110. How to Nail Down Your Niche When You Are LOST AF!

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Niching down doesn’t have to be a forever commitment – because it’s going to evolve as you and your health coaching business evolves. So instead of waiting for perfection to start your business, I want you to table your fears around niching down and step into your ideal client’s shoes so you can figure out what they need help with and deliver value around it. There will never be a perfect starting point for your niche –but for your future clients to succeed, you have to start somewhere, even if it seems scary.

In today’s episode, I am talking about how to nail down your niche. I’m giving my best tips and insight from my own experience and the experiences of coaches I’ve worked with. I’m telling you exactly how to push past the fear and overwhelm around niching down, different ways you can step into your client’s shoes, and how to conduct market research. Plus, I’ll help you map out a marketing blueprint that not only hones your messaging so you attract the right people but also enables you to develop content and programs that are valuable for your clients.

This episode is packed with some juicy insight, so don’t miss out and click that play button!

Good morning, guys, or good evening, wherever you live, I just want to say hello. I also want to address a few questions that have come in through our free Facebook group have come in also through messages, yourhealthcoachbiz.com, personal messages, etc. 

There are a lot of coaches that have told me, I’m really overwhelmed with my niche. I don’t have clarity, how do I get clarity, Rachel? So I want to actually share a PDF that I created yesterday, thinking about every question that you guys have been having. And the only way that I could put this down in a way that’s really cohesive is to map out where I started. 

Also, to help you understand and hear this clearly, just because you say, I’m going to start with this niche, you’re not going to have to keep that forever. There are many coaches like myself that started out as a gut coach. Then I wanted to work on the emotional part. I started talking about that and working with people with eating issues and stress eating, which was a huge part of my life. I tested out that niche and I found that it just wasn’t fulfilling me. I loved working with the people that I worked with, I loved networking, and really showcasing myself as that person for the family that’s going through this for either the young girl or the mom, the person that I was directly working with. 

But I did change that. I got extremely clear, very niche specific in about year two. So please keep in mind that if you’re feeling like you serve everyone, I’m going to take you through this simple step. I want you to actually hold yourself accountable. 

A big thing about success as a wellness entrepreneur is knowing this, we all have fear. We all have imposter syndrome stuff. If you are like me, because I’m a recovering analysis paralysis. I go in just overthinking everything to the point where I either crash and burn with adrenal burnout. Or I’m moving so fast that it’s hard to not feel overwhelmed. 

So what I want you to do is to say, I’m going to attack this, I’m going to declare what I’m doing. Because if not, you’re going to be like many of the coaches who say, I wanted to do this three years ago, or Rachel, I spoke to you three years ago, I’m still in the same place. This is coming out of the perfection zone. 

So here are the steps I want you to take. I want you to give yourself three days, three days is a lot, that’s 86,400 seconds each day. If I can birth the baby, if I can get myself feeling right and leave a hospital in 48 hours with no drugs with both pregnancies, I am sure you can think of a lot of situations in your life where you have just pushed through the overwhelm. Even in your own health journey. There’s not a perfect one blueprint for our health journey. That’s why you are so unique. That’s why that person is hiring you because of your unique approach to health. 

So that’s what we’re gonna dive into, not just nail down your niche, I have the niche course at Rachael feldman.com. We have all of that. But I want to show you the nitty gritty of this practice that is truly going to change the way that you coach and also how you view yourself. 

Remember, it doesn’t have to be forever, it’s going to evolve. There is not a perfect starting point. Those who hold on to that don’t ever start. They don’t ever click live on the blog, live on the live on the webinar, they sit and they just think and think and think and think more. So I really want you to just table your fears come into gratitude. Come into your ideal clients shoes, feel that pain that they feel. Think about each of these specific ideal client avatars, these different personalities within the people that you’re going to attract your dream client. 

When we come out of analysis paralysis, when we come out of number crunching, and I’m all about mapping out your financial blueprints and your business plan. A lot of us people like me, it just squashes our intuitive gut intuition. So if you’re like me, I’m going to take you on exactly how I was able to push past all the fears, all the overwhelm and really step into my clients shoes. 

