How to Pivot in Your Health Coach Biz during uncertainty

You’re probably thinking about what to do right now with all this chaos happening, health coach!

So… I want to share something very personal with you – to help.

I live in Florida where not too many years ago we got hit HARD by a hurricane. Seeing the damage, the devastation – it changed EVERYTHING for me. My initial reactions were panic and anxiety and the LAST thing I wanted to think about was working. 

But if I gave in to those fears and lost control, I knew that not only would I lose SO MUCH that I have worked for, but I know that people depend on me. I knew I couldn’t give in to my emotions. 

I had to pivot. 

Right now, I know things seem really bad. And I’m not going to sugarcoat it – you know there’s a global pandemic, an uncertain economy, and everywhere you look you’re seeing more bad news.  

I know you’re worried about your loved ones, yourself, and I also know you’re worried about your business – I mean, if the economy is bottoming out, will people need a health coach? 

Let me tell you, the world needs you more than EVER! 

During a time of illness, fear, and struggle, people need to know exactly what they need to do to build up their immune systems, restore their gut health, and kick sugar to the curb. But more than that, they need someone who can guide them, offer them a solution in a time when everything feels so uncertain and unstable. 

I have to admit. I lost my sh*t.

I felt scared.

I felt the panic and uncertainty as we watched the stock market analysis.

I started to feel sick. I cried. I felt the sadness.

Sadness because my daughter’s school trip to Washington DC was canceled. 

Sadness that Sammy’s swimming award ceremony was canceled.

Sadness because my sister in law had to cancel the bat mitzvah.

Sadness that Max’s advanced classes are all being delayed.

My EBV was flaring up.

Zits on my chin.

Sleep was horrible.

I felt foggy.

So, I called my autoimmune biz besties.

I called my friends.

I checked on friends who had retreats scheduled.

I reached out and in the reaching out – we helped each other rise up!

I reminded myself to do this:

  1. Breathe, Rachel.
  2. Go for a run or walk.
  3. Immune support – Vitamin C, Lysine, Lauricidian, Zinc and my witchy teas [Dr. Morse Heal All Tea and Essiac Tea].
  4. Digestive Health – Kombucha, Inner-eco, Probiotica Rotation.
  5. Mindset – I listened to podcasts and read for the 20th time, Pema Chodron – When things fall apart.
  6. My liver loving goodies – chlorophyll, lemon water, spirulina and barley grass.
  7. My oils, my chinese herbs and my homeopathy.
  8. Sweat – exercise, epsom salt baths and getting in my sauna.

People need to hear how we are handling stress. Full transparency – I devoured Doritos last night during a stress freak out. 

Today I shared 10 ways to detox my body. 

[I have always been a stress eater and used to share about my potato chip addiction.]

What can you share right now?

How can you help people in this time of stress?

The world needs someone exactly like you who can stand out from the chaos, negativity, and madness, and put positivity into the world as a voice of reason! 

Think about it – how many times over the past few days have you seen someone say “Enough is enough! What’s next?” because there’s been SOME type of crisis going on for two years (or more!)

Tornadoes tearing through Nashville and Dallas, fires burning across Australia and California, earthquakes – it doesn’t stop! 

I am not saying this to scare you or to spark anxiety – the exact opposite! 

We need to be in a state of READINESS at all times – ready to stand up, serve the world, and do everything we can to be a positive force. 

Look, I know it’s scary to even THINK about taking a step in your coaching business right now, but now is the time YOU NEED TO PIVOT

Here are the 5 things you need to do to pivot and set yourself back up for success:

  • REVISIT YOUR “WHY” – Why are you a coach? Why did you put in so much work, get your certifications, and launch your own business? Feel your passion again.

  • GO LIVE – Everyone is reaching out across social media, looking for answers, looking for a voice – YOU need to be the voice of health during a health crisis. Share recipes, tips for resting and soothing anxiety, exercise and fitness challenges during social distancing – lead them to your group and start list building.

