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Ready to launch your New Year’s Weight Loss Program?

If you are a visual learner like me, then this webinar is for you. I am so happy to share everything that has worked for me in my health coaching business so you can launch online and offline with ease and crush it this 2018.

2. offline

3. 1:1

4. partnerships with gyms, doctors, spas and more.

If you are planning to launch your Detox program, it is the best time for you.  People are fully motivated at this time and they look for the right opportunities and ways to improve their health. You should take advantage of this precious time and use their motivation to sell your plan. New Year is not far. Get ready, make the necessary preparations and work smartly in order to have a successful launch.

If you are confused about where to take the start and don’t know what to do, you should not worry at all. I have come up with a complete and detailed plan for you. Just follow the steps and you will have a tremendous launching.

You can start your work right now. Just to make you understand the plan more comfortably, I am giving a week to week timeline. I hope you will find it workable.

Have a look!

First week of December

  • Finalize the details. This is the first and most important step leading towards the launch. So be careful and get ready for some rigorous efforts and dedicate your full concentration and time.
  • Review your materials carefully. Make sure you don’t miss out a single thing. Go through the whole content and make necessary adjustments. Make the required editing and make sure that your plan is ready.
  • Know your clients. This is where you want to make the right choice on what program to buy.
    • A gateway program is often 7 to 21 days
    • A Signature program is often 14 days to 6 weeks or longer
    • What would your clients or potential clients want for the New years?
  • We 14 days like our Grain Free Program, Grain Free Detox or go shorter like the Easy Weight loss or the 7 Day Raw Program or 7 Day Sugar Cleanse at The same may also work for you.
  • After this, decide the price of your program. This is a crucial step and you need to be smart to finalize the price. Do some research first and check what others are charging for their plans, and then decide the final price of your plan.

You have one week to do all this. Use your time in the best way possible and make sure you manage to finish the above-mentioned tasks by the end of the first week of December.

Second Week of December

  • It is time to design your Sales promotion Page or contact us at
  • Use as many social media as you can in order to reach a greater number of people. The use of Facebook and Instagram is a must. You can use others too.
  • Consistently post on your Facebook business page so that the prospective audience can know about your program.
  • Make your mind to keep the page updated and your audience engaged. It will have a great impact on your launch.
  • This page will be the platform for the customers to get enrolled in your plan. Make it look appealing both in terms of design and content. The layout and theme of the page should be in line with your program.

Third Week of December

  • Once you create the page for participants’ registration, sit back and relax for a while. Now it is time to write a cute welcome note to Write with a fresh and peaceful mind so that you can make a good starting impression. You will have to write an email that all the members will receive at the time of registration.
  • Make necessary arrangements and keep the things ready that you are going to need later. If your plan includes live calls, then I like using or you can use Livestream

Fourth Week of December

  • Time for your promotions is coming near. Set up the email marketing system and get ready.
  • It is time to do some written work again. Remember the more you work before the final launch, the better will be the chances of success.
  • Write and schedule your first four promotional emails. You will need them to grab the attention of potential consumers.
  • It is the last week. You have to start promoting your program. For that, you will have to forward the emails that you wrote this week.

First Week of January

  • This is the right time for special early bird deals. Offer discounts for the first whole week. It would get you more costumers. Make attractive offers to increase your sales.
  • Schedule two more promotional emails for the next week. Make sure you write in a persuasive way and make the best use of your marketing skills.

Crush your Launch Goals.

Master your Mindset for Success.

Love, Rachel Feldman

choose a program here for New Years Launch at



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