86. A Step By Step Training On How To Develop Your Signature Systems & Processes

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How do you create a step by step system of your signature process and really step into ownership of it? There is not a magical blueprint that will get you there. What will get you there  requires mindset work, getting clear on what you do and why you do it, and then letting go of that fear and overwhelm.

In today’s episode, I am giving you an in depth training on how to develop your unique signature process. I’m going over exactly how you can determine what your core pillars of content are, tips on clarifying the message you are presenting to your audience, why you need to understand the problems of your ideal client avatar and how all of this information is key for creating your signature process!


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Rachel: Good morning coaches and health and wellness professionals. We are kicking off Monday talking about some motivation, simplicity for creating your signature process and your signature system. Answering a question by one of our group members in our free group, which is how to Nish your health coach biz. And so I wanted to kick this off and answer this question for Nolan, because this question has been coming up in personal messages, DMS questions from people in customer support. And I thought, it’s a really great one. So let me just read to you exactly what he’s saying, 

Hi, Rachel, which I found your resource a year and a half ago, funny, I was speaking with a friend who is a marker last week, and he sent me dry materials in the fitness space. We talked about anyone doing a detox. 

So right there from me, even reading the similar to when somebody is doing a clarity session with me about what content to buy, right away, I know that detox is a really important pillar for him. And I’m going to really detail in this how simple it is to create your pillars, which is the next step after you define your niche, but most importantly, to create your signature process, because each one of you has a very distinct and different story. And what happens is I see a lot of coaches not make the connections within their signature process free and paid. So then they don’t convert as well. 

And furthermore, we as coaches, don’t feel as confident as we should, because we feel like we’re just saying what everyone else is saying, You are not just saying what everyone else is saying. But you know that and it needs to translate into the offers. 

So he said, I’ve been coaching a while ready to really get things moving. 

We all know we’re in that place. 

The next is, I‘ve been coaching for a little ready to get things going more and focus on who I’m talking to. 

So this is our ideal client. We can all put up challenges we can do on demand, workshops, webinars, we can build groups, we can follow what every different business guru says or marketing guru, but at the end of the day, we need to know, how do we best show up for our ideal client? And how do we, on the attraction phase, which is where somebody’s seen us from the digital marketing space, whether it’s your Instagram account, or it’s your Facebook business page, or maybe it’s LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, that is where people see you, you catch their attention, because you’re speaking to their specific pain points. 

You’re making these connections that other experts or people in your niche are not making, because that is your unique not only story, but that is your unique signature process. 

Which brings me to what he says right away in the next, I’m all about foundations and detox like you. 

For some of you maybe you don’t know, I graduated from the Institute for integrative nutrition back in 2010 at the beginning of a recession. So if I understand psychology as a buyer, I’m definitely the chip that you want to say, Wow, rage to build a business in a time where people were a little wary about what they were spending. 

Secondly, a big connection for me, because I had done a lot of gut protocols. I had seen specialists, I’d done functional medicine testing, I’d been diagnosed with an ulcer at 14, as much to the point of life support twice kaleidos ulcerative colitis, the list goes on. Just like your list goes on with all these things that have happened or that have happened to your children, family members or your caretaker or your a nurse, a chiropractor, etc.

 So when you think about this next part that I’m going to explain very clearly, I want you right now in your head to say what are the things that I really need to teach in my signature system that is different from everyone else. Everyone talks about detox. For me, that was a really important part because I made the connection. It is not going to get better unless there’s toxins reduced in the body. And so that became a huge pillar in a connection. For me explaining digestive health, the adrenal connection, the skin connection, the anxiety connection. The food and mood connection, the autoimmune flare connection. The answer to everyone’s biggest objection, well, I’ve worked with people before. No, I know you’ve worked with people before. And I did too. And the reason I’ve developed my entire business, to focus on gut health, food allergies and intolerances. And to focus on autoimmune flares, early spectrum intervention is because I wish that I would have understood how much toxins play a role, how much self care and really being able to go into why you teach what you teach, helping your ideal client to make these connections. 

How To Develop Up Your Signature Process

Because it might be one of the biggest disconnections I see, I know, when you get on a call with me, or if I’m interviewing a coach, I know exactly what you’re saying, but I’m a coach, we have to really think just like the old school marketing strategies and techniques says, talk to your ideal client, like they are a four year old. 

You need to make it that specific and that detailed, because you have a matter of seconds to get somebody’s attention. So if they’re not understanding, oh, wow, this person is like totally different. Look at all these connections, I didn’t realize that lower back pain that I thought was just  came around my period also is connected to a possible viral issues also could be connected to kidneys 

Maybe I need to start talking about urinary tract infections or go into my own story not just symptoms and problems, but how it affected my life. And so when you’re thinking about creating your signature process, take the time to dive into your own experiences, do your market research, ask people. I’m looking to do market research with people who have these core kind of problems. Some of the things that are common that come up for somebody with these problems are the following 10 issues. And start making these connections.

As I said, from my ideal client, that may be my ideal client didn’t know that heavy metals. That heavy metals in the body would create chronic yeast infections, fungus, all these not fungus, Candida in the body, because the body was actually producing the Candida to protect the organs from not having the metals affect them. I was able to make that connection. 

I brought that into my signature system, talking about why we don’t get better. So let me just answer  Nolan’s question. 

Who & What Are You Influenced By?

