74. How To Go Live, Even When You’re Scared

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I know you’re scared to go Live. I know you’re scared to do the workshop. I know you want the perfect roadmap or Rach, tell me how to build my list. What I can tell you is this you have to start and you have to do it scared.

You have to think, how can I show up consistently and give my client value? That’s the reason that we created these done for you programs.

Maybe you never knew this story, but back in the day in 2010 when I started my Wellness Business, graduated from the Institute for integrative nutrition, #alumni. I then furthered my education and went to detox schools because I kept sitting there saying, so my niche is why does the gut not get better? Why are my kids born with all these food allergies, environmental toxins, heavy metals, Candida, parasites, all these crazy funky things that we passed on. 

Why Niche-Specific Freebies Work

I knew that I needed to figure that out. So that led me to really defining my niche and understanding what my core teaching pillars were. We often hear this in content strategy – defining these different categories that you’re going to constantly talk about. Well, as a wellness coach, we have to talk about our teaching pillars.

My niche and one of my core teaching pillars was detox because I felt that if I didn’t talk constantly and educate others about detox and toxins and endocrine disruptors and toxic thinking, it was almost impossible to fix your gut. A huge part of my business also became food allergies. And we can talk about all my content pillars, of course on another episode, but not today.

Today, I want to show you that you can take that one freebie, or buy niche-specific content at yourhealthcoach.com. And you can get really specific. These freebies will help you in your Live or your workshop or your webinar or whatever you’re using to lead people to your program or using to build authority that you don’t have. 

Don’t sit there for another day and say, I don’t know what to talk about, I don’t know how to start. What I want you to know is that we are giving you the tools for free. We even give you a Canva cover template, so you can change the name, change the verbiage, the title. Just like all of our programs that you buy, you can use it for your launch so that you can really make that speak to your ideal client. 

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed By Lives & Videos

So let’s have fun today. Let’s stop feeling overwhelmed about doing a Live because in today’s digital world, my friends, we need to get comfortable really practicing on video. We need to get comfortable doing Live because you have an opportunity on so many different amazing platforms to go Live. So Are you going Live on Instagram? Are you going Live on tik tok? Are you going Live on Facebook? 

We are in a video world. So I want you to be armed. And I want to make it so simple that you say, “Wow, I listened to that podcast and I know exactly what to do.” This means that you’re gonna have no more fears anymore to go Live, it doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, all you need is your phone and your free platform to go on all these different amazing platforms that I just talked about. 

Plus, if you decide to go Live, you’re gonna make little snippets of that for Reels. You can do all these fun things. And if you are saying to me, “No, it’s not right. I’m never going no. I’m a total introvert. No, that scares me.” Guess what? This is important for your practicing how you speak to your audience. 

How Videos Can Work For You

So if you’re not going to hit the Live button, you’re still going to do pre-recorded videos, and you’re going to upload them to YouTube or upload them directly to your social media platform of choice, or even have those as your pitch deck. This means that if you are reaching out and building your networking, building your referral database, and getting in front of people locally, you want them to know what it would be like to work with you. If you’re saying I want to come and do a workshop for you. I think that a video would seal the deal. If you actually had some videos on what the benefits of that workshop would be for that service provider.

I’m giving you advice that I wish somebody would have given to me and it works, you have to practice. So I am going to give you some practical steps. 

Preparing For Your First Live Stream 

All you need is your phone or your iPad. You can also Live stream or use zoom.com, the webinar feature. You want to make sure that you have your setup first. Secondly, I suggest a tripod. Why? For the complete introvert, you can screen share, and you don’t even have to show your face. Back in the day. All we had was teleconferencing. 

So if you’re really super, super scared, you can just first do a low, very simple intro, like my name is X, I specialize in X, I help people are struggling with 123. So they can achieve ABC. In this two-day mini-training we are covering the following. And then you’re going to take either that freebie you just downloaded, or you’re going to go on over Yourhealthcoach.com and you’re gonna buy the workshop, or the challenge or the freebie that you’re going to do to Live on. 

You can even do a Live on your blog content. Content is king. But guess what? Using it strategically is queen. So now you have your equipment checklist. You want to make sure that you practice beforehand. 

