40: How is Your Website Bringing in More Clients?

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Jessica Freeman is an award-winning graphic and web designer that helps health and fitness business owners build authority and get more clients. When she’s not working with clients, you can find her teaching inside her Better Collective community and Work Your Website challenges. Jess has been featured in over 50 different podcasts and publications and also runs her own YouTube channel and her podcast, The Digital Lounge.

In this episode, Jessica Freeman explains the importance of a simple website and how you can start with just a landing page. Squarespace has cover pages, which include only a photo and a few paragraphs. If you only have a landing page, you can still start collecting email addresses from it. Make sure that your message is unambiguous. People in the health and fitness industry get caught up in the broad message; stand out by niching down. Our websites are always evolving. Once you launch your website, that is just the beginning.

We can make our marketing super simple with a pdf or a YouTube link. After all, we need to focus on the big picture. A group would be the best-case scenario. Post your videos to the group and start building a community. Every time your audience has a question, write it down, and use it on your website. Make sure to pay attention to how people are talking on your social media and emails. It makes creating content so much easier.

Jessica explains why we need to simplify our offers. We can have multiple options; however, it makes it easier to market with fewer options. Currently, we are going back to old school marketing. It’s the back offers that matter, the ones you mention when you are on the phone with someone. Coaches think they can fix every different problem – we need a place to start. What is the hero’s journey? Once you figure that out, you can start designing your offers.

We have the freedom, and we make money when we engage. Even though everything is digital, it doesn’t mean we can be hands-off. People won’t just arrive at your blog. They will arrive at your blog when you have great SEO and an excellent website. The funnel and the bot aren’t going to do the engagement work for you – we still have to talk to people. It can be discouraging when you don’t have traffic on your website. For instance, a coach might get bummed out when only ten people visit their website in a day. We have to remember those are ten actual people! What if you introduced yourself to those ten people and got them on the phone? You would have a thriving business! Some people don’t have a huge list, but maybe their Facebook group will bring enough referrals. Keep your approach simple.

The simplest way to rock business, in the beginning, is by creating content. Content marketing is valuable because people on social media are there because they are bored. When people find you on Google, they are looking intently. That’s why it’s not as essential to focus on social media. Create content around your most shared videos. Jessica started creating content videos on her iPhone. All of her videos were in one minute or less. Your content videos do not need to be ten minutes or longer! Remember, keep it simple and make sure there are actionable steps for your audience. Stay tuned as Jessica explains how to set up your membership and the importance of niching down.

Enjoy the show!

I speak about:

  • [01:45] About Jessica Freeman
  • [03:20] How to start with a landing page
  • [07:15] Using ConvertKit as your email marketing software 
  • [15:55] How simple we can make our websites and marketing
  • [20:20] We need to simplify our offers
  • [25:45] The importance of staying engaged
  • [30:20] The most straightforward ways to rock a business in the beginning
  • [37:30] Setting up your membership
  • [41:30] Hone your messaging and your niche


  • “Your website is an ever-evolving thing.” -Jessica
  • “Don’t be afraid to remove something from your website.” -Jessica
  • “Human connection matters.” -Jessica
  • “Over fifty percent of my clients have found me through my content.” -Jessica
  • “Content will help bring people to you.” -Jessica


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