So Nolan says, all about foundations in detox like you, I shared with you. I know that was about three minutes. But I wanted to share with you how I got to the place of saying detox is this big connector. I was  influenced. 

Please think right now, who are you influenced by? I was influenced by the books that I bought when I was in the throes of my sickness. So it was Paul Pitchford with Whole Foods. I now have my second version because that was my Bible. And Louise gittleman was a big influence. She talked about seasonal eating. I bought that book when I was 27. There were other people like Alejandro younger Josh, Act two. I remember talking to him on the phone many years ago, talking about the H pylori that I struggled with and the same kind of issues that his mom did and why I’ve followed so many different people similar to you in your own journey. 

That’s how I developed my signature process. Signature process doesn’t just come because I love hearing this. Oh, my business coach told me that weight loss is an easy niche show, I should do that. I’m like, Can you not listen to what somebody thinks? 

I want you to have a profitable niche. But I also want you to carve that path. And define what your signature process is based on your why and also based on what you wish you would have known in relation to this problem you’re solving. , you’re going oh, well, I did XYZ but maybe it’s not relevant to your ideal client right now. And the exact problems you solve, well, then that’s going to be just a topic that you talk about, it’s not going to be part of your signature process. 

So Nolan said, My story has to do with gut problems. 

How To Connect The Dots Of Why You Created Your Signature Process

Right away, if somebody is speaking to me, or I’m working with somebody, one on one, which is kind of more of a rarity these days, because I just don’t work with as many people one on one. But I’m going to show you exactly what I do in this process to make it super easy for you to understand how to connect all these dots. And then I’m going to actually show you very shortly, just how you can use the programs to fill in this signature process. Hence, having your free offers mirror what your paid offers are, knowing that you need to have free offers in different formats to test what is the highest engaging topic and title and what does your person who has got problems, inflammation, fatigue, insomnia, kidney issues. 

Now, we’re not going to blame on a kidney issue. But I know for myself, kidney filtration is a really difficult thing. And I also come from a family where there were kidney stones for males. So that’s a huge part of my story. See, right there. It’s not that I specialized in kidney but that it’s that’s the part of the detoxification. That’s the part for my ideal client that has genetic mutation such as a one to nine eight, say mthfr. b. HMT. There’s a lot of different reasons, or the nos NOLS I have that makes somebody maybe not detoxify as well. And filter that does not have to be part of your signature process. That’s part of mine, because this was my trial and tribulation. 

This was the hero’s journey. This was for any of you who and I hope that you listen to this book, or read it by Donald Miller. This is the story that you’re telling about why you created your signature process, the why of your workshops, the why of your freebies, the why of your offers, when you are clear on this, you will be unstoppable. I promise, whether you’re building organically, or you’re building with paid ads. So how can we connect this, I’m going to show you take do this exercise. 

For those of you who are listening to this right now, I’m holding up just an envelope that I’m writing these little boxes. To do this. In my membership, we talk a lot about pillars. It’s almost impossible to have viral content that speaks to your ideal client. And showcasing your signature process free your free offers or the baby steps leading to either that one on one call, leading to a nurture email sequence. 

But guess what? They have to see on the free and the awareness part, these really cool topics of how you’re making connections, so that they understand your paid offers, hence, further enhancing your conversion rate. Secondly, further helping you to be able to know your down sell offers. If you’re on a discovery call, or maybe you’re even on an interview, or you’re on a workshop webinar, they are closing, you have to know why it makes sense. So I’m going to take out an overflow. I’m going to put it right here because that’s a big issue that was in the first line. 

My story has to do with gut problems, inflammation, fatigue, insomnia. So I’m going to say got detox. And then I’m going to really look at what I feel from what Nolan is saying would be another part.

Nolan is saying, I’m having a hard time just picking something. What do you think about below, if I want to go work with spine health enthusiasts who are ready to balance life and self care? 

Getting Super Clear On Your Pillars

Well, no, no. And that’s why we’re doing this today. So you can get super clear because I can feel this from the comment that he posted in our free group. I can feel the clarity because he really knows what problems not only he had, but what he envisions we’re just having a part where we’re having a tough time connecting that to him. This is what I do. And when we make that connection, we step into place of ownership and confidence with our programs. 

So, let’s go into the next. We’re not going to just say balance life and self care. Everyone says that. And also in thinking about that, when you think about self care, I want you if that is like a huge pillar, a huge part of your signature process, think about what self care involves. So this is a bucket, a pillar, self care, the mindset. So we have got detox, self care in the mindset. 

What falls within each one of these, I’m going to make one more pillar so that we’re super clear. Got adrenal fatigue, how would I sub niche got adrenal fatigue? Or I was thinking about just going with gut health and adrenal, what do you think? And then he just shared a great comment that a client I tend to him. 

But for today with this training, I want to go over how can he make this connection chronic fatigue, so right from just this one, detailed message, and that’s why I also love when we take this time to do this work, because this is the harder stuff. A lot of busy work is required to gain a blog out newsletter, pitching, having a pitch day, building your referral network, getting your freebies authority, but this is the harder work that often makes us feel that we don’t have clarity. 

You saw from Nolan, we have tons of clarity, we just don’t know how to now position that as a signature system and our process. So I have these four boxesIt says gut detox, self care, adrenal and chronic fatigue. What I’m going to do in the next training is to break this down really specifically on how many different topics are within each pillar right here. I can think of about 20  detox 20 and 20 self care and 20 adrenal chronic fatigue. 

