Free 14 Day Smoothie Challenge

Summer is coming and many people experience belly bloat, headaches and weight gain during these months. It is important to alkalize your body, which means you are consuming foods that are rich in oxygen, therefore reducing any acid wastes in your body that lead to weight gain.

Here is an amazing chart explaining the different foods that are alkaline vs. acid created by Kris Karr, an amazing wellness advocate and leader in the world of health.

kris karr acidic-alkaline-phchart


When we consume foods that are acidic and do not balance a meal with alkaline foods, we often feel tired and bloated. I know I get bags under my eyes and a feeling of congestion in my belly when I am not eating alkaline foods. During the summer, as the weather warms, it is important to alkalize your body to prevent your body over heating and being acidic.

If you are looking to add more alkaline foods, then grab my free 14 Day Smoothie Challenge here.

Make sure you alkalize for all the health benefits I just mentioned and to avoid feeling blah during the summer. I want to go and have a great time this summer and I am sure you do too!

get ready for the beachxo, 

Rachel Feldman


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