46: How to Use the 12 Month Hormone Program with Nicole Tatro

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On today’s episode, I am talking with Nicole Tatro.  Nicole is an amazing physical therapist and health coach.  She had a brick and mortar business for 10 years.

We are going to talk about how to bring this amazing brick and mortar business into the virtual world.  We also discuss the possibilities of the 12 Month Hormone Program.  

Enjoy the show!

In this Episode:

[02:29] Nicole is a physical therapist and health coach.  She started her own practice 10 years ago.  

[03:26] She is ready to niche down and has decided she wants to help premenopausal moms like her.   

[04:32] It is really important to know the problems of your ideal client.  

[05:21] What am I known for? What do I want to teach?

[06:20] It is important to get specific in your offers. You also need to understand the journey you are taking your clients through.  

[06:57] The pain becomes the offer and the product.  

[08:45] It is about understanding what your ideal client wants, taking that and getting specific, creating test freebies so you can covert.  

[13:10] What sets you apart? 

[14:15] Nicole would love to bring her business online and offer a membership option with small actionable doable things.  

[15:49] What does your ideal client need to hear from you?  

[16:06] Through the power of video, people connect to us, and that connection leads to conversion

[19:41] Get back to the basics of asking people and getting real-life comments.     

[25:39] A blog post should be shared with a video and image to Pinterest.  

[28:21] With digital marketing, we become known as the expert, get specific, and be louder.   

[30:19] Our clients’ big problem is they are overwhelmed in a world of information.  

[32:05] Your core teaching pillars are what really set you apart.  

[33:24] Low-cost offers on Facebook Ads really work.    

[34:55] Sweeten the VIP experience. 

[39:31] You are only taking on the person that exactly fits and is ready for a 1 on 1 spot. 

[41:42] Map out the offers and then fill out the prices.   

[43:27] It is the personalization and being in your tribe that people want.   

[46:53] You can get yourself seen, known, and build the like know and trust factor before you are launching your program. 

[48:09] We can build a six-figure business by being smart in how we use content, constantly listening to our ideal client, and where they want to go and what feels in alignment with our teachings.  

[49:23] Find your larger offer and then decide what are the upsells and downsells. 

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Russell Brunson

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