How to Get Clients from a Workshop

Organizing a health coach workshop can feel scary but it does not have to.

This is how I built Rachel’s Wellness.

  1. I hosted workshops offline (paid and low cost)
  2. I hosted 3 hour workshops at yoga studios.
  3. I did low cost workshops at the local Juice shop in Delray, Florida.
  4. I did health fairs and vendor tables to showcase my offerings.
  5. I taught ” How to Detox” at several healthy food cafe’s
  6. I collaborated with local brick and mortar and did ” show me” workshops. My favorite ones were “How to Make Low Sugar Smoothies, ” How to Juice in 10 minutes” How to make protein balls” ” How to Eat for Energy”

I built my Health coaching biz offline doing workshops (paid and free).

Coaching workshops, if done right, can impact your business and improve your credibility as a health coach. Hosting a workshop, you can show your experience and skills. You can lead people to:

  • A low-cost offering (program)
  • Your 1-1
  • Products, MLM products

Here are the tips which can help you create superb workshops and attract more clients.

Pick the Topic Cleverly

To have a successful workshop, it all begins with the topic. Take time to research your topic choices and choose the one that would best fit your ideal client or niche.

Interesting and Friendly Introduction is a Must

Welcome all of your participants warmly and appreciate them for choosing to trust you and attend your workshop. To maximize your time, you must plan it very carefully and grab their attention right from the start. Let everyone who is there know EXACTLY what they will be learning during your time together.

Sustain Smooth Flow

Once you have their attention and everyone is focused, you’ll need to connect the dots and make them understand how what you’re saying applies to them. For example, if you’re planning to start a weight loss program afterward, you can talk about sugar, weight loss, hormonal health, stress, gluten.

The possibilities are endless when you have great CONTENT.

Check out the done for you content we create. 

You Buy it. Brand it. Launch it.

Here are some of our workshops. Our done for you programs come with workshops as well.

The Teaching Component or Demonstration

Your audience will stay focused and engaged with you if you are giving them value. Make your presentation is the perfect fit for your ideal client so they see the value in the offer you are providing at the end of the workshop.

Introduce the Program to Your Audience

When you feel a connection and your attendees begin taking an interest in the subject, you can begin to introduce your program. Make the transition from teaching into selling as seamless as possible so that it doesn’t feel and look pushy. For example, if you’re discussing the importance of healthy eating, you can point out at the end of your workshop which program you are offering that they can register for to know more about your program.

Provide Free Workshop

Think about your ideal client.

What problems do they have?

What presentation would be the problem solver?

Remember, your job is to connect the dots during the presentation and lead them to a group, 1-1 or a membership.

Here is a quick outline on how to plan and run your workshop:

  • Look for a place (facility or home) to host your workshop
  • Choose your topic
  • Create a powerpoint and convert to PDF so your audience can follow with you
  • Have a workshop registration sheet for participants
  • Follow up the next day with all participants with a link to your schedule with a PS on what you’re selling or offering.
  • Send a second email three days after inviting to a lost cost plan or do it yourself.


Want to offer a Paid Workshop?

Imagine making $300 with one workshop offline.

$30 with 10 people = $300

Imagine hosting a cooking class offline and making $500.

$50 with 10 people = $500

Imagine doing one cooking class or paid workshop at $50 w/ 10 people 8X a year.

You just made $4k without even spending a second online.

Love online?

Buy one workshop, like our brand new hormone workshop and charge $30 for the webinar.

Charge $30

Goal is 15 people

You made $450

Big Love,


This is our Coach Feature Spotlight this week. Coach Chloe, who specializes in gut health.

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