82. Why Message Clarity Will Help You Create Strategic Content

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Knowing your ideal client inside and out is one of the key things you need to nail down in order to get crystal clear on your messaging. If you don’t know exactly who you are talking to, how are you ever going to position yourself as the expert that will solve their particular problem?

In today’s episode, I’m talking all about the strategies, tactics and questions you need to be asking so you can find clarity in your messaging and speak directly to your ideal client. We’ll look at how to approach your messaging, why you need to stay consistent, and how to position your content in a way that entices your audience to opt in to your freebies.


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Hello, amazing wellness coaches, if you don’t know me, my name is Rachel Feldman, and I have been in your shoes. I think back to when I started my business back in 2010. I had no time because I had little Munchkins, which are now 12 and 14. They’re not so little now but I really understand how difficult it can be to build your wellness business, address all the different compartments of your wellness business for growth, such as content creation, consistency, and digital marketing, and most importantly, list building. 

Getting Clear On Your Message

What I want to talk about, before I show you exactly how you can use this, is some of the struggles I’ve seen. A lot of coaches these days are depending solely on social media and digital marketing, thinking that if they post on Instagram, or you spend this time making a perfect Instagram feed, that everyone’s just gonna find you, or if we do all the things that everyone tells us to do. 

Truth is, it does work, it just takes time to be extremely one niche specific, very clear on your message. That’s what allows growth in the digital space. And I know this because I struggled for that year wanting to get extremely clear in my messaging. And once I did, by working with somebody who helped me to get extremely clear, my visibility in the online space tripled, 5x, 10x. But it requires that massive clarity. 

How To Approach Your Messaging OG Style

In order to save yourself a lot of frustration, and a lot of time and a lot of money. What I’ve always said is number one, your list building does not have to just be dependent on if the image and the message is going to attract your ideal client. I want you to actually do an approach that many of us who build our business back in like 2010, or 11, or 12, or 13, we followed old school approaches OG style. That means that we didn’t have social media at this level. I think back then, there were one or two places that you could do it live, but it wasn’t to where it is now. And I see a lot of us depending on these platforms with frustration. 

Step Number One: Write It Down

So step number one, I want you to actually write down on a piece of paper, 10 people, 20 people who already know and trust you. These are people in your local community or people that you’ve even worked with yourself, your acupuncturist, your chiropractor, the gym you go to. Maybe you have a homeopath. These are service providers that would love for somebody like you to come in and either do a presentation to their existing audience. 

Even back in the day, we’re thinking brick and mortar, the majority of brick and mortar is moving into the online space pandemic or not, this was already a forward momentum that we’ve been seeing for years. Because we see amazing platforms for E-learning. Now, we’ve just been pushed to a place that we were already going. So these places that are locally either are going to be doing Zoom meetings, they’re either going to have a maybe a Facebook group they’re creating visibility to and most importantly, they’re looking for people like you to provide content. 

So I want you to write down who actually either hasn’t brick and mortar space that you can pitch to and say hey, I would love to come in and do this workshop, or I would love to write a newsletter for your list. I can put this gift in there. You can even do a pre-recorded video on ways to boost your immune system. 

You can  take the content that we have, and I’m going to show you exactly what it looks like on the download. I already put the link for the opt in page which is why I’ve been so busy for the last two weeks. But you can  make this specific for your niche: Seven ways to boost your immune system when you have a leaky gut, seven ways to boost your immune system when you struggle with hormone anxiety, stress. There’s so many different ways to niche and get really specific and polarized down to that ideal client.

Reaching Out To Your Local Businesses

Furthermore, if you say to them, I want to do a newsletter, it looks like that you just say, Hey I’ve been wanting to reach out to you, my name is XX, I specialize in XX, and I have this amazing free gift. I came into your health food store, and I’ve been buying consistently, would I be able to write a newsletter, and we can figure out a partnership where I’m promoting you? And I am able to give this amazing gift to your existing list. That is getting you in front of people that have an existing list already. I did this with juice shops, that led to paid opportunities. I did this with spas, I even did this with hairdressers, I went into any place. That was local because they knew I needed to build my referral network. This allowed me to have consistent income that was coming into my one on one, which was my goal. But it also allowed me to have visibility in my local community. And I became the one that people reached out to.