I’ll just give you an example of two for each for right now so that I don’t make this an extremely long training on our Monday motivation. Detox: simplifying this process forgot, this right here could be food allergies and intolerances. This could be autoimmune. This could be fatigue brain fog, I just thought about four or five skin rashes. Detox could also be if Nolan believes in seasonal eating, or if it’s more of the self care detox practices, castor oil pack essential oils, salt lamp diffuse our detox foods detox drinks. We can go on and on like chogha you know getting really specific on what your detox looks like? How is the the experiences and what you want to teach? How can you showcase that? Is it something like looking at detox your body in 15 minutes from our health coach, busy calm, because you want to show people it’s easy to detox. 

That was my signature workshop because I knew detox was scary. I knew the objections for somebody because I tested it enough on my freebies and I asked people does this feel scary? And I heard a lot as we all do, I don’t have time for this. Truth is guys, no matter what niche you’re in, everyone is always gonna say it’s going to be a financial objection, or I don’t have time, our job. Even if you’re working brick and mortar offline online. Our job is to help our ideal client make those connections to see the possibility.

So we’re going to look at gut detox, self care. That’s the mindset part, which ties in to each one of these. Meaning, the self care and the mindset part that I would look at that would be maybe that adrenal fatigue personality. I would really talk about this self care and mindset for a high standard person, for a person with perfectionist ish. is one of the reasons that I put together the How to end perfectionism PowerPoint, because I feel this is such a huge part of dysbiosis in so many health issues, because that’s also the same kind of persona of a gut person, of your chronic fatigue person, have the high stress High Achiever or perfectionist or shame or the person who just always feels that they’re not doing it, right. There’s like massive shame. 

That’s a lot of that chronic fatigue personality. So in the fourth bucket, I said, adrenal and chronic fatigue, the reason I say those two words within a pillar, think, well, for the person who knows their diagnose, that’s adrenal, for the person who may have been myself and many of you were googling chronic fatigue, why am I constantly tired, and you came up on 100 million searches, no joke, of defining aspects of chronic fatigue. And it pretty much defined almost every symptom that anyone could have. 

That’s why Chronic Fatigue is such a mystery kind of illness. We have to see what is at the root of the chronic fatigue, then you may go to somebody and they diagnosed you or maybe you have a client that is like yourself. They start researching, researching, and they find books like Dr. Lam, and Dr. Wilson, that was my experience. 

So I always would share for the person who maybe didn’t even know they had chronic fatigue issues. Maybe they’re in the infancy of saying something isn’t right. And they’re being told, oh, that’s just in your head.It just happens when you’re like 35, it happens when you’re 40. 

Knowing The Obstacles Your Client Has Within Your Pillars

I want you to think within each one of these pillars that will define what you offer. How your ideal client, what obstacles are they having? And what are the things that they’re being told that is either misinformation, or reaction? So that you can step into the shoes of your ideal client, so that when you’re attracting your ideal client, you start saying, Oh, my God raged, I totally see why this content is relevant. Because this will allow me to really talk about these key aspects and make these connections. 

Homework for any of you who want to do it, I hope you do do it is make your different boxes. We will go next Monday. And I’m gonna show you how to simplify this so that  what are your talking points on social media, or even if you are talking on a podcast, so that you have a really cohesive clarity and message around who you serve? Why are you that best professional to work with hands down, because when you own your process, when you own the steps, then every freebie, everything that comes out of your mouth, every pay to offer, it’s relevant for your ideal client. 

If I’m connecting gut detox, self care, adrenal fatigue, I love quizzes. So I just think quizzes give us a lot of options. It does give us a lot of options. It also allows us as the health and wellness professional where we often go into thinking paralysis, to actually be able to have the content and then say, Wow, how can I use this to ask open ended questions to my ideal client? How can I use this quiz in a group out of class in masterclass when I’m asking questions, even on your discovery, call pre qualification questions or even a direct link on any social media like take this quiz.

 We all see these are trending, everyone is doing it. So they’re doing it not because it’s a fad, but because it gets people to start making connections when they’re taking that test. So we could look out two, I could say that we could look at the chronic fatigue protocol, look at the quiz, be able to use the quiz for a freebie. Or maybe for me, I would take this quiz and combine it with a lab reference sheet. I would add to , the information on this I would maybe even get a little more specific. 

How To Get A Real Sense Of Your Client

Do you have kalong fatigue after exercise is mean even to a low drop down? What does your exercise look like so that I can really get a sense of my ideal client? Do you often feel confused? When did this start? Is this something that’s been in your family so that you can really feed off of each of these questions. And that’s a great freebie. 

You could also look at this lab reference sheet and make the connection for your client and say, hey, you’re going to get these three emails from me, email number one is going to be a quiz. Once you complete this, you’re going to have a video from me talking about these missing elements of what I wish I would have known when I was struggling with this chronic fatigue, also known as adrenal fatigue. And talk about how often these tests are not part of what we actually get told. 

Lessening The Overwhelm For Your Clients

That’s what we do is we lessen that overwhelm, because our clients are overwhelmed. They’re trying to figure out what’s real and not real. Where do I get this task, they go through the trials and tribulations that many of us still do, trying to get somebody to understand the root causes and look at the big picture. 

