How to Create Niche Specific Content for your wellness biz

This week we are downloading, editing and brainstorming all the ways we can use content.

Creating the new 6 part training series: How to Create Your Low Cost Offer brought me back to the days of Rachel’s Wellness, I started my wellness biz in 2010.

I celebrated Mother’s Day last week during this Corona Virus.

I thought of all the people I was so blessed to coach – 1-1 face to face, 1-1 virtually, groups, Do it yourself programs, grocery shopping tours, masterclasses, low cost talks etc.


The BONUS FREE TRAINING ABOVE is a 30 minute training I did in our membership this week.

  • Define the niche
  • Define the pillars
    Edit the content and personalize the content to your niche’s needs problems and desires

Attracting ideal clients who pay you for your programs starts with getting to know exactly what’s going on with them.

I realized this: You need to create hight value content for your niche. But how do we do this?

  • Testing our niche
  • Reaching out to people who have a list [spa, gym, chiro, wellness spa]
  • Getting people to TEST your program and get feedback
  • By showing up constantly and tapping into your niche’s pain points, the roadblocks, the desires, the fears and a solution to meet your ideal client at different commitment levels is the solution to your frustration

This means speaking to people.

The simple 2-step process below will help you understand exactly what your ideal client is struggling with, how they think and feel, and how to find the exact words to use in your messaging.

The language that attracts paying clients will come from talking with people who fit within your niche (that you started figuring out in Part 1 of this series) and then using what they say in your marketing.

Grab a green juice, and let’s do this! Grab the kit here.

Step 1: Do Some Practice Coaching or Beta Testing

You’ve already got a network of friends, family, and co-workers, and they’re probably your biggest cheerleaders.

If you’re a new coach, start by tapping into your current network and talking to people who might fit your ideal client profile.

Here’s how:


  • Create a post on Facebook saying that you’re launching your new business (or new program or offer).

Say this in your post: “I’m giving away 1 free program to 5-10 amazing people who want to stop yo-yo dieting, quit their sugar addiction, and have tons more energy. In exchange, I’ll ask you for a 30-minute interview and testimonial. The people I’m looking for are [insert qualities of your ideal clients].

  • You’ll use that 30-minute interview to ask them questions and get feedback on your program.

Offline [people in your backyard that know and trust you]:

  • Reach out to people you know (friends and family) who already TRUST you.Make the same offer to have 5-10 people join your program for free in exchange for feedback and a testimonial.


  • Edit and personalize the 4-day jumpstart
  • You can use this 4 day and get testimonials/social proof
  • Look at the promotional images
  • Brainstorm your plan for this week.
  • Upload final PDF to a dropbox
  • Get organized
  • Once you are organized, then it is super easy to declare deadlines, dates for emails

Get the FREE List Building Starter Kit here.

If you’re already an established coach, announce the beta test of your new program for a deeply discounted rate. Again, in exchange for feedback and a testimonial.

Make sure to pre-qualify the people who you’re inviting into your free programs (or beta tests). They need to be a close match to your ideal client, so include a few points in your Facebook post about who your beta is for.

It’s OK if you aren’t 100% sure of your niche yet. Just go with who you’re feeling called to work with right now – this process will help you understand who you love working with and who you don’t.

We are here for you to thrive.

We help you save time. We create the content – you buy it, brand it – launch it and be the rockstar coach your client deserves!

xo, Rach


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