73. Gain More Audience Insight Through Quality Facebook Group Questions

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My business theme is showing you very simple hacks to scale and grow your health coaching business. And you probably know, I started my business as a solo entrepreneur with two very young kids. So I understand time is not in our favor. And I also understand the tech can be extremely overwhelming. 

That’s why I’m gonna bring an old school hacks that I learned along the way. Because I had to figure this out on my own, but I don’t want you to figure it out on your own. I want you to make this process easier on you. So you don’t quit on your goddamn dream. 

How To Get Market Research From Your Facebook Group

Okay, let me just show you. Right here, I have a group; I’m just showing you how you can actually go and get emails with the membership questions that are asked before someone can enter the group. 

So we’ve asked: Do you need support? And  I’m actually gonna edit this because I want to use this as market research and say, What is your biggest struggle in building your wellness offers?

If you’re just starting your business, this means in your group, you can start to have market research, like daily market research coming in from people who ask to join.

All you need to do is create a group that is very specific, just like your niche. So boom, number one on the membership, we have a question. 

You can ask a very specific question like, What’s your biggest struggle? What is your biggest struggle staying on a ketogenic diet? Or what is your biggest struggle with sugar? What is your biggest struggle as a mom with a child who has autism? What is your biggest struggle with food allergies? What is your biggest struggle with gut issues? 

You can have these questions. It’s endless. You can also change these questions if you feel that they don’t really serve everyone.  

So I could even change another question to say, What stage of business are you in? Are you a new coach? Are you a thriving 1:1? Crushing 10k months?

Make Your Question Open Ended

I’m going to give them a few open-ended questions. So the person who’s coming here doesn’t have to sit and say, Oh, what is she talking about? 

Now you have these rock-solid questions to kick off your groups. I love Facebook groups because it allows for that really closed environment because a lot of people are hesitant to post on their personal page or even on their business page. So keep this in mind. 

Sometimes coaches quit posting on their business page. And I’ll hear things like, well, nobody’s commenting. Nobody has seen it.

Why Consistency Is Key

That’s actually not true. People watch. Just because somebody doesn’t comment doesn’t mean that they’re not consuming. And that’s why consistency is key. If you want to get to your goals of consistent 2k months, 5k 10k, 25k, 50k, whatever it is, it’s imperative that you have a consistent plan online. 

And do not listen to the negative self-doubt that’s going to take you away from consistency. So I want you to consistently post and drive people into either a closed group where they know that there will be like-minded people. This is where people have more trust, and they want to be more open, share more and have an open format for their personal struggles.

In January, we have tons of challenges at your health coachbiz.com. Kick off your group with a challenge, kick off your group with a free class. Really make that group a desirable place. Don’t just post a blog; that’s content. Value is what we’re going after. 

So if you guys are stuck, send me a personal message or hit us up at your health coachbiz.com in the comment and say, Look, this is my niche and who I serve. Rach, help me out on what you think would be the best challenge or the best workshop. 

We know you can have success. We’ve seen an endless amount of coaches come to us, brand spanking new and in the struggle. And those coaches who stayed in the struggle and they persevered through that, despite their own fears of not making it are the ones who are having those 10k, 15k, 20k, 25k months. 

I can think of so many coaches come to us to get the confidence. Coaches that have bought programs from us instantly and launched them. 

It takes consistent action. And so please, guys, don’t get stuck. By being on my email list, you can expect that I will be dropping really cool value bombs like this or make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. 

Make It Conversational

Last but not least, if you’re like, ah, I stink at Facebook groups. Guess what? You want to use a conversation in the same way as a group. A group’s intention is to get people into a conversation. Even if you don’t have automation, who cares? 

It’s about a conversation connecting with people. Invite them into a personal message, invite them into a direct message. Don’t just bring them to a sign up for a free discovery call. Show them you care. Be the coach I know you are Alright guys, I’m gonna peace out because I’ve got to go for a run and hold myself accountable to the right mindset that I need to show up and crush it. I will see you on the flip side. Peace out, homies.

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