So for me, I would either look at the chronic fatigue, you can look at the gut, I feel like this is such a great one as well. Being able to show not only like, Hey, take this quiz, find out but then I’m going to follow up with an email showing you and giving you a taste of what it’s like to work with me the level of information that you can expect, being able to give somebody this and set the stage for that mini transformation, you’re going to help your ideal client say, wow, I never thought of this. Maybe it’s like food sensitivities. I never thought of these different tests that I could take, or Wow, I should do comprehensive stool analysis. 

We all know that. But our client doesn’t know. They know these words, but they don’t understand what the steps are. It just overwhelmed so many of us. So I would actually look at which one would be the best in a quiz. That would be the quiz on the front of my site. And the truth is that that one quiz can be the entry, but you can do and I’m going to speak this to Nolan, I would take the five big gut health challenges. Why stay with me homeys persons coming in, you’re giving them the quiz boom, you can either bring them into doing that lab as a follow up, or if you’re not so much on the lab part. And you want to have materials for them to be able to access for five days. 

So that’s five email opportunities. That’s five opportunities to either bring to a discovery session, a low cost offer, lead to membership. So I feel that the biggest disconnect is that people know, but they don’t really know it. And so I would say this would be a great one. Because again, you have the five emails done, and you have 25 pages. 

How To Put Together A Course To Transform Your Clients

So a lot of people ask, Well, how do I put a course together a course? I literally use mini teaching on elements including that video so that your client starts to experience what that transformation would be. Yeah, a lot of people know about gluten. If your signature process is you are grain free, or you are paleo where you’ve got this hack that you’ve been doing or you’re macrobiotic, or you found this really cool bread or you make this really cool bread. That’s part of what you want to share, because that’s part of you showing that transformation. 

Secondly, take a probiotic biggest question my clients had was, when do I take it? It does take it with food, I take it without food should I  drink it? Should I take my probiotic with my other supplements? Actually get down and dirty. Talk about the system that you use in your business. 

For me, I love microbiome labs. That’s one of our probiotic systems, we do a four day rotation with different probiotics, because of our multiple diagnoses in our family. And so that would be something I would share about why. Because when teaching the signature process, it isn’t just teaching the gut. It’s teaching all the stuff that you do, and that you’ve compiled to be able to help your ideal client, see that you are the person. 

And for those of you listening to this, I’m showing the five day gut challenge because day three, tuck in culture. Well, I would share in our Echo, I would tear all these cool things that I found for all the kids I worked with, I would speak to the mom, because I know she’s either there for herself. Or she’s looking for children, because there are some food intolerances, early diagnosis of gluten intolerance, maybe heavy metals, or the persona and the problems that my ideal client was struggling with. Maybe their kids had yeast infections, parasitic infections, heavy metals, like my own children. And so she’s just overwhelmed. 

So right here, I’ve got all that information. And then how do you eat clean? So right there, I would say one can be its own standalone course. One could be a real Signature Series. We call this an indoctrination series, because you have your emails all set out, you can go in and edit instead of creating, and for those of you who haven’t worked with a copywriter, the average price for a copywriter is anywhere from 50 to 150 plus per email. And that would be my second one, because I could have the gut challenge, get a mini crash Course, get a gut course.

Get a transformation course. And I could use that independent or I can also pair that with the quiz, or all my freebies, which would be one on detox adrenal got, they can start to tie together by using one quiz that you’re asking people before maybe they even enter your freebie. So that one that we said about gut, or chronic fatigue would be great. I’m going to also pull up one that I love. I’m detoxing 15 minutes, I did this because my ideal clients might. Yeah, into top 10, 15 minutes, my ideal clients had every objection to I can’t do this. 

How To Position Your Core Pillars In Your Content

I’m not gonna attract somebody and they’re not going to want to work with me if they are not a high energy doing kind of personality. Overthinker analysis paralysis kind of person got issues, probably when they were young, a high standard kind of person, a type personality, past maybe like trauma and stuff that have kind of created that. 

That personality, that was my person. And so my person always said, I have no time for this. Like they are the person that says I have no time for self care. I know time. I’m already feeling crazy. So I taught on this constantly, like 15 minutes a day. That’s all I need from you. And so I wanted to teach people that this doesn’t have to be difficult. And just show my co client that when you roll with me, I’m going to make it doable for your life. And that it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

So for me, this was a no brainer in my pitch deck. So that’s a workshop. Plus, we even have this guide, not only in Word, but in Canva. Striking, stunning balls. And so if I save for today’s morning, it’s really sick. I mean when I look at this, because this can be a freebie by itself. So imagine Nolan opts in for your detox. This is really hitting that pillar. You use the PowerPoint after to make a little master class, all the master classes guys is a hot a little longer of a class and you’re really intensively teaching on that class so that you’re further enhancing the possibility for your ideal client to understand why this It’s so beneficial for them. 

For those of you who stuck around for the or came on the first part, we know that it’s imperative to teach our pillars, but detox self care adrenal fatigue. And chronic fatigue doesn’t mean that we can’t talk about other things, skin, food allergies. But these are going to be our core pillars so that we don’t deviate from that. If we deviate, and we want to talk about fitness or metabolism, we’re just talking about that for information. But we’re always relating it back to fitness, when you have adrenal fatigue, fitness, when maybe you have got issues like what’s,  maybe doing yoga, or maybe doing she Gong things that no, she Gong is one of my favorite things, because it helped to activate the kidneys. 

