How to Create Signature Wellness Biz: Hormone Health

I want you to have success!

Struggling to get 5 people into your online and offline program?

Struggling to get a system in place to take your clients from A to Z?

Need a program that leads your clients into a 3, 6 month, or even a VIP program?

You have to meet health coach Megan.

"I remember seeing other coaches in the support group getting 50-100 people in their group, and while I was only getting 5 people - I didn’t quit. I had a baby on the way and a little one at home so I needed this to get my business going. I now get 100 people in my group. I would not have been able to do this without Rachel’s programs."
Megan Rand Blacksmith
Hormone Specialist

Megan started her career at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she was part of a 20 person study group where she lives, and one coach turned to her and said we are about to be at the 6 month mark – what are we going to do? But then – this happened. They found the Done-For-You Programs for Health Coaches. She said… I am so excited that I found this program created by Rachel Feldman! She immediately knew she had a time-saving program full of information, that she could easily launch.

These programs are what every coach needs to get niche-specific, build a business from the ground up and find your I-D-E-A-L client.

Create a system like Megan.

Look at this hormone system…

Cleanse → Group Coaching → Membership

This is what you can do.

Buy the….

21-Day Hormone Detox

You can use this as a

  • 1-1 Work with Me – 30 Day Jumpstart
  • A Do-it-Yourself program
  • Group Program – online or offline

Then let’s define your next offer or the next step on your work with me!

12 Month Hormone Membership

6 Month/12 Modules – Retune Your Hormones

Women’s Wellness Hormone Program

4 Month Reboot

Adrenal Restart

You can do this with any niche.

Just follow these steps.

1. What will I offer for the person at stage 1 in my business?

2. Where will I lead them next?

3. What problems do I solve?

The problems you solve are your workshops, webinars or freebies to test your market.

Then ask – ” what is missing from my business or my funnel?


What is a customer lifecycle? A customer lifecycle is about retention, it’s about building relationships, and it’s about the longevity of your business! It’s how you create LOYAL buyers and get REPEAT clients.

Why do you need a customer lifecycle? Well for starters, without it… you’re doomed. Remember the song ‘whip it’? Think back to the 80’s… ‘whip it… into shape…’ Yeah, that one. That’s what we call a… ONE.HIT.WONDER.

You don’t want a one hit program and never get any clients again, do you?

Of course not!

Let me ask you…

What’s your customer lifecycle process? Don’t have one? If not, let’s change that!

Use this 1 simple funnel strategy to improve your customer lifecycle process!

For The Autoimmune Niche



1. The Ultimate Gut Health Bundle

Video + Freebie Bundle

2. Combine the Gut Health Bundle with the Leaky Gut Workshop

Gateway Program:


Stress Course – (needed for all niches)

21-Day Hormone Detox (for those of you who work Autoimmune + Hormones)

Next Level Program:


Adrenal Restart (for those of you working gut, autoimmune, hormones)

Restore your Gut Health (gut, autoimmune, hormone)

6 Week AIP *you can extend this program as suggested in the guides (autoimmune, gut, hormones)

The Candida Reset (gut, hormones, autoimmune)

The key to crafting a system for your:

  • 1-1 business
  • Online or Offline Groups

Is to save T-I-M-E!

When you have an on-boarding process for your 1-1 clients, using the done for you programs, you will lessen time…

  1. Session notes
  2. Searching for recipes
  3. Putting together e-guides on the fundamentals: best probiotics, skin brushing, tongue scraping, epsom salt baths, stress reduction tips and more….

When you have a step-by-step process for your business, you will convert more clients when you have a:

  • strategy session
  • workshop
  • webinar
  • challenge

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