47: Empowering Coaches with Christine Blubaugh

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On today’s episode, I am talking with Christine Blubaugh. Christine is a magical message maker, copywriter, and funnels and website expert. We are talking about empowering coaches. We discuss how you get seen, known as an expert, and hired. We also discuss how to nail down your key message and get comfortable with sharing your message. When you nail down your message and know your ideal client, the words will come.

Enjoy the show!

In this Episode:

In Today’s Episode:

[02:45] Christine is a copywriter. She started an online business as a health coach and then in 2016 she switched her business to copywriting to better utilize her skills.  

[03:19] Christine’s approach is to really help her clients build connections with their audience through their messaging, so when it comes to selling it kind of takes care of itself.  

[05:57] The reason why you are trying all the things and it isn’t working is because they are teaching you tactics. They can be effective, but in order to be helpful and effective, they have to be based on your message.  

[06:26] If you don’t have the foundational pieces put together and completely solidified all those strategies and tactics will fall flat.  

[06:58] Your niche is the problem that you solve and the person that you solve that problem for. 

[08:05] What is my ideal client intentionally searching for on Google, Youtube, and Pinterest?

[08:32] Once you have an understanding of their main problem and who you solve that problem for, the next step is to really think about that person you are solving that problem for. 

[10:14] Understanding your ideal client avatar is the first step to creating a super solid and clear message. 

[11:55] If we had a hidden camera following your ideal client around for a day, what would we see? 

[13:34] Get really specific and know all the details of your ideal client. 

[14:32] The second thing is that you need to be really clear on what it is you are actually selling.  What is your offer, program, or service and how does it solve the problem for them?   

[15:15] If they are stuck on struggle island and you want to get them to the tropical paradise, your offer is the bridge that is going to get them across there.  

[18:31] Webinars, Facebook ads, and social media are like the walls, shingles, and decorations of your house, but you are not going to put any of that up until you have laid the foundation.     

[20:23] The real clarity comes once you start sharing your message and getting feedback and then making adjustments.  

[21:40] Perfection isn’t a thing and improvement comes from the sharing.  

[23:19] At every level, people need help clarifying their message. You are always refining your message. 

[24:47] The third part is your story. How did you come to do the work you do? Why does it matter to you and why are you passionate about helping people? 

[25:31] It is not your entire story. It is your process including your before and after stories.  

[26:01] Be clear on your why, the steps you took to get where you are, and be willing to share that openly. 

[30:39] Test your message. Share your message and see what people respond to.  

[33:59] Just because people are asking you about a certain thing doesn’t mean you should make your whole business about it.  

[34:34] Figure out what the hot button topics are for your people and then talk about your opinions and ideas related to those topics.  

[35:23] It is not as difficult as we make it. 

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