Getting Clear On Who You Attract & What Their Struggles Are

To this day, the best sales and marketing coaching advice that I was given is this is not about you, Rach, this is for you to pull out these stories of your life, say, what do I really want to be known for? Who do I need to teach? What’s missing in this world that I know that I can contribute because of these experiences? I know this has to be different in the world. And that’s where we step into a service-based mindset. That will over overtake any fear that will allow you to also tap into the mind the psychology of your buyer, that potential consumer who’s digesting information as they’re scrolling, or maybe they hear you, they’re going to convert because you are tapping into the intuition of what this person needs to hear from you. 

Because you’re so clear on who you attract. You’re so clear on maybe the type of personalities that you’re attracting, you’re so clear on the different levels of problems that you attract. And this is a perfect sample in any niche ketogenic mindset, weight, gut, autoimmune, detoxification, emotional eating, I mean, think of it. We’re running our businesses and our approach to our business, like a standard book on health issues. It’s not that way, we are connecting and communicating with human beings. 

So come out of that overwhelm, and visualize this person, you have to see it to believe it, you have to visualize this every day, you have to see those people coming and saying, every day, I’m going to put out amazing content that solves this problem. Every piece of content solves a problem. Every post that you do either connects you to that person or drives them away. When you’re sitting there and you’re like what does my ideal client need to hear? 

Don’t sit there and say, Oh, I don’t know my niche. You do know it, you straight up knew it the day that you entered whatever school or you left, whatever job, or you said, the day that you broke to your knees, and you were like, please, please God, or please whomever you pray to, or in your visualizations, or your journals, you’re sat there and you’re like, show me. Show me what I need to do. Show me the path. 

What It Means To Step Into Your Ideal Clients Shoes

When you embrace that, and you really think about your ideal client and their struggles, their trials or tribulations, how’s it affecting them in their life? How is it affecting them at work? How is it affecting them in their intimacy, with their kids, with their grandchildren, with their partner? Is it taking away from them showing up in confidence? Are they sitting there because they feel bad? Or they feel lack of confidence about x issue? How’s it affecting them to show up on a zoom? How’s it affecting them to actually live their life? It’s not just you selling? Oh, when you sign up with me, you’re gonna have x transformation. That’s not the message. 

Niche is just one part. I want you to tap into your heart and really see these people struggling. And think about where in their day? Are they up against obstacle after obstacle after obstacle after obstacle? Shame, guilt, fear? Maybe they had cancer and it’s gonna come back so every moment of their day is tabeling their fears. Fear that they will always be bulimic or binge eater or stress eater because of what happened possibly in their life, play out their life. 

This is probably one of the biggest tips for, “I don’t know my niche.” You actually do. You do know it. But so often we come into something new and we want to be told exactly what steps to take instead of calming ourselves down, stepping back into the service-based mindset and saying If no idea how I’m going to get there, I have no idea how I’m going to build it is I didn’t either stop the attack, stop did everything. 

I knew that I had to drop those fears and really think, for that woman like myself, this mom that had the birth kids, she had multiple autoimmune diagnoses, life support twice, like all these stories, all these experiences in our life. And this mom passed to her babies the stuff that I passed, I sent me a map to what are her fears? What does she need to hear from me that will truly touch her life? 

Even if I don’t have an email marketing system, which most of us in the beginning, none of us could figure it out. I couldn’t. Some people have teams, some people are able to hire virtual assistants. Some people are also just good with that. I was not. I said, what, if somebody is really blown away, no matter where they’re consuming my content. 

For YouTube, I want to make a point to just make you feel better. In my YouTube description. I didn’t even have a website, I didn’t have an email. That was Rachel’s wellness, I just was like, This is what I experienced. If you want to connect with me, here’s my email, I made it really simple. 