The Importance Of Knowing Your Process

And so when you know in your process, when you know why you do certain things, and you can start to make these connections like this, all these little problems, this then becomes also talking points on your social media, the content that you buy from us. Also, this could be a screenshot, you could also resize this and have information for your social media account, giving also a virtual assistant this and asking to make an infographic is super easy. Or if you’re like many of the coaches that are massively skilled, so be it. That was not my zone of genius, and it still isn’t. So that’s why it’s much easier to be able to give people that information. So I would look at Yes, detox, I’ve hit the chronic fatigue, adrenal. And then if we really want to talk about, self care. 

A lot of people have bought this self care habits protocol. But let’s say that I want to talk about what it’s, this is the hormone program, let’s say I want to do gut, self care. So one is that we can look at the mastery mastery or gut health workshop, we could all I can also look at modules for gut. And see which one is going to give me exactly what I need to make sure that I can teach my processor everything. 

Setting Up The Foundations Of Your Freebies

So six powerful strategies for the gut might be another one that I want to look at. And in making my decision on my free offers, look at the one that’s going to give me the best bang for my buck. I can use this in multiple ways. I have a PowerPoint, and I have a freebie. To me, that’s a no brainer. It also allows if I’m doing a workshop to give a follow up freebie. And then you send a replay, you’re like, Hey, here’s the replay. And I wanted to be able to collect emails, because  I’m going to be sending you Additionally, like a free guide. 

Or for those of you who want to drop your email in my free group, I’m going to be sending out a guide. I can send a personal email. You don’t want to send it in mass. That’s right, you can send a personal email like, Hey, this is what I experienced. This is why I teach what I teach. If you want to click here, get on this list. Because next month I’m doing this other class. 

You could also look at Central how to affect a healthy lifestyle. If we go here looking at this PowerPoint and saying does this, does this teach what I’m talking about, like lifestyle and daily action tips? Or do I really want to get more specific? And I’m just going to give an example if it is autoimmune or if it doesn’t mean that you specialize in hormones, but you’re making that connection for your ideal client if hormones are a hot topic for them, and it’s one of those things that you want to incorporate. 

Then you can look at one of the individual modules because I’ll show you this one in a second on adrenal. How to handle flares. Alright, we have a lot guys. Let me just give you 130 habits. So maybe this really ties in for you, Nolan. And you can go in and just change the autoimmune to be gut, and I’m going to show you why. 

So there’s an entire PowerPoint that talks about 30 habits for thriving with an autoimmune, you’re going to see that this can be 30 habits for thriving when you’ve got gut or adrenal. When you’re looking at flipping around these words, we’re talking about immune, we’re talking about getting a baseline, and this is in the guide as well. So again, you have another thing that allows you to have a free day, also allows you to have a workshop that really is showcasing these habits in our life, and how, what we can actually do these action steps to be able to take care of our health and to have the life that we want. 

I look at this as applying really, to almost any niche, because it’s 30 habits that we often forget about. And we put this together because my writer and myself have struggled with gut issues. She had thyroid cancer, a lot of other issues that a lot of us experience multiple diagnosis. It’s often our habits, we all talk about that. So for me, I’m gonna make sure this is really clear, Nolan is this could also touch on the self care part, change this around to be about gut, keep the immune, have people do a baseline, pull this quiz out. And you could even have that as an extra handout.

I mean, this is a packed jam packed freebie. So we’ve laid the foundation for our different freebies. A lot of stuff that we all talk about. You could even make a little calendar for your client. 

Setting Up Your Paid Offers

And then when I think about paid offers, option number one is that you look at a seasonal detox, if that’s important. Seasonal detoxing is important to me, which is why we have our seasonal detoxes. But if you’re doing more of like paleo, this can also be a detox. So when you’re thinking about what is that the next thing about what you teach? Is it detox based on the elimination diet? Is it a paleo approach? Is it that for specifically this, I would say I love the 30 day got facts? Think it’s just unbelievable and if you feel that inflammation is the higher engaging topic with your client with your potential clients. 

When you ask or you do a poll like, Hey, guys, are you more interested in learning about inflammatory markers? Are you more interested in a roadmap to fix this gut. So there’s not inflammation and learn about self care, you might want to look at this program because it gives you the for our system. And it also is going to talk about leaky gut. It’s also going to talk about the daily action steps that we need to take, because look how freakin cold these workbooks are. 

So we have a stress workbook here that can be for the adrenal and the chronic fatigue. Also looking at this even as a freebie. So that’s how I create offers. I know this was a little longer than I anticipated. But I thought why not kick this Monday off? I’ve been wanting to do a podcast on this process, like how do you create a step by step system? How do you really step into ownership? Because the mindset part of what I talk about all the time is there’s no amount of perfect roadmaps or blueprints or different, different strategies. What’s really important for the mindset part is that you’re really clear on what you do. And in that clarity is going to be able to, to allow you to let go of the fear and the overwhelm. Because you’re going to have it you’re going to be scared. 

