Free Webinar for Health Coaches


Hey Health Coaches, Join me.

May 19th at 7 PM EST for a Free Webinar.

When I started my biz, I wanted more cash, more clients, and more credibility. I wanted the business I’d always dreamed of. But it didn’t happen (at least not right away!). I struggled, I worked my butt off, I had launches flop, I brought programs that didn’t deliver, and I ultimately wondered if I could really make this baby work.
Then I had a major “aha” moment that changed my business, bank account, and life.
(And we’re talking a significant change because I went from struggling to running a 6-figure, fully booked health coaching practice.)
And now, I’m revealing how I did and how you can do it too and actually get results … and it’s absolutely free.

Join me for “How to Build Modern Woman’s Sales Funnel & Fill your Practice online + offline”

May 19th, 7pm EST

Learn how I’ve:

  • Transformed my small business into a 6-Figure Empire with a full roster of clients.
  • Landed gigs like being 1 of 9 chefs at the PURE LIVING EXPO in Sedona with the chance to speak about Liver and Hormonal Health with my teacher David Wolfe.
  • Wrote multiple publications and interviewed major leaguers like Jairek Robbins, Marc David, Lisa Wilson, Dhru Purohit and Nisha Moodley to name a few …

And learn how you can:


Build a Killer Sales Funnel that actually works in today’s digital world. Let me show you how to build the perfect sales funnel in 5 simple steps.

Nail down your niche and test it in the market. This system has brought me to the top and I want you to be there, too. This isn’t a system that’s sold online. I created this system myself and I continue to use it every day.

Have a healthier biz with more cash, more clients, and more credibility.

Ready to transform your biz and get results?

Click here to join us and get all the important deets.
See you there baby!!



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