Where to find your ideal client

It doesn’t matter if you just graduated from your coaching program or have been building your business for years, the one thing every health coach I talk to wants to know is… ⁠
Where do you find your next client?⁠
I get it – it can be overwhelming and scary (especially if you’re just starting out) to think about how you’re going to make this work. How will you fill your 1:1 coaching? Your groups, detoxes, or retreats?⁠
I talk to coaches daily. Yep me! I don’t funnel you to a virtual assistant. I know coaching. I know how to help you define your signature freebies, test freebies, your signature workshops, low cost-higher cost opportunities. ⁠
I coached for years online, offline, JV partnerships, free talks, paid talks, teaching and more. I rocked a 1-1 business face to face and virtually. ⁠

Here is step #1: ⁠

The easiest (and most overlooked) place to start is with where you live. Reach out to people in your local community to find out where you can host a workshop, lead a grocery store tour, or speak to your target audience.⁠
Nothing builds trust faster than face-to-face connection, so get out and meet people. Look for meetups, networking events, mom groups, or other organizations that your ideal clients might be involved with, and talk to everyone about what you do.⁠
Right now, your local networking will happen online. You can still reach out to people and pitch your services.⁠
  •  Reach out to 10 people who already know you. ⁠
  • Reach out to local venues that may be struggling during this time [spas, gyms, health food stores, offices, Crossfit, moms groups, wellness centers] , etc. ⁠
Pitch a challenge, teaching series, lunch and learn, program.⁠
I would bet 1 million bucks they all want you to teach: weight loss, how to handle stress, sleep tips, tips for combating sugar addiction, healthy pantry meals, and tips for boosting immune, gut health, balancing hormones , etc.⁠
 This is #1 Reason we create content. We help you save time creating it so you spend MORE time finding new clients and creating long lasting relationships. ⁠
We can help you.
1. Sign up for our weekly FREE teaching series here.
3. Write down 10 people who you can pitch your services and even this freebie above!
Big Love,
Rachel Feldman

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