  • TRIM THE EXPENSES – If there are expenses that aren’t serving you (personally AND professionally), cut them loose. If you aren’t using a big, expensive platform like Kajabi, get rid of it, downgrade, whatever you’ve got to do.

  • REGROUP – Do what you need to do to get into the headspace so you can go online and take your business virtual. Use the resources and tools you have and start making an impact.Use tools like zoom, loom, voxer, acuity, eventbrite, and google hangout, google documents, dropbox, and Facebook groups.

      • Zoom – I use this to host webinars, live classes, and group coaching calls. Loom – I use the free version to record myself or my screen. 
      • The best voice/text chatting app around! This app allows you to connect and send audio messages back and forth with your clients (or whoever) without getting cut off at the 1 minute mark the way that Facebook audio messages do.
      • Acuity Your virtual online assistant tool to book your client appointments (free or paid sessions). You can even offer paid group classes and collect payment using acuity as well.
      • Eventbrite – This is one of the first tools I used in the beginning of my coaching business. I used this to host and share events for workshops, programs, and more. You can even collect payment on this site if you are doing a paid event.
      • Google Hangout – Use these hangouts to meet up virtually.
      • Google Share, edit, organize all in one place. You can also use google drive to store your files, use documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. (For free!) 
      • Dropbox This is also another option to share, edit, and organize your files. (I personally use both Google Docs and Dropbox in my business.)
      • Facebook Groups – You can use groups to connect with your audience online. You can share videos, recipes, tips, and more inside of your groups. You can either have a paid or public or even a secret group. (All of it is free!)
  • COLLABORATE – Other businesses are worried during this time – reach out and see who you can partner with to build networking opportunities and also share your impact! Spas, gyms, yoga studios, and chiropractors/acupuncturists may all be looking for a partnership right now to offer something virtual like a spring detox. You can split the profit and share.

Whatever you do, you can’t just sit there and do nothing when the world needs you. 

Worried about money? I GET it. 

But this moment is about more than money. The world needs changemakers – LIKE YOU – people who can provide their amazing gifts, kindness, and service to the world. 

For example, offer a “Pay What You Can” – I’ve done this SO many times, and not only was I able to serve my sisterhood, I was compensated for my time. 

Look, right now, we’re at a precipice – there are AMAZING people out there acting as a force for good, but there are also a lot of people pushing negativity and pain. We need all the good we can if we’re going to get through this. 

You need to be the good you want to see in the world. 

I’m here to help in any way I can. 

If you’re ready to stand up and do something, I want to help. 

I’m offering a 25% off coupon for ANY single Done for You Program from now through 3/24 at midnight. 

Here are some recommendations during this time:

  • Kid’s Wellness – This is perfect for families and a great way for parents to help strengthen their kids’ immune systems and stop eating all the junk while they’re out of school! You can even do online cooking classes!
  • Spring Detox or New You Weight Loss – Collaborate with a local gym that’s open or connect with a spa or chiropractor who needs to go online and run a group program with them!
  • 12 Month Membership Program –  Remember this is the best time to host workshops, classes and memberships.


If you already used our coupon code when we initially launched last week, this is a chance for you to get another program for 25% off.

Click here to start shopping  → 

We’ll get through this – you’re not alone, and I’m here to help in any way I can!

P.S. Check out the latest episode of the podcast out now! I’m sharing “Why and How You Should Start a Coaching Business In This Time of Crisis”. Are you ready to pivot? Can you create a mindset shift of abundance and compassion? Do you see this as an opportunity to rise above together? I DO. Which is exactly why I chose to have this important conversation now. 

In this episode, I talk about how NOW is the perfect time to help others and coach with or without the COVID-19 situation. You’ll be able to leave this podcast episode knowing how to identify your client avatar, manage coaching struggles, and tap into the tools you need for your coaching business.

Don’t miss out! → Click HERE to Listen


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