Now, before you hit that Live button, you’re going to look through the materials and pull out the top three points that you want to make from either that workshop or from your life. 

You can do that Live and make it a short Live where you’re doing an overview of the materials and then can lead them to your free group or do that masterclass in your free group. This can result in people saying wow, I better keep following this person. I should sign up for this person’s newsletter. I really am impressed by the value. 

So you’re going to practice it. You’re going to think about what you want to do. I always suggest using sticky notes. It’s my favorite strategy and tip if I’m going Live and I still use sticky notes to this day. I wish somebody would have told me to use stickies if you want to put it straight in front of your computer. I always do this. If you’re listening to this, you will see me putting a sticky note right on my computer. If you’re doing it with a screen share and you’re using your phone your iPad. You can have your sticky notes on the desk.

Use them for key points or problems. Point 1, point 2, point 3 or problem one, problem two, problem three. The solution, of course, is your life. Whether you’re using a PowerPoint or an opt-in freebie – you can show that opt-in freebie and say, “Hey guys in this Live, we’re going to actually cover these key points in this guide. And if you love this Live, feel free to send me a personal message or a direct message.” Easy, especially for those of you who feel stuck with automation. 

This is how we did it as solo entrepreneurs. I don’t want you listening to guru after guru who’s telling you how to run your business or build it when you need a full team. If you do have a full team, guess what, you probably already know how to do this. And you’re in that growth and scaling phase. Or you’ve hired somebody because you actually know how you’re going to use them. 

Showing Up Even When You’re Scared

Or maybe you’re in this position right now where you’re like, I did hire somebody, I can’t do it alone. But I didn’t realize, Wow, my virtual assistant could actually help me with the pre-marketing of this Live. Ensure that people coming know that this event is happening that week. 

Start to create a consistent social media strategy, which isn’t difficult, but you need that content. Because your virtual assistant keeps asking you, well, what are you doing this week? Are you doing aLive? And you might be saying, I don’t know, I’m super scared. No, you’re not super scared. What we’re going to do is take that fear and lessen the fear. Because you still have to do it scared, but you’re going to do it. Even if you’re reading off that PowerPoint.

Or if it’s a blog, you’re going to print out one of our blogs, which are in our blog package and you’re going to cover that topic. As long as it relates to your niche, you are golden. As long as you keep relating it back to their core problems, their core pain, the solution they’re looking for. 

You know that this is a high converting opportunity. As you show up more consistently, you’re setting yourself apart from everyone else, trust me, I did it myself, built my list to 7,000 organically just by doing this. So you can do it, too. 

Focusing On Your Goals

You’re gonna reach your goals. You have this freebie and this workshop from us. Because you have that content, I want you to focus more on what is the goal? Where am I taking them? What is my call to action? A call to action is also known as a CTA. Are you leading them to a group? Are you leading them to DMs? Are you leading them to personal message you? Are you leading them to have a discovery call with you?

Remember, when you get specific, like “Hey, jump on a discovery call. Because in today’s Live training we talked about the seven reasons that your gut is still a hot mess, or we talked about EMF waves and how it’s affecting you or we talked about ending perfectionism. These are all products that we have. These are all workshops, or we talked about adrenal hormones or we talked about stress.”

Your Business Is Your Niche, Not Your Story

The cool thing is once you have this cohesive material to read from, it’s just you and your fear mindset. And I need you to step in that place of worth. When I hired my first coach, because I felt that I was struggling, she said to me, “Your ideal client right now is struggling because you’re acting in ego. You’re so scared, you can’t show up.”

When she said that, I just started crying. And she’s like, what are you crying about? I said, because I just realized every time I deny myself showing up, because I’m scared. I’m actually denying somebody to hear the story that they need to hear. Because I know that people had my story. Your whole business isn’t about your story. Your business is about your niche, and the offers that you have to take your ideal client through. But it’s in the story that your ideal client identifies. It’s in those things that only you know, because you’ve gone through and that’s the beauty of a Live. 

If you really look at a Live with no difference than a workshop that you would do or a webinar or an on demand class or even just speaking to a friend sharing the brand new stages. It’s no different. You are sharing what you need your friend to know. Because they’re struggling. It’s what you wish you would have known. 