For that person, I let go of how many followers, how many likes, my email list, I just thought if I am showing up for this woman with theorists like me, or if I’m showing up for the me many years ago, which I knew would be an ideal client, I would attract this corporate person, this person who has high energy, probably adrenal fatigue, really, really tough on themself has a tendency to just doubt that they’re doing it, right. They also love the adrenaline, they’re that high-energy person. I knew that there was also messaging for that person who was busy corporate, who was also maybe a CEO, and a mom or CEO and a dad,  all these different things that go through that person’s head guts, usually bad. There’s IBS, there’s a lot of living on coffee, really fake energy, because that person feels like coffee, just keep going. There’s so much on their shoulders, and there’s a tendency to be overworking. 

What Do People See You As? 

When we really stop and say, What are either my own experiences? What are the experiences that I’ve witnessed? Many of you have been coaching family and friends for free for forever. Go back in your memory and your slides in your brain and say, in all these instances, when somebody came to me, a family member, a friend. 

What were the questions that they always asked me? If somebody is asking you always like, Oh, my God. You’re the person I go to for supplements what’s your favorite one? Or having metabolism issues? And oh, my God, you’re so fit or we know you went through food allergies. Can you tell me x? I’m so lost, my child got diagnosed with celiac, I don’t even know where to start. I hear gluten. I mean they’ll go on in these questions. 

How To Conduct Easy & Simple Market Research

Start writing those down in the next three days. Write down, what do people see you as? If you don’t know that, I want you to be ballsy. I want you to call contact people. If you even worked with people who were in school, go back to those notes. If you didn’t do health histories, or it’s been a long time. This is where you got to do your market research. And it’s not hard, I don’t look at analytics crazy.

Or that’s another element that takes me away from that intuitive flow of a person, my ideal client, my dream client, and then I get into franticness. So if you’re like me, and you’re like, I want to keep it simple. Here’s my big advice. Number one, reach out to five friends yours. Five friends who fit this ideal client you envision yourself seeing because envision yourself working with because it just lights you up? It lights you up to talk about this core issue, and all of these different compartments of problems. 

I’m going to talk about that just in a few. If it’s got harmonica that you love, is it metabolism? Got it? Is it sleeping got? Is it stressing god? Is it a drain on God? Is it thyroid God? I want you to really see the mass potential of all these things that you can talk about, as long as you relate it back to the core of what you want to be known for, to never confuse people. Got detox, got mindset, got natural solutions, got Candida, the list can go on. 

You’re gonna draw a circle right in the middle, you’re gonna say this is my ideal dream client. We’re gonna call our avatar one. ideal client avatar? What does she look like? Where does she live? What are the key problems, get clear first. Then you’re going to reach out to these five friends because you’re clear on this type of person. 

I’m going to give you this 14 Day program in exchange, can we hop on and do a pre-program, a 45 minute recorded talk, and then a recorded talk after? Because I want to really see the benefits that what you got from this program? Because I’m super excited to start my health coaching business. No, you’re going to be scared when I called my friends. 

When I went into a Facebook group, where I was making not my home, I was really showing up and giving consistent feedback and content there. Not a sale. High value content. I said do you mind if I asked for five people to test out my program? This is the cheapest way to get the exact verbiage, the exact messaging, the exact problem, the exact desires of the very people you work with. Five friends, because they already know you and it will be a little different of verbiage. But they’re going to fit your ideal client, these different types of people struggle with these core issues, because you’re going to declare what you’re known for in three. Then you can redefine it. 

Why The Scariest Part Is Starting

You have to start. I think this is the part you have to do it scared. That’s it, you have to do it scared, there’s not going to be one baby blanket that any person can give you that is going to layout literally all aspects of your coaching business. You’re going to learn that it’s just like riding a bike. It’s just like when a baby walks for the first time. You have to start and you’re going to fall. And you’re going to feel like you’re failing, but you’re going to fail forward because you’re going to learn. 

So 10 people, then not only do you have that market research, but even before it that you’re going to say this is what my this is avatar one, Avatar two, Avatar three, or avatar one if you just even want to keep it simple. What is this person let’s call her Beth. Beth has all these different issues. She’s got a myriad of issues, Candida stuff, foggy brain, she also gets nauseous after she eats. She has really bad sleep. She feels like she’s always swollen, her fingers are swollen. She was told that she’s got some fibroid stuff. Most people are just told, Oh you’re definitely intolerant to gluten, maybe dairy, but I don’t know your food test keep coming back with false positive ones that have false negative and she’s just lost. Think about her life. 