Hey, we saw you speak or this person at this health food store told us that you’re the great person to have come in and teach. And that led to consistent joint venture opportunities where I have the programs, I was using the programs that we create at yourhealthcoach.com. 

I didn’t stop my health coaching business and teaching until about five years ago. So that’s a solid five years where those groups that I was doing a joint venture locally, turned into a consistent one on one business and turned into consistent referrals. And what I will tell you is the biggest moneymaker is those referrals. It’s also going to save you so much money, when you do have to make really pivotal decisions on spending money on Facebook ads, spending money to have more visibility and exposure, bringing in a virtual assistant team to maybe handle social media, you will be ahead of the game from everyone else.

Positioning Yourself As The Expert

The next piece is podcasts. When I first started to really listen to them, I forgot the year, but I went into different groups looking for podcast opportunities on Facebook. I started making myself known as this gut coach that worked with a lot of people like me who were perfectionist, high standard, and tend to be analysis paralysis kind of people. I really marketed myself as that gut specialist with families that had kids with food allergies. Kids who were the persona of me, which was that kid when I was sound guard that had gut issues, stomach aches, all of that. 

I positioned myself to be that detox specialist. And that person who really worked with families that needed either early intervention, like my own for my kids, food, allergies, gut. So I started looking for opportunities for that podcast that would allow me to showcase my expertise. Again, getting in front of other people’s audiences. The same can be true if you know a person and I wouldn’t even say influencer, but somebody that has a following. And you can take this one freebie and pitch to them and say, look, stress has been a real doozy for people. This can lead to so many issues. One that we’re seeing across the news, we’re seeing in newspapers and magazines, and it’s trending. So how does stress really affect your immune system? How does it affect your brain health? How does it affect the inflammation in your body? 

You can really position this by taking the guide, looking at the guidance, the solution, but really thinking what are the biggest problems for people? Boosting the immune system is the solution. That’s the guide we provided with Canva templates, social media images. But the problem is that they’re stressed and they’re finding that they have limited time for self care.

They’re finding that maybe even some of their habits that are essential for morning and night, they’ve slipped by. Because that’s human nature. We often fall short with our own habits that are really essential when stress comes into our life. 

How Speaking Opportunities Make You Visible

So podcast opportunities, doing lives, being interviewed. And again, being able to give this as a gift, further increasing people saying, well, this is some really high level content. That’s when you start to build trust, a person sees you consistently showing up. And then that can even lead to somebody just sending your personal message. Hey, I saw you interviewed on X’s podcast, or I saw you do a Live on Instagram, or I saw you I saw you be interviewed on your Facebook business page with this other person, I would love to talk to you. I’m struggling with the following issues. 

That personal message or dm, that’s a conversation That is, for those of you either new coaches, or you’re in a growth phase, that’s a discovery call. And the great thing is once you get that person to actually say, um I saw that you did a post, you were talking last week about how stress has it impacted your immune system, your autoimmune, and how it can impact people that have food intolerances, or even high levels of stress and anxiety I’ve been struggling with. And so when that person sees you consistently showing up, and that’s why one of the training videos, I literally show you in 15 minutes how to create social media captions, and ideas for stories from the content. 

Staying Consistent & Showing Up

That’s the thing, when a lot of people come to us and say, Well, I could write this myself, or I could create this PowerPoint. You could do it yourself. You’re all brilliant. No one doubts that you don’t know how to do it, it’s about time. So when you think about creating a freebie, getting an edited, written, designed, covers for social media, opt in page, thank you –be realistic with how long that would take you to create that. 

It’s not that you can’t do it. It’s that most of us are time deficient. So then we don’t become consistent, we don’t start really creating that visibility that we need to. We think that if we just post one time, or we spend all this energy to get it all edited, get it all done. And then we don’t even have the energy to show up. Because remember, showing up putting ourselves out there pitching to podcasts, pitching to people locally requires energy. 