You’re gonna want to poop your pants when you pitch to somebody, you’re going to feel like you’re gonna throw up when you do your first talk. And for some of you guys who are pure extroverts, maybe that’s not exactly true. But I am a kind of extroverted personality with a lot of anxiety about am I going to fail isn’t perfect, hence why you see my fuck perfect pillow in the back. Because I need to remind myself all the time that perfection is the number one disease that I have and comparison syndrome. 

Adjusting Your Mindset Around Your Offer

So just remember, the mindset isn’t just because we manifest when we do affirmations, and I am statements, it’s that we have to actually step into what we teach and own it. And that means that you have to start believing, you are really the only one that is perfect for your ideal client. And the clearer that you are on why you do this, and the clearer you are. 

And I’ll recap today, in creating your different boxes and your pillars, some people call them buckets for social media, those boxes, and those pillars and those buckets help you to really clarify what you’re going to be talking about how you’re going to be communicating to your client, no matter what platform you’re on, even if you’re at a fundraiser and somebody says Oh, what do you do? You’re not gonna say, Nolan, no offense. I’m saying this with love. Because I said the same thing. My first copywriter Hilary Weiss with said, What do you mean? You help people balance the third guide and detoxify their bodies so they feel better? 

And it was in understanding and that painful process in that first two years that I realized, if I didn’t get clear, I would never be able to support my family, I would have to go back to commercial real estate. And I would just stay in the failure zone which was making a little money. But that was because I worked really hard and put myself out there. But that was also the mindset part. 

The messaging is what I hope you got from today’s training, is that it’s not always the perfect elevator speech. Understanding what you want to talk about is different, because it’s your own experiences. It’s your own set of glasses, and that the way that you structure and teach about each one of these aspects is going to be different. I shared my story and parts of it. So you understand how I got to my signature process and really, really owned it. 

But we don’t get to having consistent money. We don’t get to consistent conversions if we’re not consistently clear. And going back over this process of like, Okay, well, I’ve been talking about gut, but just as Nolan said, when we first started this inflammation was a biggie. He’s gonna then test with the Freebies test, also asking polls, whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, finding five people who are your ideal client, and asking them, how, what, what were, what?

If you were to be able to wave a magic wand today and say, I want this issue to be gone? Do you feel like it’s more inflammation? Do you feel like it’s more gut issues such as inflammation markers, such as if you were looking to go through a transformation with somebody like myself? Would you be more interested in a step by step anti inflammatory program? Would you be more interested in a gut program that is based on our approach? What degree and level of your gut issues do you have? 

Then asking, have you experienced chronic fatigue in your life? Has anyone ever in your family been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue? Do you know what this word means? Do you even know what chronic fatigue chronic fatigue looks like? The following? Yeah, adrenal fatigue looks like the following and you may get a diagnosis from your doctor because per the work of Dr. Wilson or Dr. Lan? This is what Adrenal Fatigue is or Chris kressler or Terry walls, and then saying to your client, a huge component of what I believe and what really worked for myself to get better was this massive self care because I am an overdue or attends to not breathe as much tends to eat on the go and it tends to not detoxify as well. 

This is a huge part of my business and what I teach, does the word detoxification scare you? How busy are you in your day? Do you ever find that you stop and take time to actually carve out self care rituals? What does that actually look like in your life? What are some of the self care rituals that you do? 

Starting to really get a key understanding of your ideal client avatar, the problems they have, and most importantly, how you can shine in your business, in your confidence in your process, and how you can start to make tweaks to the verbiage fill in the holes in your system funnel, which is really you teaching, nourishing and taking everyone baby steps to your paid offer. Whether it’s retreat, a membership, VIP day, a master class one on one, do it yourself course group. This is the fundamental event. And so I wanted to deep dive, like I said, didn’t anticipate that this would be longer. But this really turned into a step by step class on how I develop signature systems and processes. 

And how I can tell you, when I did this for myself, when I helped my clients to identify this vicious cycle. When you see that your signature process is a vicious cycle. Is this the right offer but helps us to see what is this ongoing vicious process that actually we have to demystify for our client, hence your signature process. If we think about our hero’s journey, and I know we’re covering a lot, but you guys are brilliant, and you deserve to have this information, even for free, so you can understand that it’s not as complicated. 

The Five Signature Pillar Boxes

There are the five boxes. Each of these are going to be signature steps, Terry walls, I interviewed her on my podcast, Healthy Hustle. We talked about this specifically, this is how I teach. This is how Terry walls teaches her students. So please understand that this is not a new idea. Stu McLaren teaches this. Russell Brunson, James Wedmore, Marie Forleo.

But we diluted because there are so many fancy platforms that we think that’s going to get us hired, oh, clickfunnels is going to get me hired. Kartra is gonna get me hired, Kajabi. They’re all great platforms. What will get you hired? Is you understanding how your business is a game changer for your ideal client with these key set of problems. So think of it like this and go back and listen to the Terry walls. 

Step one for Nolan might be detox. Step two, maybe gut. Step three could be self care where, see how. Step one and step three could swap based on what you feel is the necessary step one, and then the four is really working on that adrenal. It doesn’t mean that you can’t, if you’re working with somebody. 

Let’s talk about what it’s really like when you coach one on one or you coach in different aspects and models of your business. It doesn’t mean that it always has to be that exact steps if you’re working with somebody. Yes, you believe in detox, but the adrenal fatigue is the most glaring and that’s their biggest problem. And I’m going to flip four to one. But I’m still going to know I have to touch on each of these in my signature process with this person, highlight these in my programs that I have, so that it solves those specific problems. 

