Create Your Lead Magnet in a Day

The quality of your lead magnet is so important that it can literally make or break your email marketing business. If people receive a lead magnet that has been slung together and looks like it was written in 10 minutes, then they are not very likely to read your email newsletter are they?

This creates a dilemma for a lot of marketers. They think that a quality lead magnet will take days to research and prepare in order for it to be of the highest quality. This is definitely not the case and it is possible to create a quality lead magnet in just one day!

Step 1: Create Your Cover Graphic

You can do this for free on site like Canva or if you really feel like you are at a loss you can use and get a great cover designed. Go for the next day service so that you can get your lead magnet out as fast as possible. Keep it simple!

When using canva here’s a tip: choose the 8.5×11 inch size so that it fits your standard size paper when you save it to your lead magnet. AND best of all? If you can’t get your creative juices flowing, Canva gives you templates you can start from and then customize with your own images and brand colors/fonts.

Step 2: Solve a Problem

You do not want to give too much away with your lead magnet. If you do this then what are you going to tell them in your emails? There is no reason why your lead magnet cannot be only a few pages long, but filled with useful information that solves one problem only.

Figure out what exactly is a pain point for your niche, touch on it, but don’t give it all away. Always make them want or need to come back for more.

Step 3: The Framework

You need to plan your lead magnet and break it down into parts. There may be areas where you do not have expert knowledge, but never let that worry you. You can usually find all of the answers that you need with a good Google search. Use your own words of course!

The best lead magnets are presented in a step by step format. First do this and then this and so on. You may want to provide screenshots or other graphical materials. Be as creative as you can when describing concepts or ideas in your lead magnet. The more examples you can provide the better it will be.

Step 4: Write it Out

You have your plan in place and you know what you want to discuss in each section. It is now time to get busy with the writing. There is no set structure that you need to follow here. The main thing is that the lead magnet is easy to read and has a step by step approach to it.

It is all about communicating and educating. Add as many stories and metaphors as you can when it comes to explaining things. If you are humorous then add humor. In terms of page length it really does depend on the type of problem you are solving. If there is a requirement for a lot of images then this will increase the number of pages.

Step 5: Proof It & Final Touches

When you have finished writing your lead magnet, take a short break and then read it thoroughly from cover to cover. Make sure that there are absolutely no grammar mistakes or typos.

With any word processing software, you should be able to add borders and other formatting to make the lead magnet next level amazing. Once you have proofread and applied the necessary formatting all you need to do is add your cover image to the first page. Then convert the whole thing to a PDF and you are ready to build your squeeze page and start driving traffic.

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