Why Marketing Is Assumption

What is an obstacle? I’ll give you an example so that you see how we’ve like talked this out. Obstacle one is she’s feeling overwhelmed about the holidays. She doesn’t because she doesn’t know what’s right. She’s been told all this information and she’s digesting our information from the show is in the media that she loves, like just listening to Dr. Oz. She just caught that last night and she’s listening to the doctors panel. She also reads the New York Times. 

Understand how your client is digesting our information is another important aspect of market research and also helps you to understand these potential messages because marketing is really an assumption And when we market without fear, when we show up without imposter syndrome, when we stop analyzing all the sudden, we understand that we have to actually show up because we’ve got to test, what is the information my ideal client needs. And that’s really the beauty of it. 

It’s not that any of you don’t know enough. If anything’s new guys, no way, like so much out here, it’s that we’re usually not spending enough time, marinating about our ideal client, seen our ideal client feeling, and getting people on the phone. So we can really do our market research. 

How To Conduct Market Research Offline

If you’re struggling to find people online. Go offline. There are a plethora of people in your community, your own occupants, trust your own chiropractor. Reach out to them and say, Hey, I’m doing a little market research, because I’m so excited to start my business. You will feel fear, but you’re gonna get over it because you’re gonna do it scared. 

In short, understand what this person their holiday plans. I’m worried with all these issues. Are they sick with all these issues that they’re having? Write them down. Get specific. When you get specific, and you start really being specific in your messaging, a post cancer everyone, but you’re like, oh, in this post, I’m going to talk about the five reasons and this vicious cycle of why you’re not healing on ketogenic, or why you’re not healing on a VIP program, or why you’re not healing your old trauma, or why your chakras are out of balance. 

Find out what the huge problem that they’re having in their brain and really marinate on that. So that you can say, Oh, these are the three reasons, the five reasons, or these are the seven aspects or eight aspects of a high performance CEO who wants to have make more money and have higher productivity. 

Really think if somebody with X problems were coming, what would they want to see as the solution based? What do I need to start educating them on? What do I need to teach on that is not being taught, and if it is being taught, so it comes with that success mindset that you are the leader of the pack, you are the expert, you are going to be that person who is going to Rage Against the Machine and be really strong in your conviction so that you save that person’s life. It’s that serious.

Why We Doubt Ourselves & Our Offers

I think a lot of us, we doubt ourselves. So we don’t go there, we don’t show up without conviction. You’re gonna say this is why my step-by-step process is different. This is why in my signature method, we start at phase one. Then we go to phase two. Phase one is this baseline, it’s a much more attractive conversation. 

Even in your own head, when you start to say, Okay, I want to work with this niche. I know these core problems, I know what I need to teach that sets me apart from everyone else. As you teach what you believe and you step into your power, there will be something that will take over that’s way bigger than your fear and it is your why. Not only is it your why but these are these core big vision beliefs that  re really jacked up in this world. 

Sometimes we don’t know our niche, but we have to say what I want to be known as? This expert, and I work with people with these core problems. Own your value. And then one thing that we put right here is to map it out. 

How To Map Out Your Niche

Now this isn’t 100k. Nothing happens overnight hate to be the girl breaking the dreams. It takes hard work. It takes consistent work, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. What I want you to do is download this and start just mapping out these freebies. There are a few different things you’ll see over there. These freebies are your solutions. The every content you’re going to be talking about really can showcase Your freebies, or workshops or challenge. 

You’re going to start thinking, if this person with these problems are coming in, what exactly do they need? How does this blog, this freebie, the Lives that I’m doing, the workshop that I’m hosting in my free group, the first week of every month on a Thursday? How can that workshop, create engagement or solve the problem? So you start seeing yourself as the person who is putting the pieces of the puzzle together. 