It gives somebody a roadmap to understanding that this is not going to be a forever thing. I’m going to teach you the tools. I’m going to teach this toolkit. I’m going to help you advocate for yourself when you come against all these different problems that we have when we’re navigating.

What are the missing steps in our health? Then Step five, I’m going to then put one pillar, detox, self care. This adrenal and chronic fatigue, this adrenal connection. If what we’re saying with Nolan’s business, if Nolan teaches on these, and really helps his ideal client to understand, Hey, your hormones, and your adrenal and your cortisol, it’s a hot mess, and maybe you’re gaining weight, because of this chronic adrenal fatigue connection. And I truly believe that has to do with the gut being in a healthy state, hence known as the microbiome, and that there needs to be XYZ, which is what you believe. 

I shared, I love microbiome, and I have a bunch of other probiotics, colostrum probiotics, that’s part of my system, what is your system? What do you actually do behind the scenes, that’s what your ideal client needs to not only hear and understand, but needs you to understand the discovery session.

I just did a two part how to create your discovery session process, handle objections on the Healthy Hustle podcast, which is at RachelAFeldman.com. Or you can go to iTunes. 

So what Nolan is saying is, yeah, we’re not going to be able to achieve this, if we also don’t learn how to rewire what self care is, because I work with high performance. I work with people who are overachievers and really have high standards. And if we don’t focus on this, but we fix the gut, and we fix the adrenal components, and we get maybe IVs, on board for plutus, ion and B vitamins every different thing that you need for healthy adrenals.

If we just keep filling and filling, then we’re still going to come back to this missing component. That’s why my three month program is designed like this. And to close that out is, then you might want to look Nolan, or any of you that are watching this at a while since that’s how you sell a three month program is you really in that three month program, even if it’s a program, like revive our three month stress program, or if it’s a program mindset makeover a three month or it’s a program that is like retune your hormones. 

If this was somebody that were joined for hormones, that is going to embody those other steps, all you have to do is accentuate where within your program, look at something like adding one of those protocols on self care. It doesn’t mean you have to buy every different program. 

How To Showcase Higher Ticket Items

But what really makes a signature program unbelievable is it is solving these problems. And it’s showcasing that your higher ticket embodied the steps. So maybe for some of you that higher ticket is six months or 12 month membership mastermind with you.Where somebody pays 597 497 a month and you have 10 people, maybe it’s 997 a month, whatever the pricing is. 

What you’ll start to see is understanding your signature process is going to help you to define what is your higher ticket higher touch, what are your low cost options for that somebody for that person who may be hesitant, jaded, have financial issues. If they’re the right client for you, and you want to work with somebody in a 30 day. Look at that 30 day program that next year could even be a three month program less stress program but extending it for another three months. Or maybe it’s a two part where you start with the stress and then you end with the adrenal fatigue program. You can combine programs. 

The whole thing about having programs is simply saving time in your signature processes. So that means if you’re working with somebody, one on one, you have all these handouts that you can use if you’re doing this in a group capacity, you’re simply saving time by making your process a no brainer.

The Recap

We’ll recap this. Get super clear on who you serve. Super clear on the signature process that is going to separate you from everyone else. And then furthermore, what is that hero journey that you’re taking them through free to paid which showcases your paid offers? And then lastly, be also really honest with yourself on what is the best model for you. I’ve been saying this a lot. And I just want to close out today with explaining what that means. 

How To Be Honest With Yourself

If you’re a brand new coach, and you’re not getting traction online, it’s probably not the greatest idea to just do an online program right away, it may be really smart to build up your authority, get used to coaching people one on one, maybe you’re the person who loves groups, and you’ve always envisioned that and you’re great at list building online, and you’ve gotten traction, wonderful. Maybe you also are better at group coaching. 

Some of you have knishes that require one on one, some of you have been able to take that niche, very sensitive topics like trauma and PTSD, hormone infertility and do it in a group nature, because you’re really comfortable in your signature process like Dr. Body, who was really clear in her signature process, but she didn’t have a program. When she bought the 21 day hormone detox, it was a no brainer. And she started clocking paying clients each week. 

Some of you are not as clear in that signature process. So your whole teen your success, not because you’re not doing the other things because you’re not clear. And in that lack of clarity and ownership, you’re vibing then the wrong vibe to attract your ideal client. Because your ideal client to convert needs you to really be an ownership not like, Oh, yeah, I mean, I think enemas are good, but you’re like, enemas are good, because this is what it did for me. Or this is based on the Gerson therapy like, this is why I’m all about them. 

Just really own what you are, and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. And the last part is, when you have that clarity, intuition comes in. Intuition is the thing that I built my business on, nobody can figure out how I built a business as a solo entrepreneur with no plan. But I sat there and said, If I could go back in time and speak to the old me speak to my mom speak to my Grammy who died of a bleeding ulcer. What would I have wanted to say to teach? How can I change the game for somebody else that maybe had very similar issues like myself? How can I change the game for a husband worried about his wife? Or a wife or worried about her parents?

I really thought within my content, who am I speaking to? And who do I feel is my best ideal client? And when we embrace that intuition, we start to be able to build our signature offers, without fear without questions like, is this going to be right? We’re so clear, this is my process. I’m going to detox either based on the elimination diet or seasonal, or I’m going to have a paleo program because I know that I can get that mucus out. That was my baseline. I knew that from that baseline, somebody was either going to come to me with glaring skin issues, psoriasis, unexplained rashes, angioedema, like I had for myself, blood sugar, there was going to be a host of issues. 