And that’s why when we really redefine how we’re looking at digital marketing and building our business, it really becomes a special opportunity. So we’re going to know our goals. Where are we leading them? And we want to know our goals of even this Live. Is this to build relationships? Is this Live actually to create excitement about an upcoming challenge or a masterclass or workshop that you’re having? What is the intention of this Live? Start having your ideal client asking themselves those open-ended questions we often ask like, what is really stopping you from ending IBS? Is it this? Is it this? Is it this?

What’s stopping you from not feeling depressed every day? Is it your gut? Is it the foods you’re eating? Is it your thinking? That’s the only way our ideal clients will journey with us and keep coming back. Your ideal client is watching you. And that’s why consistency is important. That Live gives you an opportunity to really speak from your heart, but do it with strategy and intention. I call it soulful sales.

There’s nothing wrong with saying this is to build a relationship. Remember your Lives are opportunities. And that Live can also be downloaded and used as a video on YouTube. 

It’s More Than Selling, It’s Helping Your Ideal Clients

If you’re scared, do a pre recorded video. These are the opportunities that will either make it or break it in your business. So are you going to sell something? Are you trying to use that Live to educate, and also to address core missing ingredient in your ideal clients? It can be a missing ingredient like sleep, or maybe you didn’t realize your lymphatic system is dirty. 

So you would say, “In this slide, we’re talking about that.” Understanding why their gut is still a mess, despite everything they’ve done. Every test, every specialist, every different food and diet, and they’re so overwhelmed. And my Lives are the solution, the mini solutions for my ideal client to be able to take an action step. 

So remember, it isn’t just that you’re selling something but you’re using that Live to either sell or to create the story around the potential transformation, your product offers, your 1:1 offers, your membership, your retreat. Be okay with selling. 

You’re going to go through and you’re going to go step by step through this workshop that you’re in. Now, the benefit, of course of doing a Live workshop is that you have that script, you can make your bullet point, you can address these like three big problems. And you can start to help your ideal client understand who you are, what happened to you, and what were the steps you took to get healthy. 

And guess what guys? That’s just learning how to do your intro. As I said, my name is X. I specialize in X. I work with people who are struggling with 123. So they never have to suffer and they can achieve the ABC. I remember when I wish I would have known X. I had this breakdown moment that brought me to attend this X. And this is what I teach. And in today’s training, we will cover X. 

Turning Your Content into A Live

Everyone always wants a script and everyone wants to roadmap the script you need. You can either create or buy from us and learn how to be calm in your presentation. And the beautiful thing is when you have it step by step like you have in a workshop or with a freebie by going paragraph by paragraph making pulling out the key points. Addressing the one big problem. The number one reason that your gut is not getting better, three ways to repair your gut seven foods you have to be eating, how to reap the benefits of golden milk.

I mean you can have so many different Lives with all these story topics. And still have the teaching cohesive on that workshop, or cover the content in that freebie.  or Furthermore, even buying a challenge from us, you have five Lives. 

You can have a seven-day chakra cleanse, or a chakra challenge, or a walking challenge, or a meditation challenge, or a sugar challenge. Each one of these have support emails that it comes with. And then each part of that challenge, that’s day by day, could have one video on Live,actually talking about day one, then on day two, you can be like, Hey, guys, meet me for a week of Lives. You’re feeling me now. Five Lives that you can do. 

Building Your Email List Through A Live

Whatyou’re saying is, “Hey, if you want to grab this guide, send me a personal message, or hop on over to my site.” They come to your site, boom, a pop up, which is the very image that pops up and says, “Do you want to grab this challenge?” They click, they come in, and they’re in your ecosystem. They’ve just opted into your freebie from a Live.

If you don’t even know how to do automation, guess what? If you’re brand new, you do those Lives and you say, send me a personal message or a direct message. And somebody’s sending you a DM, or they’re sending you a person, you can give them the guide, guess what you can say? May I have your email? Do I have permission to send you this guide? Pull that email down to an Excel spreadsheet. I personally love to use Google Drive. 

What did the Live what was the topic and you’re going to start seeing that you can build your business on free tools, you’re gonna start to see that it’s not difficult. Write down your talking points, everything, or just read right from the PowerPoint or read from the challenge. 