Secondly, knock this out. So you’re really thinking over the next three months? What am I going to be consistently talking about? Just declare it. Be like: I am working with extremely busy moms who have children under the age of 10, and they’re having anxiety and stress. There’s some mood issies, there’s some gut issues, and maybe they don’t even know that there are gut issues, but they’re focused on the weight part. 

So you could come at this and say wait, everyone talks about, how am I gonna make myself different? Well, I’m gonna talk about how you could actually, like a workshop, we have lose weight without ever dieting. I think that’s one of the biggest objections that people have about starting a new program. Oh, this isn’t gonna work. I did this before. I mean, this is some money to work with this coach. 

How To Position Yourself Within Your Niche

When you think of that, it’s like, okay, then attack it. Maybe you’re really going to focus on blood sugar, sugar cravings, that gut connection. You’ll position yourself as this weight loss coach, who does not take their client on a deprivation diet, that this is the missing piece to why our ideal clients are not losing weight, and feel frustrated, and then give up.

I actually said this to a coach yesterday, I said you can really position yourself in weight, either looking at Candida. looking at the adrenal part, looking at the blood sugar part, and then all the sudden you start to create this signature business, and it gets super exciting, because you’re like, holy moly, these possibilities are endless on how I can position myself. And so think about that. 

What do you want to how do you start testing your niche? How do you really also step into that place of empowerment? Think of it in my perfect dream business, how am I going to position myself in my offers? Think about the offer on the front of your website. Think about a masterclass or a workshop that you’re going to be doing. 

There are so many different cool techniques, and there are so many different easy peasy free techniques. I want you to stay in the vision first, because once we’re clear, we see it. We believe it. We start to visualize it. We see people literally coming and opting it, we see that person buying and so I need you to stay there. We can talk about tech later. Stay in the mapping it out. 

Engaging With Your Audience & Listening

How do you solve the problems with your freebies? If that person lands and even if you don’t have a website, they land on your link tree on your phone? What is the freebie? Even if somebody’s personal message us or DMS you and you don’t have a list? Great. What are you giving them in a conversation? You can say hey, thanks so much for reaching out, like what prompted you to reach out? Open question, then they’re going to reply. They’re going to tell you everything. We just have to actually listen. 

Oh, you saw that? Oh my god, that is so great that you saw my five-day gut challenge. I did a video for each day because I know that my client get so overwhelmed with even picking the right probiotic, let alone be sure to refrigerate it or not. Then do you want me to send you this? Or can I add you to my email list? Yeah, I would really love that. 

Actually start to think in these personal conversations, whether you’re reaching out on LinkedIn, or you’re reaching out to a professional and say I would love to write a newsletter, and then I can also give a free gift. What problems are you solving? How do you see yourself really showing up because this is actually the exciting part. You get to solve the very problems you know are extremely broken in the world. 

Gaining Clarity & Getting Niche Specific

But I want you to get niche specific. So when she really think about is that young mom? Or is it a woman in her 40s and 50s? They have completely different problems and a woman, really in her 30s, may have the same problems with gut and hormone and sleep. But that woman in her 30s is a totally different message than that women are 40s and your 50s because they’re experiencing different types of problems based on their age. That’s where we really get into the fine tuning. 

That’s why I want you guys to think more about these people than to say, is this right? Oh, my God, and to feel overwhelmed. I also added a few different classes right here so that you guys would be able to have that quick link. I did about four hours of filming yesterday because I sat there and I was like, wow, this is really hard. I know I struggled with it. I think I just had a little more clarity because I was so clear on the things I went through. I was so clear on what I wish my mom would have known when I was going through a myriad of issues as a young kid. 

I was so clear on my fears with my children, I was so clear on also the personality of the person who is this gutsy type person. Seaking to that ideal client, whether it was speaking to their mother, because I was working with a kid, or whether it was speaking to teachers. I think that’s the part that I want you to understand is that I just had to take a chance and pitch myself to the PTA and teachers at my kids Montessori. I had to take opportunities even before I completely knew what I was going to talk about. 

Mapping Out Your Lead Magnets

But I sat there and I was like, if I had all this struggle finding the solution, and I thought of different friends and family, and I actually named them as avatars, I had names for everyone. This is exactly what I did in the beginning of business is to really map out – what were my lead magnets and why? 