Messaging Yourself In Facebook Groups

The last part is that you can also  this list builder to go into Facebook groups. You can go to the admin and say, don’t just post and don’t be like everyone else. Don’t just say, here’s a freebie on boosting your immune system. Write down, as I discussed in a training for 30 minutes on this download page, how to actually use this, to get specific with your message, how to not just edit it and put it out there like everyone else does. 

Stepping Into Your Audience’s Shoes

But really think of your ideal clients biggest problems. That wake up problem, there are worries like stepping into the psychology of your potential buyer. That’s why he or she buys. When we really step back, because we’re actually carving space. We’re giving ourselves capacity to actually have the ability to step into this person’s shoes and say, Well, I know my ideal client is struggling with these 20 symptoms.

 But I know the thing that’s really making them scared or sad or frustrated or overwhelmed is because they can’t find they can’t find the solution and connect their problems to actually connect their problems such as you know why. Why am I having headaches? Why am I waking up during the night? Why am I having rashes? I’ve never had food allergies or intolerances. Why am I constipated and feel like I’ve to crack my neck? Why is my eye twitching? Why is my hair falling out? Why is my hair thinning? Why do I have this chronic cold? Why am I eating healthy and doing everything right? But I feel so tired. 

These are all the things that our ideal clients thinking. She may be thinking, how do I boost my immune system? But she’s googling something specific. Why is my immune system so low? When I’m taking a probiotic when I’m doing everything, I should really step into the psychology of this person. Imagine yourself going through a 24 hour period with her, or with your ideal client, which may be a man or maybe it’s that you work with families, couples. 

What is your ideal client thinking in their search? Being able to go into a Facebook admin group and say I work with people who are struggling with the following issues, it’s not uncommon, my ideal client has constipation, or IBS, headaches, skin issues, acne breakout, hair falling. Now, I wanted to come in and talk about boosting the immune system because in here, I talked about like chogha, and Reishi. And all these cool mushrooms that are being advertised left and right. 

That’s the way that you turn content into viral content, any content, as long as the content is applicable to your niche, it solves a problem, it provides a mini solution, and it takes them from the opt in phase to that next step. That would make sense. 

Know Your ICA Inside And Out

But if you sit there and actually say,  Where is my ideal client getting their information? Where are they digesting information? This is where it’s important to know our ideal client. What TV shows does that person watch? Are they watching the Today show? Are they watching the news? Where are they influenced in media? 

This is when it’s really great to even do some market research. Ask some of your friends if they fit your ideal client avatar, asking groups, where are you getting your information? Do you subscribe to this magazine? Do you watch this TV show? And those can be some really simple questions that you even ask on your personal Facebook page or ask in a group. Because you want to know where your person is influenced. 

Once you realize like, Oh, they love watching the today show? Or do you watch dr. oz? Know what TV shows they watch so that you understand the things that are coming into their zone. Like do you shop at Whole Foods? Because we know that person shops at Whole Foods, you’ll know in the check out that they have little Reishi packs and chogha PACs, and they’re talking immune left and right. So when you really start to understand like, Oh, my God, does my clients know what chocolate is? Or do they not know what chocolate? Do they know Reishi? Do they not? 

How To Transform My Freebie Package Into Your Own

How am I going to take this free package that Rach gave me, which I can brand, edit, and  personalize it. You can put your name on it, which was my original mission. And the reason that we created the done for your free programs is a coach back in the day from IGN said to me, how are you getting clients? And I said, I have a tangible program. I am telling them in my discovery session. And she said how like, where’d you buy that? I said, Well, I bought a program and cried my eyes out because there was a hidden copyright. And it came in PowerPoint. 

I wasn’t comfortable giving PowerPoint and it wasn’t so much of a succinct step by step program. It was a lot of information. And so I created one and she said, Can I buy it? That was the birth of the done for you programs. It was literally just a moment of me being like, in that moment of heart like wow, there’s only so many of us on this mission. What would make it easier for coaches? And so that’s where we birthed the programs. 

