Meet Health Coach Success Here wth Megan Rand. Fill Your Online Detox Program doing this.

Hey, Health Coach. Wanna fill your summer detox program?

✔️Struggling to get 5 people into your online and offline program?
✔️Struggling to get a system in place to take your clients from A to Z, from this ???????????????????? to this ?????????????????????
✔️Do you need a program that leads your clients into a 3, 6 month, or even a VIP program?
You have to meet health coach Megan. ????

Megan started her career at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she was part of a 20 person study group where she lives, and one coach turned to her and said we are about to be at the 6 month mark – what are we going to do? But then – this happened. They found the Done-For-You Programs for Health Coaches. She said… I am so excited that I found this program created by Rachel Feldman! She immediately knew she had a time-saving program full of information, that she could easily launch.
“I remember seeing other coaches in the support group getting 50-100 people in their group, and while I was only getting 5 people – I didn’t quit. I had a baby on the way and a little one at home so I needed this to get my business going. I now get 100 people in my group. I would not have been able to do this without Rachel’s programs.”
????These programs are what every coach needs to get niche-specific, build a business from the ground up and find your I-D-E-A-L client.
????????Check out the done for you programs today! ????????
THE FIRST 250 BUYERS get these FABULOUS bonuses:
✔️Bonus #1: Three summer-driven, done-for-you blog posts to help you market online without the time suck.
✔️Bonus #2: One Facebook Ad template to help you attract your ideal client and book free sessions in no time!
✔️Bonus #3: 10 Designer Images for social media to help you book 1:1 sessions with ease!
✔️Bonus #4: 10 Designer Images to help you promote your online program and book out your seats!
✔️Bonus #5: A 60-Minute MailChimp Masterclass to help you set up your launch, opt-ins, and funnels like a PRO!
✔️Bonus #6: A 45- Minute Masterclass with copywriter, Michelle Wisdom-Ellis – How To Launch With The Right Message so you can launch the Done-For-You Programs in an authentic, hot-selling way!
✔️Bonus #7: A 2-Hour LIVE Masterclass with Rachel Feldman – How To Launch A Program Start To Finish, with a power hour just for Live Q&A! Launch like a PRO!
Hop on the ???????? train with 8,500+ health coaches who made these Done-For-You Programs work for them online and offline. ????????
???? Buy it. Brand it. Launch it. Copyright FREE. ????
Save 15%, use this code: summergrit15 before 6/2 @ 7pm EDT
Choose your niche-specific program here:
 Love to your biz,
Rachel Feldman

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