take my thyroid meds? I just do it with salt. And I do lemon water and salt in the morning.

Rachel: What’s your Tik Tok name? 

Danielle: So anyone can of course follow me on Instagram. I am thyroid coach Danielle. So it’s thyroid coach Danielle, but if you search for that, you will find the thyroid coach to him.

Rachel: This has been amazing. And I think it’s such a testimony to keep going with the show. Like even when you have a little blip. It’s like to go and move on. People aren’t here for the fancy show. They’re here for the better for you. That’s what we keep saying, right? Don’t worry. We’re here for the real. 

Thank you. I really, not only do I appreciate you, but I appreciate the clarity and you sharing my such massive transparency, because that is something I don’t think we see enough of it’s, we sit there as the coach and think how am I going to do this? And we don’t see how much of that struggle pf what am I going to do? This lack of I don’t know what to do on this platform, but not getting stuck in that. And like you were saying, You’re like, well, I’m just gonna commit to this day. Like, just No, I’m gonna write the email the night before. 

And I think that’s such a thing that everyone needs to hear, because there aren’t so many hours in the day, and you really have to be when you want to get paying clients, you really have to commit to holding yourself accountable to those things that you did. So I adore you. Thank you so much. So great. 

Danielle: Thank you. I love what you’re doing. It’s been so valuable to me. 

Rachel: Oh, thank you. Thank you, everybody who’s watching and on various, whatever platforms you’re on. I’m telling you follow her tic Tock videos because I will say I’ll look at them. They are really good. 

Danielle: They’re fun to do. I like doing all right, waiting on a will teach me a dance and I’ll do the little dance. We’ll see that’s the thing is I keep saying my daughter Will you teach me and then I said to my son’s friends and like I think I need you guys to come over and just show me everything. 

Rachel: All right. Well, lady, thank you for taking time on your Sunday. Really? Lot. All right. Wow. Bye. 

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