How To Position Your Content

It’s for you guys to take the content and to spend more time in that exercise of doing the market research, understanding your ideal client and being able to position that freebie I’m gonna just reiterate at position that freebie knowing where what level of information and knowledge does your ideal client have, I too often see somebody who’s like, I bought a workshop from you, and somebody didn’t sign up. And I said, Well, you bought an adrenal fatigue and hormone workshop. That’s the problem. You know that a solution is addressing adrenal fatigue. But does your client even know this word? Would it be more advantageous for you to message this, keep the content intact, don’t spend like five hours editing it, let alone the five hours it would take to like, cool all the content? Make it pretty, everything start to finish. 

Why don’t you just look at how you’re actually positioning it. And the same goes for why I just ranted for 20 minutes, which is if you are messaging people the same as everyone else, guess what, you’re not going to set yourself apart. You’re not going to be known as the leader in your industry. It doesn’t matter if your website is perfect. It doesn’t matter if your opt in pages are perfect or you have everything perfectly done. 

If you cannot nail that understanding of where your ideal client is, what kind of information they already know, you may be making the mistake that the majority of people make, which is to be continually talking to them about words that they don’t even know. Don’t make the assumption that your ideal client is in the same place. Market research does not have to be difficult. You don’t need to read Google Analytics like a pro. I don’t, it’s not something I do well, I outsource that. And if you want to have somebody to actually look at your Google Analytics, I highly encourage you to find somebody on Upwork. 

There are a lot of virtual assistant outsourcing places like pineapple staffing, that you can see a lot of virtual assistant places that will lead you to high qualified virtual assistants at a low cost $8 to 10 hour $8 to $10. One, if you’re not making money, it’s really difficult to spend 25 to $30 on a virtual assistant, not telling you that you shouldn’t work with the person that you are working with. But take out your calculator. It’s why we have a 100k pricing roadmap. If we were to just say $20 times 10 hours is $200 if you were to say $8 times 20 $110, to me clearly 80 and then do the math. 

Getting Crystal Clear On Your Messaging

I want you guys to lessen the overwhelm and perfection and want you to have clear messages. I want you to know how to use our content, it’s super easy. And those who do it like this week’s podcast, Rebecca, she has a thriving business. Okay, now who was the podcast the week before they both shared where they spent her energy, and more was on this outsourcing to make sure that they were spending time in the market research on and with conclusion to this because you know, I get super passionate about how difficult it can be to find the time. 

And then what if you don’t have the time to consistently show up in the ways that I talked about today? If you don’t have time to pitch and build a referral network, it’s going to be the harder path to making a consistent $2, $5, $6, or $10k months. It will actually be almost impossible unless you spend a crapload of money and have teams and make it really complicated. 

Getting People On Calls & Ask Questions

If you are doing market research, you usually have to do discovery calls and practice. It ain’t no different once you get into business. If you are not consistently having 10 people a month, hop on zoom with you. reciprocity, meaning tell someone hop on zoom, I’m going to give you know an hour of free coaching or 30 minutes of free coaching on giving you the seven day program. It’s the same as testing your program. Get people on the phone so you can record it. So you can hear how they’re telling you the problem. 

You can ask just like we talked about what TV shows do you watch? What magazines Do you have coming to your house? Do you work out on peloton? Are you? You know, do you work out at the gym? Like what are the things you know that you do? Do you take probiotics? Do you know what probiotics are? Do you take any adaptogens? Do you know this word? Have you ever heard of ashwagandha? Going through these questions that you have a lot of coaches asked me. 

These are standard open to any questions you want to ask each one of you have to make your own question list based on your ideal client, your avatar, your buyer persona, and really understand the psychology of the buyer. A good book to buy. Whereas that Just is why she buys. And it will give you  some great strategies. But you can also go Google, which is your first virtual assistant, your business coach, your BFF, your tech support, and just say open ended questions to ask for market research for researching with my ideal client avatar. 

And the last part of that is even if you don’t know what questions to ask, guess what? Do it scared. Do it anyway. Tell people, Hey, can we get on the phone? I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions. And I would love for you to tell me some of your biggest struggles, obstacles. And why you haven’t achieved x health goal. What gets in the way?

How they’re telling you the problems, you take the problem, and you make it a product. And so I just wanted to jump in here, full throttle, and full transparency, I needed to take the last two weeks to just focus on this. And I wasn’t as visible on social media and I wasn’t doing this many trainings. I just didn’t have the bandwidth, which is something that I have been working on my whole life to create these healthy boundaries for myself. 