What were my offers? And I created little maps of my ideal client avatar. And think this person with X experiences, are they struggling and why in a world of mass information? What is the biggest problem? The biggest problem is that your ideal client doesn’t know who to trust. The biggest problem is that your ideal client, like many of us, have needed to weed through this on a very difficult path of finding their way actually works. 

So when you think of that, I want you to really think of how many times were you told, Oh this might be in your head. Second, how many times were you told just because you’re getting older? How many times were you told? Um yeah, got that Epstein Barr. Nothing you can really do. Or now that gluten doesn’t really affect your skin? Oh, no, that the detergent is not affecting your child’s like eczema. The list goes on. 

So I really want you to think about what your person is struggling with. How has their life in these last three months? Six? 9, 12? What’s happened in their life? What changes? And how can you be of service? 

How To Step Into Customer Objections & Fears

Really get specific in that — this is a perfect example. I do use the word trauma a lot. In my one on one coaching. We worked specifically on very old stories that imprinted. We worked a lot on tapping, even making sure that we were going back to that old story and reframing it, or doing writing burns. I had entire rituals for what that looked like. So I want you to really expand, I want you to write down each one of these in a bubble, and then expand in when I do trauma work. What are the steps I take somebody’s throat? I hope this is healthy. When are these toxins are environmentally affecting you? What are the biggest problems? Why does not everyone make the change? What are the obstacles that somebody actually feels to they say, oh switching from plastic oh, this is too hard. I don’t know what to do. 

Step into their objections and their fears and their past experiences, disable those fears, and say guys, maybe you’re struggling with going to glass containers, let me show you this one that I love, because XYZ and really say a big part of my system in this method is we address these, these this, you can address them all. Because that is part of your signature process. 

In my mind, there are always like six steps. I would say to my clients are about five to six things, I guarantee you, you’re doing wrong. And they’re such small things. For the majority of my clients, that was straight up true for our large portion, and that’s where I turned into more of higher ticket coach, high ticket coaching, is because there were multiple layers, multiple layers of sickness, emotional, physical, spiritual. S

Defining what that experience looks like is the game changer. I think that’s what we don’t do enough. We’re like, is this really gonna work? It’s like, make the freebie work. Make it a part of your system. The freebie is just the first piece of content, they’re grabbing onto, you have to make it work because you have to help them to understand what’s going wrong and what can even possibly go right. By showing up and really diving into these narratives, diving into these potential conversations diving into why it is so freakin unbelievable to work with each one of you. 

I had a conversation with two coaches yesterday. We were talking about their process and they said all those cool ass things that you do in your life. Like the favorite colostrum, the favorite supplements, the foods you eat, the things you do, how you overcome stress, how you handle fear, how you handle a flare, how you handle like, whatever these elements of your process and story, you have to show that transformation. 

I often see coaches who will tell me oh, I’ve worked me and I’m not trying to say this to be rude but I will straight up be blunt with my East Coast personality is that if you did it, and it was successful, you will be fully booked. Hands down.

There’s never a lack of people. There’s not a lack of people wanting to spend money. It’s whether we are doing our job of explaining why this transformation is so important. Why in our life, we go through this step by step process teaching all these different elements for our clients. 

These are the core pillars of my business and I teach this because wow, this is so simple, and yet it’s being missed in this industry. I see left and right in the industry being taught this this this. I know it doesn’t work because of this. This is why in this webinar, we’re going to dive into the three things that you are probably missing that are so easy. Or the three reasons that your child  has some emotional issues or three reasons why your child is still feeling foggy. 

Whatever it is for a reason that your kids still have food allergies with all this information with all the specialists with all everyone, let me come in and carve out all the chaos and the BS and let’s get down to business. It doesn’t mean you have to speak to my personality. 

