How Cleansing and Healthy Diet can Boost Creativity & More!

How Cleansing and Healthy Diet can Boost Creativity & More!

Periodic cleansing and maintaining a consistently healthy diet can boost creativity, good ideas, and your ability to inspire others! Perspectives can change and energy is freed up when you relieve the body of the burden of toxins, excess fat and backed up waste in the colon. Awesome things can happen when you lighten your toxic load and maintain a life-affirming lifestyle through truly healthy eating.


There are a variety of ways to cleanse and detoxify the body. Determining what kind of cleanse to do will be relative to your current state of physical health, your current diet, your lifestyle in terms of exposure to toxins, time available, and what your cleansing goals are. For someone who is overweight and eating a Standard American Diet, switching to a whole food vegan diet with increased hydration may be enough to send their body into detox/cleansing mode. If someone wanted to do a sugar detox, simply removing all forms of sugar and processed foods from the diet would do the trick. For someone who is at a healthy weight, pretty fit, and eats a vegetarian and vegan diet, a juice cleanse or water fast would be needed in order to take them to the next level of health and cleanse the body. Some common cleanses include water fasting, juice fasting, liquids cleanse (juices, blended soups and smoothies), smoothie cleanse, 100% raw vegan diet. It’s important that when you are cleansing, you are only taking in organic foods and water that is pure (no tap water that has chlorine or fluoride), since it is counterproductive to attempt to release toxins from the body while putting more in.

Most natural cleansing methods eliminate toxic foods and drinks from the diet as well as foods that require a lot of energy from the digestive system such as refined sugar, sodas and other sugar drinks, caffeine, processed or refined foods, gluten, soy, damaged oils, meat and dairy. These cleanses also flood the body with nutrient-rich sustenance and often include particular ingredients that are particularly stimulating or supportive for certain organs, or that have a flushing effect, to move toxins out of the body quickly. Often, people will incorporate complimentary modalities and lifestyle changes to aid in the detoxification process, including saunas, detoxifying clays, replacing toxic products in the home with non-toxic options (cleaners, body care, etc), oil pulling, colon hydrotherapy, detox teas that stimulate elimination, extra sleep, probiotics, tonic herbs, extra water intake, rebounding, yoga and herbs. If the cleanse duration is long enough, the body can prioritize repair, release excess weight, decrease inflammation and give organs a much needed purging, rest and reset.

Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet can mean different things to different people and it will likely be something that evolves over the years. For me personally, a healthy diet boils down to an organic plant-based (vegan) diet, mostly or entirely raw in the warmer months and more cooked when it’s colder. I don’t eat soy, gluten, refined sugar, sodas or sports drinks, coffee, canned

foods or any highly processed foods. In addition to the fruits and veggies I eat, I also include high-quality tonic herbs, superfoods, seaweed and wild spring water. I enjoy gluten-free grains and legumes in moderation. I make all my food from scratch and I know all of what is going into my body. There are some little daily cleansing practices that you can do to compliment your regular healthy diet, such as hot lemon water first thing in the morning, staying well hydrated, oil pulling, sweating regularly through exercise, regular bowel movements, and taking zeolite clay.

Boost Your Creativity and Inspiration!

So what does all this cleansing and healthy eating have to do with creativity and inspiration? With cleansing, you get rid of toxic, stuck gunk and grime in your body. You get to reset your systems and you free up a ton of energy. The natural result of that is that everything – body, mind, heart and spirit benefits. Energy is freed up everywhere, especially if you actually process the emotions that will inevitably come up during a cleanse. Clarity, access to real energy, healthy cells and organs and just feeling so much better all leads to operating better on all levels. With all that gunk out of the way, feeling lighter and refreshed, with all systems operating at maximum efficiency, there is room for new ideas, courage to move forward on goals, and energy to create, attract and be in the flow. When we feel good, we are more easily inspired, and when we are inspired and living more fully, we inspire others. After cleansing, you can maintain this through a healthy clean diet. What you eat has an energy signature, character, and a unique effect on your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. With a consistently healthy diet full of vibrant plant foods and pure, non-toxic water, you become just as vibrant and pure. You radiate out the energy of those foods. Your body doesn’t waste energy with hard to digest or foreign foods, and therefore you have access to your own energy and authenticity. You don’t have to take my word for it, try it yourself!

Guest Post By Lauren Amerson

lauren amersonLauren Amerson is a raw food chef and artist based in Asheville, NC. Her experience with water fasting, juice cleansing, and a 100% raw vegan diet has given her insight into the many benefits of a plant based diet and the power of detoxifying the body, mind, heart and spirit.Her passion is to share with others the many delicious possibilities and benefits of eating and living well; to cook creatively and eat intuitively. You can find her recipes, insights and tips through her youtube channel and website.


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