I share that with you. Because if you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and panic is going to be there. If you’re exhausted, fried, you’re living in paralysis, and you’re just feeling stressed, it’s better to take time away. Say you know what, I’m going to take two days to like, not be online as much. Which again, we told you about the different ways of reaching out to people you already know. And you already believe in you. You know that, can we get on the phone? I would love to know that you’ve been struggling with 123 issues, I’d love to get to know more. I’m building my business, I’m really super scared. And I feel like I’m at a standstill. But in what will help me to have forward momentum is  asking some key questions. 

How To Find Clarity In Your Messaging

So that you actually have that energy to be able to be grounded. If we are all over the place and we’re stressed, we can’t hear anyway. This is the essentials of being a digital marketer in this age. You have to really know your ideal client, you have to know their big fears, their struggles, and most importantly, their obstacles in a world of information. Why aren’t they getting healthy? Is it overwhelm? Is it time? Is it stress? Is it trauma? What is stopping them from doing the right thing? 

I think this is the human condition. This is why living a healthy life is so hard because human condition is we will fall short for our own issues. So I say that because Don’t overthink this. Make sure that you always give yourself time to really soul sit in spirit and feel. Tap into that intuition. Because that’s always what I’ve done. I’ve always just stepped into the shoes of my ideal client like I really felt the pain, felt what they would be possibly searching for really, stepped into these different ideal client avatar personalities. 

That’s really important for us even if we don’t know all this marketing verbiage for you to understand that not everyone’s the same. Depending on their personality, their constitution, their life, the responsibilities on their plate, we all know every human being deals with it differently. And that’s why knowing your ideal client and really carving out that space for you to look at content, not as just as, I got to build my list. 

When you take that time, and it doesn’t take a long time, give yourself one week and commit to it. I dare you to literally say, I am going to put that out in the world, I’m going to get 10 people on a zoom call, I’m going to figure out how to reach out in these groups. I’m going to stop living in the excuse zone, and I am going to be so aligned with my purpose. So aligned with my why I’m going to remember my own pain. I’m gonna think about all the things that if it was my own issue, what was I googling? Where were my biggest frustrations?What are my fears? Your ideal client isn’t necessarily just you. But in that process of you being honest with yourself, you’re going to have a pretty clear understanding of where your ideal client is failing in their life. What’s getting in the way? 

So with that being said, guys, I hope this was clear. I know I actually covered a lot. I wish I can be that person that just covered one thing. But that’s not how building a business is. Like it’s not. Amen, declare it. And guys, when I say declare it, that means that you like, you put it down, you even if you’re in a membership group, or you’re working with a coach, you say, That’s it, by the end of this week, or by the end of next week, I’m going to have 10 people, I’m putting that out there and start seeing these people come and be like, Oh, my god, yes, thank God, you asked, I’ve been struggling. 

You gotta see it, you have to believe it. And that’s how we have the Law of Attraction and manifesting. So make sure that you download this, come into our free group, I am going to be breaking down how to use that guide even deeper. And make sure to access the training on how you create your freebies? How do you create your workshops? What are the simple steps we can get out of our way, and do the work we need to do? 

I mean, if there hasn’t been a moment of wakeup it’s this the same way I felt 10 years ago. When I built my business in a recession, it doesn’t mean we’re in a recession. But it means in times of uncertainty and when we’re hearing these words on Squawk Box or marketing channels or the news, and a lot of fear is coming in. People fall short or they get stressed, they go into panic. And all people right now are feeling that. It’s our job to speak to the client and help them understand how to come out of whatever their help is the only way we do that is to get clear and be totally aligned with yourself. Aligned with our isdi have empathy and to show up without hesitation. 

So with that being said, guys let’s do this. I’m now going to go work out because I have to hold myself accountable. And I hope that you do the same peace and love. Get your shit right and I promise you, you will be able to show up even with no blueprint. That is exactly what my past two guests on my on healthy hustle podcast talked about specifically with that being said, Peace out no makeup going on to do things with my bad self. And I will see you guys later.

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