You can ask my husband, my kids, I’m always this way, not trying to be something on social media on a webinar, I’m not trying to be someone else. When I do, my mindset goes out the trash, I want you to show up in your love language and the way that you speak. Because guess what, your clients are going to be attracted to you your vibe, people buy people, then they buy the product, and so understand what your transformation is, and understand those missing parts in the world, because it will truly save your game. It will truly allow you to actually build this thriving business where we all like, Is this possible, it’s possible, you just have to be clear. And that’s for a lot of us a problem. 

Okay, so homework. You’re going to come into the free group, because we are going to have some fun with us. Come in a free group, I want you to go live, this is a double dog dare for anybody because we’re gonna kick this year off. We’re gonna kick December off in a new way of thinking, the only thing that’s going to change the world is when we let we all let go of overwhelm. We learn how to push through our fears, we learn how to just be ourself. 

So you’re going to come in, we’re going to do a live right into the group, you’re going to tag me out Rachel Feldman and say, This is my first try of getting niche-specific, and then stay in this uncomfortable moment. This happened with somebody in my membership, Steve Fillmore. He was confused. He said last week, I’m so confused. I was like, Well, you’re in a lot of these different groups. But are you actually coming in anywhere and being vulnerable, telling somebody I really don’t know what I’m doing. I feel so overwhelmed. Dropping the ego dropping the pride and committing to stay through the overwhelm, no joke. I said that time at like, 630 in the morning. And he was like, You’re right. I’m coming in here. And boom, he has literally gotten a program out for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, he published his blog, because I said, Steve, you’re so amazing. Believe in yourself. 

Tell me also, in that video, speak to me. Where are you feeling stuck? Where do you feel like you’re not clear so that we can help help you guys live on and turn this really helps everyone? Because this stuff is so vital. 

An Example Of Niching Down

Someone asked, how do I niche down if I coach weight loss from the angle of emotional eating intuitive support? Oh, I love this and mindset. So number one, when I talked about those elements, I would say a great example that I can think of somebody who just bought, I actually have a lot of intuitive eating coaches right now. One is, this is how I would position it as I would your niche, you are an intuitive eating coach. I think you’re clear, actually on the niche. I think where we get stuck is how do we show ourselves different than somebody else? 

So first, I would go back to that homework that I talked about. This avatar, are you attracting this woman who is ready to step into this intuitive path? Is she open-minded? Is she willing to do that work? Is she willing to dive deep? What fears does she have? Is she scared that she’s going to have all this trauma? All these really scary things that she’s pushed down for so long. 

That’s where I want you to marinate in. What is a game changer for this woman? Then I want you to also see yourself as this different coach. I want you to write down about 10 little stories that have been in your life about why you do this coaching. How your coaching is different because I’ve worked with enough intuitive impasse, and every different person I’ve ever worked with is completely different in their approach, and really what they want to focus on. 

So I would say that, if you are talking about this from the weight loss perspective, to really define what is that big fear about letting go of the diet, I do have a few coaches who are positioning with you don’t have to, you don’t ever have to diet. You can eat these amazing foods and really tackle that fear of letting go of the control. 

You could also position yourself if you’re talking about universal light and really tapping into the power and really set yourself apart by focusing I have another coach, he does this, like on the five day meditation challenge on the seven day chakra challenge and really come in the element of building up that self worth, self confidence that the being able to open up soul and heart to feel the compassion so that we let go the control. 

You might want to actually really go at that controlling fear. Because the truth is most of us handle. Most of us control myself included. It’s a big part of my eating issues. It’s fear. It’s like when too many things feel overwhelming to control. Many of us naturally do that many of us may be adopted these addictions. Because there was trauma, there was no disharmony or maybe things weren’t safe, or maybe it was totally safe. But that person felt that it wasn’t or doubted themselves. There are so many different elements of the human psyche, that when we actually say, wow how do I want to speak to this ideal client? I think it actually brings us like I said, back into our heart. 

I hope this was great. I am really grateful for all of you. I have worked on my mindset for, say six weeks to come out of a really pooping place that I felt. And we’re all in this together. That’s what I’m trying to say. 

I love you guys. I will see you later. Hasta la Vista. Ciao. Shalom. Konnichiwa. I don’t know any other languages. Bye, guys.

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