But I knew at step two, which was my gut program, could resolve a crapload. And then with my food allergy ones, there’s always personalization. And so I used a combo of my two about programs. And then my gut, brought in adrenal fatigue, because I worked with a bunch of people like myself. 

I told you guys, and I’ll just mention again, my zone of genius was reaching out to people locally, and doing partnerships with them, and pitching to them scared, but saying, These are the programs I’ve developed, I can come in and we can create a relationship, a joint venture partnership. In addition, I knew that that would build my referral network. There’s only so much that we can do when we’re not doing paid ads, the truth. We have to be really smart about where we are building our referral network and doing the hard thing. The hard thing is going and putting yourself and taking The chance to pitch to a podcast, taking the chance to pitch to places that you want to get in front of. And guys, nobody has a pitch perfect. I love that movie. Just watch 333 Pitch Perfect on two, three, this weekend. 

Yeah, I love that movie, because it’s never gonna be perfect, but we have to do it. And in doing, we practice and we get better. So I put on that adrenal fatigue program because so many athletes, I grew up swimming competitively. So big thing I do with my daughter who swims competitively as well, make sure her adrenals are loved, make sure they were restored from me, giving them such weak adrenals. 

That became another program, then I had another program with Candida because that was a huge part of my life, something I passed on to my children as well. Something that I worked with parents, even pregnant mommies, postpartum kids, and kids with a lot of allergies, diaper rash, which is crapload of yeast, unfortunately, diaper rash, all that stuff. 

And then women like myself who struggle their whole teenage years, chronic, UTI is chronic Candida infections. And I thought now, for anybody that needs to go to a doctor, which I believe,  we need to work with practitioners that are in alignment, and will be open minded and will work in collaboration. So that’s why I had that program. And then anybody that worked with me did testing with the people that I created joint relationships with so that we could create referral referral for each other, those programs. 

I share that with you at the end of this because that was why there were other programs that I used to create mindset makeover, because I had that epiphany that I really had to work on my own inner critic and mindset. And that was a part of the programs that I had in my business. And I knew who they were the right fit for, know who your programs serve, know who you serve, and who you’re not a good fit for. 

Why Being Different Is Okay

And think of every free offer and workshop, as I did this week in my membership call, think what is the goal of this freebie, who’s it for? What is the follow up conversation, that’s all a funnel of follow up funnel sequence is to conversation. And unfortunately sad to say, I’ve seen us deviate from that a lot. I’ve seen us replace platforms and strategies that all work, thinking that that’s going to replace a connection or the need for that person to get to know you. They have to get to know you and the signature tidbits that you’re sharing to be able to hire you. Because the truth is, there are tons of people saying the same thing. 

But you are different. And what you do and your detox practices today, we talked about this gut, adrenal fatigue, self care, they’re going to be different from me, the products I use the habits, how I look at it, how I position it, how I talk about a trainer, it’s not the same as a functional medicine practitioner. It’s not the same as another, like one of my admin Sarah Lawrence, who is a total geek on the science part of it. That’s not going to be her in the same you can see for even one of our big success stories, which is Megan Rand and Dr. Alex. They both are totally different. They’re both totally different in how they teach about healthy hormones repairing your period. And thank god they’re totally different. And Megan even said this, and Dr. Alex even said this in their interview that Megan looks at it for more from the emotional neutrino and the soul and the inner critic and the self care. And Dr. Alex geeks out on brain health, we have to all be different. 

I say this to you because you are your funnel. It’s a conversation. It’s your hand reaching out to somebody and saying, hey, this freebie is really gonna change your life and these are the reasons why. So I’m glad that you guys love this today. This training seriously, just Because I saw this question in our free group, Nolan. And I said over the weekend that I would do a video response. And when I started doing this video, I thought, take them through the whole process, help them see the potential and see that this is easier than we anticipate. It’s just we often complicate it because we’re starting a business. And many of us have not had those skill sets. And even if we’ve started a bit, even if we were in sales, or  a business before, I do believe that when we step into the health and wellness space, we have to realize that holistic entrepreneurs, there’s no separation in a way between what we do in our life to our business, because I’m not selling you a toxic free organic lip care. I’m selling you a transformation. And I’m selling you that transformation not only on a free level, and awareness, but the only reason that somebody is gonna opt in to my stuff is because I am helping that person to connect these dots that they feel terribly overwhelmed in. So just remember, step into your ownership. really listen to this today. 

Download one of our workbooks, like our 60k 85 100k workbook, and do the work really thinking about what I need to teach the why of it. And be honest with yourself if you don’t believe in yourself, do the work, do either Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, Les Brown step by step into that leadership role. Doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you have to really know your why and your purpose and your mission here. And if you don’t just give yourself a little permission slip, you know to take a breath, and then come back ready to play the game. Come back ready to go to the Superbowl? Because that really is it every day. 

So guys, it’s been an honor to be with you. And this was a longer one. This in essence is a masterclass for those of you who have been here the whole time, and with that being said, I’m going to peace out. And I hope that you guys have a phenomenal day. Let us know how we can help and I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you better. Bye, guys.

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