Interacting With Your Audience In A Live

You can ask for interaction maybe five minutes into it. Do any of you have gut problems? If so, what is your biggest problem? In today’s training, we are covering cortisol levels, cortisol, and stress. How many of you have been told that you have either adrenal fatigue or that you have a hormonal issue? You can start to ask people and get real-time market research. What people are saying? Start to call people by their name, “Hey, oh my god, it’s so nice to have you here, Alice!” 

You can use a Live to kick off a giveaway. Meet me over at Instagram or meet me over at LinkedIn or go over to my blog, because I have a forum right there and the 15th person who enters is going to get a gift. Or the 100th person who enters, or the 150th, 200th. All of a sudden, you are building your business and that visibility without exhaustion. 

Then you can always ask people to share your Live stream. But in the infancy, I would say that I typically didn’t say that. I would just say, “Hey, if you want to tag a friend under that is struggling feel free to send me a personal message or put me on a three-person message.” You don’t have to make it complicated. Remember, so many of us make it complicated. And then we don’t do it. 

Coming Up With Story Ideas

Before we end let’s just talk about story ideas and Live stream topics. We’ll just go through a few. So say you want to do hormones, I want you to write down the three top three biggest problems. 

Let’s just say Problem number one is clients, your client goes left and right to get testing and they were told, “I don’t see anything wrong with your thyroid test.” So topic number one is 3 tips every person needs to know when they think they have a thyroid imbalance but they’re told the tests are fine. 

Second story idea or Live idea: the top five foods you need to consume daily for thyroid health. Third story idea: a personal story. I wish I would have known this when I had a thyroid misdiagnosis.  Fourth story topic: how to fix your thyroid and metabolism. Fifth topic: your thyroid and your microbiome. Sixth topic: are you gaining weight and you don’t even know why? Topic seven: foods that could be hindering your metabolism. Topic eight: how your thyroid affects your libido. Topic nine: cortisol levels and hormone health. Topic ten: what I wish I would have known before I had chronic fatigue. Don’t know what’s going on? Join, click here or join this group. 

I mean, the list just goes on. If you’re not great at just creating those story ideas, what you’re going to do is you can go right to the PowerPoint, and you’re going to look at each one of the slides. If something says signs of imbalance or signs you need to detox, you can go through all the signs, that’s just one slide on a PowerPoint, that’s even a Live topic. 

You could even take a quiz or a handout, make that a Live topic, and really start to look at the common questions I ask all my clients to see if they have an imbalance. 

Here is the number one tonic that I drink every day that has helped me to grow my hair back. Here is the number one tip that I give every one of my clients three ways to hack your hormones. Five ways to improve your memory. 

I mean, the list goes on. Once we really let go of the fear, it’s much easier. But if as I said, you have a tough time finding those story ideas, just go get our blog package, or look in your programs, because every one of those blogs can be turned into your programs, your stories. And the cool thing is even anything on a PowerPoint or even in the interior of a guide is a story. 

You can get crafty at picking really catchy headlines and story titles. But Step one is doing the Live, step two is you getting crafty. When you start asking those engaging questions like, “Hey guys, what are some of the topics you want me to cover?” You’ll start to see that you have a world of people with so many different problems. And they truly are looking for you as the expert and the person who is they can trust. So you become the one that they listen to consistently. And then you build trust, and then they hire you. 

I wanted to tell you with the exact steps that I wish somebody helped me with, and that is why today’s topic was how to go Live when you are even scared. You can do it. We’re here to help you. And now you just got to believe in yourself let go of the imposter syndrome. Everyone has those fears. There’s not a time that I have not done a workshop or webinar and had all those negative Nelly fears. What if nobody comes? What if nobody hires me? What if I sound ridiculous? What if I messed up? 

Everyone has that. Whether you’re making consistent money, you’re brand new, you’re in growth and scaling. Believe me when I say this, give yourself a big hug I am. If you’re listening to this, you know I’m giving you a big hug and some like heartfelt, “It’s okay, you’ve got this.” If you’re watching this video, you’re seeing me literally give you an air hug. 

We are here for you. Peace and love. Hold yourself accountable to your dream. Nobody else is going to. With that being said I will see you guys later. It’s been a pleasure to be with you. And I hope you have a good one. I will see you guys next week on the next episode of the healthy household podcast. Bye guys.

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