How to Package Your Signature Program

When I first started as a health coach, I struggled to put together a program that would save me time and also get my clients incredible results.

All the efforts – handing out business cards and brochures, hosting workshops, passing out flyers, creating local partnerships… it was all paying off.

But then came the hard part.

My clients needed a plan… and I needed to stop re-creating the wheel every time I signed on a new client. (That’s how I got started creating the Done-For-You Programs.)

Creating A Signature Program

One of the most important things you can do as a health coach is to create a signature program.

This is the coaching program that you will be known for, and that will magnetically attract clients to you.

Your signature program should be something that you are passionate about and that you know can help your clients achieve their health goals.

It should also be unique to you and your coaching style.

  • How do you structure that into a program?
  • What do the sessions look like? How long are they?
  • What is the best time frame and length for sessions?
  • What about the follow-up?
  • What is included in the coaching package?

That’s a lot of questions to answer, but they are big roadblocks for many health coaches when they are trying to build a signature program in their business.

I love busting through roadblocks, so let me help you break through this one and finally get your signature program up and running.

First, you need to come up with the content for your program.

This means taking some time to really think about what you want to include and what will be the most helpful for your clients.

Are you a weight loss coach helping your clients start shedding pounds?

Do you coach clients to overcome a stressful lifestyle and finally find peace?

Or are you on a mission to help women balance their hormones naturally?

These are just some of the many ideas you can package into a signature program.

Once you have that, you can start mapping out how the program will be laid out and how you will work with your clients.

That includes your sessions, group engagement (if you have one), and the timeframe your program will be delivered.

Session planning is a huge struggle for many coaches…

5 Principles For A Solid Delivery

But if you break each session and module down based on these 5 principles, you’re guaranteed to have a solid delivery.

  1. Have a clear focus for each session.
  2. Create subtopics that support the main focus.
  3. Develop a lesson or activity related to each subtopic.
  4. Find a way to measure progress or success.
  5. Put together a system for accountability, support, and follow-up.

If you’re working with clients one-on-one, you can easily weave all of these elements into your sessions.

But if you want to offer group programs, you’ll need to be a little more structured and planned in your approach.

The key is to create a system that allows you to deliver your content in a way that’s organized and keeps your clients engaged.

Some health coaches love Practice Better, while others love Kajabi.

And some use Guides in their Facebook Group and eliminate all the tech.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way.

You just need to ensure that your clients have easy access to your signature program.

Are you doing live classes or coaching sessions on Zoom, hosting a FB group, creating a WhatsApp channel?

Knowing and planning this ahead of time gives your clients a smooth experience engaging with you and everyone else in the program.

Lastly, don’t forget about following up with your people during and after the program.

Check in on them, send them reminder emails for upcoming sessions, so they remember to attend.

Be ready to guide them to the next step in their customer journey with you once they finish.

Whether that is a membership, a more intensive program, or expanding their wellness goals.

Letting them know the next steps they need to take while still motivated is more likely to create repeat buyers than a simple “good luck” as you send them on their way.

And ALWAYS ask for testimonials.

Proof of concept will build trust in your brand, but people don’t always gush about their experience unless you ask them.

You can ensure that your program is well-organized, cohesive, and effective by following these steps, whether you are doing 1:1 sessions or hosting a group.

That means better results for everyone.

It takes a long time to package a program from scratch, especially when you count in all of the time it takes to develop recipes, meal plans, and layout the sessions.

Don’t worry. I got your back with Done-For-You Programs in any Niche.


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